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The story of begins with a team of enthusiastic, dedicated individuals, interested in providing information pertaining to the false eyelash industry, so that consumers may become well-educated on the various types of products available on the market today, along with which selections shine above the rest. We intend to make your experience of shopping for the right pair of falsies as simple as possible, which is our purpose in releasing extensive, detailed reviews about the biggest false eyelash companies, in addition to user-friendly, fun and informative articles that not only get the point across, but also bring about some entertainment for those with a fascination for falsies.

Alleyelashes Rating Summary
Company Reputability 85 %
Price 95%
Quality 95%
Variety 85%
Durability 85 %

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Who Are We?

My name is Josie Marks and I have possessed an intense passion for makeup, especially false eyelashes, for the past 10 years. I am a mom to two kids, but aside from spending a lot of time with them, I also work as a writer. I decided to create as a resource for other makeup enthusiasts, in addition to those who have little experience with makeup, so that they can select the best product choices from the get-go and not make the same mistakes I did back when I first became interested in the world of false eyelashes. As the falsies market continues to grow bigger and bigger, it is even more overwhelming than ever to pick the right pair of fake eyelashes for your specific eye size and shape. Additionally, no one pair of falsies will look good on everyone – some amount of research needs to be done to pick an option best for you, which is where our team at Alleyelashes comes into play. Not only do we provide reviews on the most prominent companies today offering multi-use lashes, but we also release entertaining and informative articles that are meant to help you feel at ease throughout your eyelash journey.

How Do We Determine a Company’s Rating?

Because we are passionate and committed to releasing quality information to the public about falsies and fake eyelashes in general, it was important for us to establish a clear-cut rating system, which we now always utilize to determine the overall score of each company we review. We carefully test the products, evaluating how they compare alongside other, similar brands, and then offer our honest perspective.

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We review 5 primary categories: company reputability, price, quality, variety, and durability.

  1. Company reputability refers to the professionalism and reputation that a specific brand has created for themselves. Some fake eyelash brands have been around for decades, and have a long-term, happy clientele standing behind every purchase, while other companies are a bit newer to the scene and have not yet made a name for themselves.
  2. Price is rather self-explanatory, we simply rate how a specific brand compares with other similar names in regards to cost versus value.
  3. Quality is the standard at which each product was developed, along with the condition of the materials used.
  4. Variety pertains to not only the number of options available but also how they tailor to each individual’s needs. Companies that receive high variety ratings offer choices for all eye shapes and sizes, along with a variety of price ranges. Some companies might even offer falsies made from various materials, such as silk, mink, human hair, and synthetic fibers.
  5. Durability is the lastability of a product; the number of times each option can be reused without wearing down or falling apart. Just about all false eyelashes are multi-use, but some can be worn for an extended period of time, while others for a shorter duration.

All the Different Types of Fake Eyelashes

When it comes to the world of fake eyelashes, there is a substantial variety of options to choose from. Whether you regularly wear falsies or are only just beginning to embark on the false eyelash journey, we are here to help make the process smooth, clear and concise, offering not only information guides but also reviews that are kept as impartial as possible.

Fake eyelashes tend to differ from one another in a few ways:

The material, the style, and the effect.

The materials typically used for false eyelashes include some type of synthetic fiber, mink or human hair. Synthetic fiber lashes are also sometimes marketed as “silk”, but these options are not actually derived from silk, rather a synthetic alternative. Silk is just too soft to keep its form and shape, which is why it must be developed synthetically.

Synthetic fibers:

  • Are the only ones guaranteed to be cruelty-free
  • Are not as soft or smooth as other, real hair options
  • Keep their curl, even when exposed to water or humidity
  • Esqido offers their synthetic fiber Unisyn collection
  • Huda Beauty also offers a synthetic fiber lash line
  • All Eylure lashes are cruelty-free and made from synthetic fibers

Human hair:

  • Cruelty-free technically, because it is derived humanely and not from an animal source
  • Not a commonly used material
  • Won’t hold a curl if exposed to water
  • Ardell offers a variety of 100% human hair selections


  • Not cruelty-free
  • These lashes are extremely soft and lightweight
  • Typically a bit more expensive than synthetic comparisons
  • Will not hold a curl when exposed to water
  • Esqido and Huda Beauty both offer various mink lashes

Style-wise, many companies offer revisions of the traditional lash. Fake eyelashes can typically be discovered as a full-length strip, a ¾ sized strip, an accent strip or as individual lashes. The style that is right for you depends greatly upon your eye size, eye shape, and personal preference. Accent and ¾ sized strips simply present a little extra oomph for the outer corners of your eyes, which is plenty for some, while others desire a more extensive look, opting for full-sized falsies. Individual lashes are normally applied by those that are going for a natural look when the extensions can barely be noticed. Individual lashes do tend to produce an elegant and seamless effect, but they typically require more time and effort during application, which simply is not an option for some. Regardless of what style you end up choosing, most of the leading false eyelash brands offer all of the above-listed choices.

When it comes to effect, this relates to the way you want your set of falsies to make your eyes look after application. Are you more set on adding volume? Length? Depth? Dimension? The choice is truly up to you, and the brands we review normally all possess an immense variety of options to pick from. Whether you want your makeup to look elegant, vintage, romantic, sophisticated, cute, sultry, natural, organic, down-to-earth, sexy, polished or professional, there is something for everyone when it comes to false eyelashes!

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Why Did We Create This Site?

Being a long-time makeup enthusiast, I have held such a passion for all aspects of the beauty industry, but the world of false eyelashes, in particular, has stood out to me the most. For this reason, I enrolled a team of writers and editors equally as interested in fake eyelashes, and together we have developed this website as a resource for others; those who are shopping for falsies or simply curious about them. We hope to make this site as accessible as possible to all individuals from all walks of life. Our intention is to generate user-friendly, informative articles and discussions that will be fascinating for both eyelash connoisseurs and also those who are new to the world of falsies. We feel very strongly that every human being should feel confident in the skin they’re in, and the right pair of eyelashes can not only help you to feel radiant but also can boost confidence and put a smile on the faces of so many. No one needs makeup to look and feel beautiful, but why not also look and feel beautiful with makeup on if you enjoy wearing it!