The Artemes Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

December 28, 2018

“I am a first-time lash user and found this one easy to use and apply. Band was soft and stayed on the whole night. Got loads of compliments. Loved it!” – Jessica (talking about the style Mistaken Identity)”

The History of Artemes Lashes

Artemes Lashes are an Australian brand founded by eyelash enthusiast Jackie Lee. After feeling dissatisfied by the quality of fake eyelashes in Australia she sought to create her own brand which focuses on high-quality, reusable lashes. It’s an understatement to say the business has become a success. As the official runway lash for Steven Khalil, Akira, Galia Lahav and many more, Lee has taken this company from strength to strength. Artemes prides themselves on the lengthy process of perfecting a pair of luxury eyelashes. Most of their products are typically made with mink fur and this is true for their most popular styles which include, Beautiful Fools, Love Shady, Mistaken Identity, Sweet Jungle, and Worlds Apart. All their eyelashes are cruelty-free but if Mink isn’t for you, then you can explore their animal free ranges. Both the Classic Silk and the Nude-Faux Mink range offer a variety of different styles in a medium volume lash. Exploring their extensive list of products, it’s easy to be intimidated if you have never delved into the world of fake eyelashes, but their inclusion of an ‘Apply and Care’ section should put you at ease as they try to make their products as accessible as possible. Now you really might be wondering, where it is possible to find these lashes. Read on to find out the answer.

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Where to Buy Artemes Lashes

The most accessible way to purchase a pair of Artemes Lashes is through their own website where you can explore their beautifully illustrated falsies. The Signature Mink collection ranges between $25 to $35, typically depending on the volume of each pair. The Premium Pony collection is priced between $20 to $25, the Nude-Faux Mink Lashes are all priced at $25, and the cheapest range is the Classic Silk Lashes which are all priced at $20. These products are available globally, and shipping for Artemes Lashes international customers tends to cost around $10. You can also join the Artemes rewards program. As a member, you can earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on their website. After accumulating 250 points, you can receive a $25 voucher, which is a great way to save your money. They also offer the pro-membership program, where you can receive additional savings if you have a minimum of 3 years’ experience as a make-up artist. Probably not most of us, but for those who qualify it is an excellent deal. Additionally, you can buy Artemes Lashes at Sephora, both on their website and in select stores. Other websites such as Revolve and Modsens also stock the brand but don’t carry the full range of products.

Artemes Lashes Products

Artemes fake eyelashes are not the only products available on the website; they also sell an eyelash applicator and two types of glue: the Silk Pro Glue which is typically used for the Classic Silk range and the Performance Lash Glue which they suggest customers use with the Mink range. If you want to give your eyes an additional pop, the brand also sells three lower lash products; A Fine Line, Second Guess and Think Twice. Currently, Artemes supplies four ranges of fake eyelashes, the Signature Mink, Nude-Faux Mink, Classic Silk, and Premium Pony collections.

What Are Signature Mink Lashes?

These mink lashes come in 23 different styles, far more than any other collection. They are typically considered the best Artemes eyelashes because of how long it takes to craft them, and they also tend to be the most featured range in their celebrity collaborations.

What Are Nude-Faux Mink Lashes?

This range has been crafted with synthetic materials, attempting to re-create the mink collections. There are 6 different styles, all are of medium volume. One of the most popular is the style Victory Lights.

Love Shady: Love_Shady artemes lashes

  • Wispy and cross-crossed to imitate real eyelashes
  • Black in color
  • 7-14mm in length
  • Medium to high volume
  • Wearable up to 25 times
  • Evenly distributed hairs

Victory Lights: artemes eyelashes Victory_Lights

  • Ultra-fluffy for a great glam look
  • Medium volume
  • Black in color
  • 6-15mm in length
  • Wearable up to 10 times
  • Invisible band to create a more natural look

“Chrissy Teigen wears these so I bought them and I'm so happy! They fit my Asian eyes perfectly and compliment them well. I plan to wear these for my 30th birthday!”

What Are Classic Silk Lashes?

Classic Silk lashes have been hand-woven with Japanese silk and they get their volume from a layering effect. There are 14 different styles in this collection, including the style Grand Affair.

What Are Premium Pony Lashes?

This collection has the least amount of range, with only 5 different styles. Each pony hair has been individually selected to provide a high-quality set of eyelashes, including The Royalist style.

Grand Affair: Artemes Lashes Grand_Affair

  • A criss-cross effect gives the impression of natural lashes
  • Medium volume
  • Black in color
  • 5-15mm in length
  • Wearable up to 10 times
  • Handcrafted cotton band
  • Alternating lengths of lashes to create an interesting texture

The Royalist: where to buy artemes lashes The Royalist

  • Very fluffy for an ultra-glam look
  • High volume
  • Black in color
  • 6-16mm in length
  • Wearable up to 15 times
  • Bold, worn for a statement look

The Downsides/Negative Thoughts of Artemes Lashes

It’s hard to pinpoint many negatives for Artemes and trying to do so might be a bit nit-picky, but every company has some downsides. For instance, a few of the links don’t work on the official website, including the contact page, which just reveals an error. This could be slightly frustrating if you really do need to contact the company. They have had some amazing press in the past, but you can’t help but notice it’s all from 2015. This could probably do with an update just so customers feel the information is still relevant. It can be hard to browse for a particular price range because you can only see the price once you click on a product. While this may be done to create the illusion of luxury it can make browsing quite difficult. It also is not possible to easily search for the name of the lash style you want, due to the absence of a search bar. This can be frustrating if you are trying to repurchase a specific pair and have to sift through the categories to find it.

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How Do We Rate Artemes Lashes?

Company Reputability: 98% Artemes are certainly at the top of their game when it comes to reputation. There is a very long list of celebrities and makeup artists who will vouch for the quality of these eyelashes. It can be a little difficult to find customer reviews on their website, but I suppose their clientele is enough of a review. They are also sold in major retailers such as Sephora. Price: 88% The price can be quite steep for a lot of people, however many of the collections are re-usable, especially the mink styles. This means they can be cheaper than drugstore eyelashes if you compare price per wear. Quality: 99% Their quality is evident from the continued success that the company has had. And whether quality to you means hand-picked mink hair or Japanese layered silk – the brand does each collection equally well.

The Artemes Lashes Full Review [2019 Update]

Variety: 91% There is a lot of variety in the mink collection, with 23 different styles to choose from. They could look into developing some of the other collections, especially now that synthetics are really having a moment in the eyelash world. This company does still have a good variation between natural and glam styles. Durability: 88% This is dependent on which collection you look at. The mink, again, has great durability and can be used at least 25 times but both the Nude-Faux Mink and the Classic Silk ranges can only be used 10 times, which isn’t terrible but it’s not as good as it could be.

“Thank you Artemes I LOVE your lashes!”

Our Final Thoughts on Artemes Lashes

It unquestionable that Artemes Lashes have made a great impact on the beauty industry. They provide eyelashes for some of the top brands in the world and will, most likely, continue to do so. Hopefully, in the future, they will continue to develop exciting new ranges for us all to try, because so far we really like what they’ve had to offer!