The Azlo Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

October 9, 2018

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Where to Buy Azlo Lashes

Azlo still has not gained popularity like other eyelash mega brands such as Kiss, Eylure or Ardell, but their exquisite products and important values are beginning to generate traction throughout the beauty industry. Unfortunately, Azlo lashes cannot be purchased at drug stores yet or beauty counters, but that does not mean they are difficult to come by. The best place to buy Azlo lashes is definitely online from their official website. We hope that the values and the cruelty-free message behind Azlo’s products will continue to spread, so that makeup stores globally will stock their lovely products.

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Who Is Behind Azlo Lashes?

Created by two passionate individuals determined to serve a purpose in the beauty industry, Azlo Lashes was developed with all eyelash wearers in mind, so they can feel not only an increase in self-confidence but also a sense of empowerment in their own skin. In addition to this positive message of empowerment and self-love, Azlo Lashes also aim to reduce animal-cruelty by producing false eyelashes that are 100% cruelty-free and vegan. PETA’s official website even states, “AZLO makes it their mission to make women feel beautiful without resorting to supporting cruel tests on animals”. Talk about being proactive when you have a goal in mind! We really enjoy keeping up with Azlo on their social media pages. They offer plenty of insightful, helpful beauty tips and hacks which make your daily routine so much easier, and the photos that they post featuring individuals wearing their false eyelash styles are stunning. You can definitely tell that the team behind Azlo Lashes are passionate about their products, alongside the inspiring message they are putting out into the world.

“It has been extremely challenging for me to find falsies that suit my monolid eyes, so when I discovered Azlo lashes, I was not only pleasantly surprised, but by all means satisfied with my purchases.”

The Azlo Lashes Products

As mentioned before, Azlo Lashes are all vegan and made from 100% cruelty-free materials. They are designed with a comfortable, light cotton band that makes it easy to wear these falsies even throughout the entire day. Described as fur-free eyelashes that offer the same luxurious feel, Azlo’s falsies are 3D, meaning that they offer depth and dimension to the eyes utilizing a specialized design technology to achieve such an effect. Advertised as wearable for up to 20-25 times with the proper care, Azlo’s eyelashes are multi-use and durable, all while maintaining the wispy, airy and lightweight feel that we all desire from the right pair of falsies. Here is a walkthrough of the products that Azlo Lashes has to offer, along with a description about the appearance and use:

Azlo Lashes Classy:

Azlo Lashes Classy Classy has a 3D design featuring layered groups of spiky hairs, all varying in different lengths for a sophisticated appearance.

  • Complements smaller sized eyes, along with eyes that are round or monolid
  • Creates a moody yet elegant look, that could appear edgier when added to darker makeup
  • Opens up the eyes and creates a lift
  • Can be worn for both a natural and dramatic look

Azlo Lashes Elegant:

Azlo Lashes Elegance Elegant has a 3D design featuring wispy layers of soft and luxurious hairs that curl up at the ends and decrease in length slightly towards the inner and outer corners, for a natural, romantic appearance.

  • Complements all eye shapes and sizes, especially almond eyes
  • Definitely creates an elegant and stunning look
  • Pairs nicely with a winged eyeliner or smokey eye look
  • Lightweight and subtle, for the ultimate low-volume definition
  • Ideal for everyday, regular wear

Azlo Lashes Fierce:

Azlo Lashes Fierce Fierce has a 3D design featuring dense and dark lashes closer to the band that become wispy and light by the ends. Lash clusters alternate between long and short, with the shortest sections at the inner and outer corners of the band, for a dramatic appearance that truly makes a statement.

  • Complements almond and oval eye shapes especially well
  • Pairs nicely with glitter eyeshadows, brighter colors or other more defined makeup looks
  • Medium-full volume
  • Makes the eyes appear dramatic, sexy and sultry
  • Perfect lashes for a night out, party or any other special event

Azlo Lashes Radiant:

Azlo Lashes Radiant Radiant has a 3D design featuring intensely long and dense wispy hairs that are layered for a doubled-up look that offers tons of volume, length, drama, and definition. These lashes will not only leave you looking radiant, but glamorous too!

  • Complements all eye shapes and sizes
  • Pairs nicely with a glowy foundation, eyeliner, and red or nude lip
  • Highest volume lashes that Azlo Lashes currently offers
  • Multi-layered design creates glamor and sultry intensity
  • Perfect for a special event or performance where you want your eyes to be the focal point

Azlo Lashes Resilient:

Azlo Lashes Resilient Resilient has a 3D design featuring lightweight, flowy lash hairs that are long and curly, with just a slight gradient in length towards the inner and outer corners of the lash band, to create an empowered and dramatic appearance.

  • Complements all eye shapes and sizes, especially round or small eyes
  • Creates an ultra feminine, feline vibe, elongating the eyes and brightening them
  • Pairs nicely with a simple, yet stunning makeup look, such as an earth-toned smokey eye
  • Medium-high volume lashes
  • Strong, captivating and dramatic, yet still ultra lightweight
  • Perfect for a black tie affair or a fancy dinner date

Azlo Lashes Sassy:

Azlo Lashes Sassy Sassy has a 3D design featuring crisscrossed hairs that are long, soft and wispy, with only a slight variation in length throughout the lash. These lashes create a fun, flirty and dazzling design, perfect for unleashing the starlet in you!

  • Complements large sized or hooded eyes especially well
  • Creates a fun, flirty vibe that not only feels vintage-like and old-school but also fluttery and quirky
  • Medium volume lashes
  • Sassy is unlike any of the other false eyelashes Azlo has to offer
  • Leaves your eyes looking gorgeous and captivating

“Sure, Azlo is a bit more high-end when it comes to cruelty-free lashes, but I have found that with the slightly larger price you are receiving red carpet, designer quality.”

The Downsides of Azlo Eyelashes

Most of what Azlo Beauty has to offer is awesome, but just like with everything in the world, perfection does not exist. For this reason, we also knew that it was necessary to mention any downsides about Azlo eyelashes because naturally, they’re there. The biggest challenge we had with Azlo Lashes was the lack of variety. Their styles are suited to many individuals without a doubt, but unlike other competing companies such as Huda Beauty or Esqido, they do not offer such a wide selection to choose from. Azlo Lashes chooses to keep things simple, and although we can certainly respect this choice to maintain a core base of superb products, for reasons of diversity amongst humans, a slightly bigger selection of falsies could prove beneficial and more inclusive, especially for certain eye shapes or sizes. With this being said, we are interested in witnessing the styles and products that Azlo will continue to release because there is definitely a lot more in store for them in the future. We feel like Azlo Lashes has the potential to become HUGE.

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How Do We Rate Azlo Lashes?

If we consider the criteria we normally use to rate any false eyelash company, Azlo did especially well. Look: Azlo Lashes look elegant, luxurious and seamless. They do not quite carry the same appearance as a mink-lash, but they’re as close of a match as possible when it comes to synthetic fiber derived falsies. You can clearly tell that the lash technology they are utilizing to produce their products is cutting-edge and innovative. Price: For synthetic lashes, unfortunately, Azlo’s selections are on the pricier side. Most pairs cost around $35.00 USD, and while that certainly is not incredibly expensive, it may be too big of a price to pay for some individuals, especially when some cheaper, also synthetic brands like Ardell or Eylure exist. However, if you have the money and want to support a smaller-scale company, then making a purchase from Azlo Lashes is money very well spent.

Quality: Not much needs to be said about the quality of Azlo’s eyelashes, other than they are top-notch and clearly well made, with the added bonus of being animal-friendly and eco-conscious. Variety: As we mentioned in the “Downsides” section of this article, because Azlo Lashes is a relatively small-scale company, they still do not offer a ton of variety, but we are sure this is going to change as they continue to expand in the near future. The styles they do list, however, are each unique and luxurious. Durability: Advertised as up to 20-25 wears alongside proper care, Azlo has a relatively high standard of durability, expressing a greater longevity than some other brands like Eylure’s false eyelashes, which are advertised as reusable only up to 15 times. Azlo sits in the medium to high range when it comes to the durability and the lifetime of the product.

“I appreciate that AZLO keeps their selection simple. They do not offer a lot of lash styles, but the ones they do sell suit just about anyone and the quality is so great that I am content with just being offered a selection of high quality choices.”

The Final Verdict on Azlo Lashes

Overall, we really like Azlo Lashes. We feel like they certainly do have a luxurious feel, and it is difficult sometimes to believe that they aren’t made from mink, especially when they are already applied and blended in with your natural lashes. One thing we adore about supporting Azlo Lashes, is that we believe in their message of encouraging self-confidence and empowerment, all while protecting animal rights. This still independent and not overly commercialized company really has a place in our hearts, because we love to support beauty companies doing great things from the very start. We really enjoyed trying out Azlo’s eyelashes, and we have a feeling that the whole world is going to be seeing a lot more of Azlo in the future.