The Baddie B Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

December 27, 2019

The History of Baddie B Lashes

Baddie B Lashes was founded by Jennifer Ruiz, more commonly known as Jenny Sixty Nine, or @Jen_ny69 on social media channels like Instagram and Twitter. Jennifer was one of the first Latinas to break into social influencer circles, and at age 23, she has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She first began posting on Youtube in 2014, and her followers have been increasing steadily as she continues to roll out beauty tips and video tutorials, especially for her Latinx audience. Baddie B eyelashes are still very new on the market, having only been launched in September this year. Since the brand is still so new, there are currently only six different styles to choose from. Each style of the Baddie B fake eyelashes has a 3D and is made from 100% mink hair. They come with a comfortable, flexible lash band and can be worn up to 25 times.

“The Baddie B lashes look incredible on, they can be easily cut to fit any eye shape or size and they mix in well with natural eyelashes! The quality is really good and they look stunning on. They're also very comfy and don’t feel heavy on the lids.”

Where to Buy Baddie B Lashes

Currently, you can only buy Baddie B lashes directly from the Baddie B website. Over time, we’re sure that distribution will be extended; however, for now, you will need to go to the official website to make your purchase.

Baddie B Lashes Products

As we already mentioned, there are currently only six different styles of Baddie B falsies. Each pair comes in a beautifully designed and practical box to store the lashes. Baddie B is written across the body in a holographic font, and the style name appears with a hashtag on the side of the box. A lot of effort has clearly been put into designing the packaging in such a way to easily store and use the lashes, while still making sure that they look pretty and keep to the particular aesthetic.

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baddieb eyelashes sugarbaby The Sugarbaby lashes are the most natural looking Baddie B lashes of all five styles. These are for individuals who don’t like to wear super dramatic lashes and prefer to keep things a bit more low key.

  • Longer and wispier on the inner corners
  • Everyday kind of lash
  • Very natural without being too basic
  • Tapered ends; smaller on the inner corners and flares outwards
  • Great choice if you want to pull your eye outwards and give it more of an almond shape


baddieb eyelashes instahoe The Instahoe lashes are very dramatic. Of the six styles, these are in the top two most dramatic. They are Instagram appropriate – hence the name, Instahoe.

  • Perfect with a dramatic liner
  • Super voluminous
  • Very big and thick lashes
  • They have a flared up look and stand up a lot – great for creating a wide-eyed appearance

“I love Jenny69 and when I tried her lashes for the first time I was blown away. Unfortunately, since my eyelashes are not very long and don’t have much volume, I’ve often had to use fake eyelashes. The Baddie B lashes are wonderful in showcasing long, sexy and beautiful lashes. They are great quality and can be easily reused if handled gently.”


Baddie b fake lashes baddie Very similar to the Instahoe style but not as dense and a little wispier with more gaps in between – the Baddie style is more dramatic all the way across the lash.

  • Extremely voluminous
  • Great separation between each cluster of hair which adds to the “baddie look”
  • This is a bushy lash, flaring out slightly
  • Perfect for special occasions


Baddie b eyelashes fboy The F***BOY lashes are perfect for a hot date. They’re ideal if you desire a glam appearance but still want to pull off wearing lashes during everyday life. These are very wispy, and won’t overwhelm your entire eye.

  • Creates a fluffy lash look
  • Provides more length than volume
  • Adds a lot of dimension to the eyes
  • These are not as dramatic as Baddie and Instahoe


The Saucy style is the most recent style to be unleashed by Baddie B, and although similar to the other five styles the brand has to offer, these falsies are feathery and messy, for a more down to earth, yet still super glammed up appearance.

  • Design features hairs of alternating lengths, grouped in lash clusters for the most impact
  • Ideal for a glammed up but still totally bohemian look
  • Complements a smokey eyeshadow look magnificently, as well as nude and brown tones


Baddie b lashes extra The Extra lashes are the second most recent style to be added to the Baddie B collection. They are similar to Instahoe but are a lot thinner. They are thinner towards the inner corners of the eyes and flare out towards the outer corners.

  • More natural towards the inner corners of the eyes and very dramatic towards the outer corners
  • Perfect for a night out on the town
  • Works well with a dramatic makeup look

The Downsides of Baddie B Lashes

As with all of our reviews, we think it’s important to mention the things that we didn’t like about a particular brand. When it comes to Baddie B Lashes, here are a few of the negatives:

  • The website is not up to standard; there’s very little information and the look and feel of the site is not all that professional
  • The brand is still very new, so there are no customer reviews on the website
  • There’s not a lot of products to choose from (again, the brand is still very new)
  • It’s not clear on whether their products are cruelty-free
  • Their lashes are only made from mink fur, so for those who are choosing to not purchase animal products, this brand wouldn’t be suitable

How We Rate Baddie B Lashes

Company Reputability: 80%

Since the brand is still relatively new and there aren’t many customer reviews, Baddie B Lashes loses a few points in this section. Where they gain our approval is through the owner, Jennifer Ruiz, who is a social influencer with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Price: 80%

These lashes are not cheap when compared to other, more established brands. In fact, we think that at $19 a pair, they are slightly overpriced considering the brand still has a long way to go. However, we have to take into account the good quality, and as we all know, you get what you pay for.

Quality: 95%

Jennifer Ruiz is fully committed to providing high-quality products that won’t disappoint her loyal followers. Made from 100% mink hair, and a flexible lash band, these are excellent quality lashes.

Variety: 80%

Currently, there are only six styles to choose from, which is not much when compared to many other brands who offer as many as 60 styles or more. However, once again, the brand is still new, and are sure to launch more products and styles as they develop over time.

Durability: 98%

Jennifer has stated in her Youtube videos that if looked after and cared for properly, the lashes can be worn for as many as 25 times. This is considered one of the best rates of durability in the industry.

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“I'm a big fan of Jenny69, so I decided to give her lashes a go. Sadly, I wasn't blown away by these. They were OK, and I would maybe repurchase again, but nothing out of this world. ”

Final thoughts on Baddie B lashes

The Baddie B lashes are still relatively new on the market, but they’ve already made a huge impact. While the collection is still lacking in terms of variety, the styles that are available are very impressive and of a high-quality.