The Dodo Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

December 16, 2018

The History of Dodo Lashes

The Dodo beauty studio was founded in 2012, and they started to provide beauty products and services through their studio. Then two years later, in 2014, the Dodolashes brand was created with the aim of giving more women access to the perfect makeup look with good products supplied at a fair price. Dodo Lashes are handcrafted using the finest naturally shed mink hairs. They have also now begun a makeup artist program. The company is committed to providing all approved professional makeup artists around the world with a 15% discount to ensure they can stock up and enjoy these fabulous lashes at a minimal cost. Their goal is to encourage and also to promote the use of mink lashes by supplying them at a discounted price. If you are not an MUA professional, you can still receive a discount by using a Dodo Lashes coupon code. If you are wondering where you can get your hands on a pair of these stunning lashes, then we’ve got you covered.

“These are my absolute favorite lashes!! <3 I use them almost daily! The look and feel of them are just amazing! Thank you Dodo lashes!! Beautiful, affordable mink lashes at its best!”

Where to Buy Dodo Lashes

It’s always a good idea to go directly to the company website. You can get an overview of each product and simply add your favorites to your basket. Dodo Lashes cost between $5 and $12, and you will get free shipping if you spend over $30, which we have to say is a pretty incredible deal. These lashes are also available to purchase from Amazon and eBay, just make sure that you know which styles you’re searching for, because the selections aren’t always organized as well on these alternative vendors as they are on the official Dodo website.

Dodo Lashes Products

D105 Mink Lashes:

Dodo lashes d105 The Dodo Lashes D105 style adds tons of dimension to the eyes for the perfect striking daytime look or bold nighttime look. With clusters of lashes grouped together, you can expect a thick and voluminous overall appearance.

  • Provide intense lash volume
  • Exceptionally lightweight lashes
  • Have a thick handcrafted lash band which makes it fairly easy to apply
  • Have a length of between 10-13mm

D115 Mink Lashes:

Dodo lashes d115 Made with mink hair, the Dodo Lashes D115 are fluffy, lightweight, and natural looking lashes. They have been handcrafted with a cotton band for added comfort.

  • Relatively long with a length of between 8-15mm
  • Although they have a glam look and feel, they are perfect for everyday wear
  • Will work for a casual or formal look
  • Easy to apply because of the curve of the lashes
  • Enhances the eyes offering an eye-opening effect

D309 3D Lashes:

Dodo eyelashes d3093d With a length of between 10-15mm, these long and wispy lashes are perfect for a glamorous look. The Dodo Lashes D309 are exquisite for accentuating a smokey eye or bold liner, providing ultimate drama and extra length.

  • High volume, dramatic style lashes
  • Made with a handcrafted cotton band
  • Luxuriously soft lashes that are ideal for special occasions

Dodo eyelashes prices

“I'm a big fan of these lashes. They’re wispy and gorgeous, but much more affordable. The first pair I bought I lasted well over a month, and I wore them consistently.”

The Downsides of Dodo Lashes

As always, we are committed to providing an honest review, which is why we like to mention the aspects that we didn’t like:

  • Since the lashes are shipped from China, they can take up to two or three weeks to be delivered
  • They don’t have the most user-friendly website; information is sparse and the grammar is poor
  • No free shipping unless you spend $30 or more. Considering the low prices, you would have to buy at least three pairs if you want to receive free shipping

How Do We Rate Dodo Lashes:

Company Reputability: 80%

There’s not a lot of information on the internet regarding Dodo Lashes, but there are a number of positive customer reviews.

Price: 98%

These lashes are exceptionally well priced. For between $5 and $12 you can expect some beautiful and high-quality mink lashes. This is about half the price of the mink lashes that are sold by other retailers.

Quality: 95%

100% handcrafted using only the finest mink hair; we can’t fault the quality of Dodo Lashes. These falsies show that you can never judge a product by its price because they’re high-quality and extremely affordable.

Dodo eyelashes review

Variety: 85%

When compared to some other brands, Dodo lashes are somewhat lacking in variety. However, they still offer a decent-sized selection of lashes to choose from.

Durability: 98%

With a wear period of up to 25 times, the durability is great. If looked after and cared for properly, these lashes can be worn over and over again. 25 times is excellent, especially compared to Huda Beauty’s 15 times.  

“I was skeptical about buying these, because I hadn’t heard of the brand before, but these lashes arrived rather quickly and they’re gorgeous. Exactly what I hoped for. They match the pictures, they’re soft, definitely worth the purchase. If I was shown these next to my Huda Beauty lashes, I would have guessed Dodo ones were the more expensive pair.”

Final Thoughts on Dodo Lashes

If you don’t want to spend too much money on mink lashes but are still looking for high-quality products, then Dodo Lashes are a great choice. They have a variety of styles to choose from, and all of their falsies are made from 100% sterilized naturally shed mink fur.