The Esqido Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

May 10, 2019
Megan Verified Buyer May 10, 2019

Esqido’s Mink False lashes brings in me the best

Very rarely I move out for an adventurous night out but when I do, I make sure I look impactful and confident. I am a make-up freak and I love flaunting my huge lashes. Big city nights style of Esqido’s Mink False lashes brings in me the best. And I don’t have to worry about maintaining my exquisite looks.

May 3, 2019
Sarah Verified Buyer May 3, 2019

So fluffy, so gentle

Say it with Silhouette Mink falsies without a doubt. Really superior to all. So fluffy, so gentle. It added volume without superficially modifying too much length. I have never imagined my eyes so pretty that they look after applying these lashes. No wonder, why I feel dreamy and flutter thereafter.

April 28, 2019
Brittany Verified Buyer April 28, 2019

This eyelashes are incredibly comfortable

“What a fabulous feeling! Esqido’s Mink False Eyelashes are incredibly comfortable when tiny feathers land on your eyelids. I almost sleep on them. Although expensive but worth every penny spent. A huge round of applause for an exclusive ultra glam touch.”

April 20, 2019
Ashley Verified Buyer April 20, 2019

Heartiest thanks to Esqido Unisyn.

I can’t stop myself from purchasing Day & Night Esqido falsies. I love my voluminous cat eye look that can be reproduced multiple times. My eyes are hooded and downturned and without these lashes, makeup does not really work well. Heartiest thanks to Esqido Unisyn.

April 14, 2019
Riley Verified Buyer April 14, 2019

Unisyn lashes are exceptionally miraculous

Peace & Love style of Unisyn lashes are exceptionally miraculous. nude/brown smokey eye. Its flared edges add definition and elegance ideal for my almond shaped eyes, so it’s perfect for a subtle daytime look.

April 7, 2019
Ella Verified Buyer April 7, 2019

Ultra-natural look

Thank you Bread & Butter Esqido falsies. I like wearing lashes but I avoid masking my face with powder, mascara or any other type of camouflage. Because my own lashes are scanty and light in color, so I bought a BB Esqido. Now, I can use them on a regular basis for ultra-natural look with dual-tone (black and brown).

March 30, 2019
Charlotte Verified Buyer March 30, 2019

I can look magnificent

“Hey, I am a makeup artist and have tried many lashes but since I have been using newly released synthetic Esqido Unisyn smoke and fire type lashes for the past many months, I am overwhelmed with my work. It gives mindblowing grace to customers of any facial type. It complements glitter-based eyeshadow so finely to make little button eyes look magnificent.”

March 25, 2019
Olivia Verified Buyer March 25, 2019

It does not wear down quickly

“I am a makeover addict and always ready to chase top-quality products. I am completely convinced with the versatile looks that come up only on using Esqido lashes. what impressed me more is that it is multi-use, and unlike many false eyelashes, it does not wear down quickly.”

March 20, 2019
Rachel Verified Buyer March 20, 2019

Exemplary lashes

Thumbs up Esqido Unisyn lashes for proving lashes that are exemplary. I have never come across such a brand of lashes that offers points on every purchase to avail free bonus products or discounts. It upgraded my very own lashes making them appear deep and broad. My eyes were glistening with beauty all night at the party.

March 11, 2019
Eliza Verified Buyer March 11, 2019

So comfortable and secure

“I was so unhappy with the conventional types of false lashes. They were so bulky to feel with every blink. Thank you Esqido Unisyn, you made is so comfortable and secure. Now I don’t have to think twice before putting them on. I can see that Esqido lashes are much better in terms of quality and comfort.”

March 5, 2019
Wilma Muller Verified Buyer March 5, 2019

Quick read

This Esqido review was a quick read and taught me a lot. Thank you for the information.

February 28, 2019
Yara Hernandez Verified Buyer February 28, 2019

Midnight Symphony is my go to

The Midnight Symphony lashes are spicy! super sexy falsies!!

February 23, 2019
Georgie Daniels Verified Buyer February 23, 2019

Lashlorette is brilliant!

Brilliant lashes! Lashlorette is my favourite by far. Simply stunning!!

February 17, 2019
salome Verified Buyer February 17, 2019

One of the best adhesives

Companion lash glue is outstanding. My falsies stayed put all day, really glad I stumbled upon this article.

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