What’s the Better Choice? Eyelash Extensions or False Eyelashes?

Eliza Barlow
May 2, 2020

Eyelashes are a great way to top off a look. Long, voluminous lashes can take an everyday style to an entirely new level. That’s why it’s not uncommon for individuals to enhance their natural lashes. For people that aspire to have a fabulous flutter, there are lots of options; you can choose to get false eyelashes or extensions. There are pros and cons to each, which we will explore in this guide.

Finding Your Best Look

Deciding what to choose may depend on individual lifestyle choices and the perceived ease of use. While some individuals find that falsies are simple to apply, others may not echo that sentiment. Instead, some may prefer professional extensions.

Whatever you choose, you must be aware that there are methods for maintenance and care. In this article, we’ll go over which lash beauty methods may be best. We’ll cite both the pros and cons and get you lash-ready for whatever occasion!

Finding Your Best Look


Falsies have become a ubiquitous accessory. You can find them online and in many stores. You can spot them on the shelves of both major retailers and smaller shops. Their availability makes it easy to find a variety of lash options.

Whether your choice is a more natural look or glamorized appeal, many brands are now offering multi-packs that showcase an abundance of styles. It’s okay if you’re new to the world of falsies – don’t feel intimidated! While there is a diverse selection to choose from, looking for what fits isn’t as hard as you think.

If you know your eye shape and what look you’re going for, finding the right falsie is easy. However, the key to determining if false eyelashes will work for you will depend on what you know about them. If you’re part of the uninitiated, read on to find out if falsies are for you.

What Are Falsies?

False eyelashes may seem like all the rage these days, and to some extent, they are. They grace the eyelids of some of the most prominent celebs and personalities alike, and for most people, they can upgrade a look in minutes.

False lashes are primarily fibers that mimic the look of real ones. You may have seen these in stores or online. Falsies are fakes hairs that have been glued onto a lightweight track or strip that goes over your lid. However, falsies aren’t one size fits all. There are many kinds out there.

Types of False Lashes

False eyelashes primarily come in a few material types: synthetic, mink, faux mink, human hair, and silk. Which option you take should depend on your aim and what you’re looking to achieve. If you’re a diva on a dime, you may be better off with a synthetic or silk set of falsies. Synthetic lashes range in price but usually are much cheaper than other alternatives.

Mink is the most high-end choice, and many believe that it more closely resembles human hair than any other kind. However, if you’re looking into cruelty-free options, mink may not be the choice for you. Mink comes from animals, and if you’re animal-friendly, you may want to go with another option. Also, since mink is an animal product, if you’re allergic to animal hair, you may have a potential reaction.

Other options for false eyelashes include faux mink. Faux mink is excellent if you like the look of mink but would like a cruelty-free alternative. However, there is a drawback. Faux mink lashes can look heavy and very glam. If you want to be casual chic or just want a bit more length, then another alternative may work best.

Besides mink, silk lashes are considered the most realistic option. Silk tends to be soft and lighter and takes less of a toll on your natural lash. They are also known to have a longer shelf life if maintained properly.

There are a variety of beauty companies that specialize in false silk lashes. When it comes to price, silk lashes also tend to be on the more affordable end with some brands costing as little as $6 a box.

Another lash option you can use is synthetic materials. Falsies made with synthetic fibers are not only economical, but they are also well-made. Synthetic is not as prone to daily wear and tear like some other options, but some synthetic lashes can be too thick and look unnatural.

A final lash option to think about is human hair. Human hair lashes come from virgin hair that manufacturers cut to size. It is lightweight and has the look of a natural lash. The only downside to human hair lashes is that they may look unnatural as they have blunt ends and not a smooth, tapered finish.

Once you’ve chosen the kind of false lash you desire, you must also purchase an adhesive. Lash adhesives are inexpensive, and you should apply it to the false lash strip. Learning to use the lashes may take a few tries but is relatively simple. The application takes no more than a few minutes if done correctly. Falsies should last for a day or so.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions operate upon the same concept as false eyelashes. They are used to lengthen and add volume to the existing natural lash. However, there are significant differences. First, unlike falsies, eyelash extensions are applied by a licensed professional. Application by a knowledgeable technician is essential.

Eyelash extensions often involve the use of chemicals. These chemicals, while safe, can pose a risk to someone that is not well-versed in their use. Second, eyelash extensions last up to six weeks after their initial application.

You can get a set of eyelash extension lashes in mink, silk, or synthetic. Sizes go from about 6mm up to 17 mm, and curl types vary. Curl types are described as J-curl, B-curl, C-curl, CC-curl, D-curl, L-curl, and lifted.

Finding the Right Place

Once you’ve decided on the details, you must find a salon or spa. Finding a salon or spa in your area requires some research. You want to find a place that has staff that knows the ins and outs of eyelash application.

Begin your research by checking reviews online. Seeing how other customers fared with their experiences can go a long way in determining where you should go. You should pick up the phone and also give the shop a call. Find out if they are licensed in your state or city to perform eyelash extensions.

You should also investigate what kinds of adhesives they use during the process. Glues that have formaldehyde may cause a nasty reaction, so it’s best to stick with adhesives that lack this additive. Do a trial run and check the place out in person. You want to choose a shop that is neat, clean, and that utilizes sterile tools.

Once you’ve chosen the place, you set an appointment and go in for the procedure. The entire process takes about two hours. During this time, the technician will apply individual hairs to your lash line with an adhesive. A technician will place a cotton cut-out or rubber block between your lids to separate your top lashes from your bottom ones.

After the procedure ends, you may have longer, fuller lashes. They will look more natural as they will not be added on a strip or track and will blend with your natural lash. However, this method is more costly than falsies.

An average eyelash extension session can cost anywhere between $100-$300. The benefit of this option is that you won’t have to get your lashes re-done for at least six weeks. You also won’t have to worry about continually removing and reapplying them.

Final Verdict

In all, false eyelashes pose some great benefits if you’re looking to jazz up a dull look for an evening, or a simple business meeting. False lashes are a great temporary fix.

They are easy to apply and can blend with your natural lash. Falsies are also available in a few price ranges to fit any budget. If you’re not a fan of the application process and want lovely lashes at a moment’s notice, eyelash extensions may be your best bet.

Extensions, once applied, are hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about buying adhesives, storage options, or getting the placement just right. However, they can be expensive and must be applied by a professional. They also must be touched up every four to six weeks. The process can be long, with a single session taking on average about two hours.

In the end, you must decide what’s best for you based on a few factors. You should think about your lifestyle, your goals, your budget, and your time constraints. Considering these factors will allow you to make an informed decision about either falsies or eyelash extensions.