The Eylure False Eyelashes Full Review [2020 Update]

October 9, 2018

Where Does the History of Eylure Cosmetics Begin?

The history of Eylure begins way back in the 1940s in Britain, where two talented brothers working as makeup artists in the film industry grew frustrated with the poor quality of materials that they had to work with – especially considering that they were applying makeup for some of biggest stars of that time. Eric and David Aylott decided they would craft their own materials, and Eylure came into fruition initially for this purpose. Starting out with their Eylure lashes and stick on nails, the goal of the two brothers was to discover new ways of enhancing natural beauty, complemented by exquisitely applied makeup. Their hard efforts did not go unnoticed either, because by the 1960s Eylure began producing its beauty products in the world’s first mass production factory for false eyelashes, in the Welsh city of Cwmbran. This massive growth in popularity led to successes such as Eylure eyelashes being featured in Vogue magazine, with celebrities like Dusty Springfield and Twiggy wearing these adhesive extensions. If you are already familiar with Eylure Lashes and are looking for the best prices, we’ve got you covered! Alleyelashes helps you to find the best price across 3000+ retailers. Explore the BEST prices here.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and Eylure Cosmetics has continued to grow its customer base, as well as its reputability and variety of products. Still maintaining their 60s-inspired newspaper-like branding style, Eylure offers products for the false eyelash needs of just about any individual. Whether it be their cruelty-free Eylure Luxe Lashes, their subtle yet sophisticated Eylure Natural Lashes, their limited-edition faux mink Eylure Gilded Lashes, their buildable Eylure individual lashes, or their quick-apply Luxe Magnetic lashes, it is easy to discover the perfect set of falsies tailored just for you. Eylure offers a multitude of eyelash collections, some of which are quite unique and branded seamlessly, featuring great quality selections. Some of our favorite collections include the Eylure Vegas Nay Lashes (especially the Eylure Vegas Nay Grand Glamour Lashes), the Eylure x Nicole Guerriero Lashes, and the Eylure Luxe Faux Mink Lashes (especially the Eylure Luxe Faux Mink Opulent lashes).


EYLURE Eyelashes 24124

The Best Eylure Lashes

As with most mega brands like Eylure London Cosmetics, unfortunately, we cannot individually review every single lash from every single collection. That is why we have compiled a list of the best Eylure false lashes, providing in-depth details about each selection. All of Eylure’s lashes are handmade and multi-use, advertised as applicable for around 15 uses. Here are the best Eylure false eyelashes:

“It makes perfect sense why Eylure has become one of the biggest false eyelash brands in the world; it’s hard to beat this type of craftsmanship and variety of lashes.”

Eylure Accents Lashes

Adding the most definition specifically to the outer part of the eye, these ¾ sized Eylure Accents are designed with a specialized curvature that closely hugs the natural shape of the eyelid, making them not only simple to apply, but also allowing them to blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Eylure Accents No. 003:

Eylure eyelashes Accents No. 003 Soft and subtle, No. 003 offers a girly, cute lift to your eyes that appears completely natural.

  • Some of Eylure’s most affordable lashes, costing only around £5 (around $6.50)
  • ¾ length lashes
  • Naturally lifts and opens eyes
  • Extremely lightweight falsies
  • Ideal for an everyday or subtle makeup

Eylure Accents No. 005:

Eylure eyelashes Accents No. 005 No. 005 is the thicker relative of No. 003, mimicking a similar lash structure but with increased intensity and definition.

  • Eloquent lash for day to night makeup transitions
  • ¾ length lashes
  • Darkens the lashes, offering a smoldering effect
  • Lightweight, even if the lashes are dense and thick
  • Pairs well with a darker smokey eye makeup look

Eylure Definition Lashes

The Eylure Definition collection offers a variety of lashes designed specifically to make your eyes the focal point of your makeup. These falsies are well-structured, easy to apply and create an especially elegant result that many lash lovers can adore. The Definition lashes are designed with a specialized curvature that makes them easy to blend with your natural eyelashes.

Eylure Definition No. 121:

Eylure eyelashes Definition No. 121A sexy, cobweb style lash that brings you added beauty and subtle definition.

  • Ideal for almond shaped eyes
  • Lashes on the outer corners are slightly denser and darker, offering a gentle accent
  • Elongates and amplifies eyes
  • Suitable for a polished, professional look

Eylure Definition No. 128:

eylure lash review Definition No 128A lash filled to the brim with attitude, No. 128 will make you stand out.

  • Designed with slightly pronged hairs for a feathery look
  • Ideal to complement a stunning costume or your nightlife look
  • Dark and moody lashes
  • The thicker sized band makes application easier than ever

Eylure Dramatic Lashes

The Eylure Dramatic collection consists of specially designed falsies that are doubled up, offering the maximum volume you can achieve with any of Eylure’s collections. They pack a real punch, but this is what makes them perfect for complementing dramatic makeup looks so eloquently, especially if you are a performer or entertainer and want to stand out on stage. These lashes require a bit of a learning curve when it comes to application, but Eylure’s website offers helpful tips pertaining to this process.

Eylure Dramatic No. 210:

Eylure lashes Dramatic No. 210 Probably the least dramatic of this entire collection, No. 210 helps you stand out amongst the crowd.

  • Dark and dramatic, offering a smooth result
  • Complements heavier makeup looks, especially those that utilize darker colors
  • Double layered design, with inner and outer corner lashes reaching the same length
  • Even length for all-over definition
  • Wonderful for entertainers or performers trying to achieve dramatic makeup looks for stage

eylure luxe lashes 2

Eylure Naturals Lashes

Ideal for everyday wear when you want to add a slight amount of definition to your natural lashes, while still maintaining the low-profile look. Eylure Naturals create stunning, gorgeous results, enhancing the eyes ever so gently with a lash design that is short and light. Produces sweet, romantic and delicately feminine results.

Eylure Naturals No. 020:

fake eyelashes review eylure natural No. 020 Gossamer style lashes, No. 020 offers a sweet and subtle effect enhancing length and depth.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Delicate thin strip lashes with sparse hairs to add subtle definition in all the right places
  • Ideal for wearing every day or even to the office for a full work day
  • Inexpensive to purchase, costing only about £5 (around $6.50)

Eylure Naturals No. 0.33:

Eylure lashes Naturals No. 033 Web-like angled lashes enhancing length and volume at a gradient, with a focus on the outer corners of the eyes.

  • Ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions due to the angled effect
  • Enhances the natural beauty and radiance of the eyes
  • Perfect for the “no makeup” look
  • Complements any eye shape or eye size with its multi-dimensional feel

Eylure Texture Lashes

The Eylure Texture collection is a selection of false lashes that provide a messy look, comparable with having bed-head hair, but on your eyes. If this does not sound appealing, believe us, these falsies are stunning. They add layers of depth to the eyes, appearing more natural because nothing in this world is perfect, so your fake lashes can look organic too. These false lashes are both volumizing and lengthening but still work wonderfully for the more down-to-earth boho look.

Eylure Texture No. 157:

Eylure lashes Texture No. 157 The fullest of all the Texture selections, No. 157 offers a rugged elegance, feeling earthy and organic but still completely glamorous.

  • Criss-cross style, feathery hairs enhance the life of the eyes
  • Extremely volumizing and lengthening
  • Ideal with plush makeup; compliments earth tones and pink tones effortlessly
  • Would look classy for an outdoor festival, some summer fun, or a beach party

Eylure Texture No. 150:

Eylure lashes Texture No. 150 Offering plenty of added volume and length in addition to texture, No. 150 blends together a wispy sweetness with confident definition.

  • Criss-cross pattern amongst the middle hairs, with longer hairs at the outer corner of the lash
  • Ideal for all eye shapes and sizes, but truly helps elongate and accentuate round or small eyes
  • Feel gorgeous wearing these lashes either for an everyday look, or a special night out
  • Pairs stunningly with a cat eyed eyeliner look

Eylure Lengthening Lashes

The Eylure Lengthening collection is designed specifically to elongate natural lashes without bulking them up too much. This is especially suitable for those who like to apply mascara along with their falsies, providing a more natural finish. Not all fake lashes look good with a layer of mascara, but these Lengthening lashes are able to brighten up the eyes, maintaining a more organic appearance even with added makeup.

Eylure Lengthening No. 035:

Eylure lashes Lengthening No. 035 Subtle and well-rounded, No. 035 is natural looking, but still adds a lot of length and a balanced finish.

  • Thin strip, lash cluster design mimics the appearance of single lash application
  • Complements the monolid eye shape and smaller eye sizes
  • Extremely natural look, for barely-there lashes that don’t appear fake
  • Perfect for a subtle daytime look
  • Also available as a pre-glued version for even easier application

Eylure Lengthening No. 116:

individual lashes review eylure Lengthening No. 116 Sectioned design lengthens and defines the eyes by causing single lashes to appear elongated.

  • Creates a polished, defined look that enhances your natural lashes
  • Can be worn every day or even for special events
  • Complements all eye shapes and sizes
  • A versatile and comfortable option for any individual

Eylure Exaggerate Lashes

Eylure’s Exaggerate collection leaves a lasting impact, adding tons of volume, depth and length to the eyes with a variety of interesting styles and designs. These falsies are bound to make you the center of attention, therefore these amplified styles are not for everyone. Some of the selections within the Exaggerate collection are silky soft and smooth, giving the eyes a sleek finish, while others are a bit more messy and chaotic, perfect for the textured, boho lash look.

luxe lashes review eylure (opulent) 3 1

Eylure Exaggerate No. 141:

Eylure lashes Exaggerate No. 141 Wispy and long, No. 141 offers a magical, whimsical look straight out of a fairytale.

  • Lashes are designed with thick, defined hairs towards the base, slowly becoming lighter and messier at the ends
  • Longest hairs are present in the middle of the lash for all-over definition
  • Complements a dark, winged eyeliner makeup look
  • Ideal for a special event where you want your eyes to look romantic and glamorous

Eylure Volume Lashes

Shorter in length, the Eylure Volume collection focuses upon added depth and definition to the base of the lashes, giving them a doubled-up feel, rather than over lengthening or over-elongating individual hairs. This makes the eyelashes appear more luscious and thick while still coming across as natural and healthy. This collection is especially ideal for individuals with a sparse lash line that want to build up the depth.

Eylure Volume No. 100:

Eylure lashes Volume No. 100 Classic and natural, No. 100 adds a layer of dimension, giving natural lashes a healthier, fuller appearance.

  • A staple, go-to set of lashes that maintains a natural, subtle beauty
  • Complements all types of makeup
  • Can be worn in the morning, during the day, or at night
  • Rounder style opens up the eyes and looks radiant
  • Also available as a petite version, designed specifically to fit smaller eyes

Eylure Volume No. 107 Petite:

Eylure lashes Volume No. 107 No. 107 Petite is a smaller version of its regular relative No. 107, designed specifically for smaller eye sizes that want a vintage, smooth appearance.

  • Creates a romantic and flirty vintage look
  • Designed for smaller eye sizes, but can be worn by all eye shapes
  • Lash hairs are angeled, with a relatively even length amongst each, enhancing volume but also slightly defining the outer corners
  • Ideal for a glamorous night out, these lashes offer a movie-star effect

Eylure 3D Lashes

Offering a unique patented offset band that provides not only a 3-dimensional effect, but also extreme ease of application, Eylure’s 3D collection kicks up the lash, bringing the lashes further away from the eye-opening. This brightens the eyes and allows them to appear more open. In addition to this process, the shape of the lashes also adds plenty of extra volume, creating falsies that are especially multi-dimensional with a unique design that cannot be purchased anywhere else.

Eylure 3 Dimensional No. 111:

Eylure lashes 3 Dimensional No. 111 Fluttery and full, No. 111 kicks your lashes up an extra notch with its 3D offset band design.

  • Spiked and angeled design adds definition to specific areas along the lash line
  • Eyes appear more open and brighter with the patented 3D band
  • Fluttery and pretty lashes appear denser and longer, but still remain natural-looking
  • Complements any type of makeup look; the lashes are multifaceted

false lashes eylure 444

Eylure Luxe Magnetic Lashes

The Eylure Luxe Magnetic collection is a relatively new development for this innovative company. These lashes are an adhesive-less option for individuals that don’t want to bother with a sticky mess, or for those who are allergic to the chemicals normally found in false eyelash adhesives. As the name implies, magnetic lashes are applied through the use of a magnetic charge. For each eye there are two strips of lashes, one with a negative charge and another with a positive charge. When combined together, the two pieces hold onto your natural lash with the force of a gentle magnet. Once you are ready to take them off, you simply have to slide them away, but they will remain put for the duration of your wear. For this reason, there is also less cleaning involved, because you won’t need to pull away dried strands of adhesive from the night before. The main con is that there is a bit of a learning curve for the application of magnetic lashes, but Eylure’s website offers a helpful step-by-step guide to make the whole process a lot smoother. Once you have established your own method for easily applying these falsies, everything gets a little simpler and they can be worn again and again for up to 15 uses.

luxe lashes eylure 59

Luxe Magnetic Baroque Corner:

The same lashes as the Baroque falsies that are mentioned in the next section, the magnetic version is a corner lash that is applied simply to the outer edges of the eye for that extra pop of definition. These Eylure Luxe Magnetic lashes offer a cruelty-free faux mink lash effect, meaning that they are lightweight and super soft, feeling comfortable throughout the entire period of wear.

“I feel confident trusting a false eyelash company that has been successful for more than 65 years. You can tell that Eylure have really mastered the art of making quality, affordable eyelashes for the everyday woman.”

Eylure Luxe Lashes

The Eylure Luxe collection is an interesting one, because it offers the appearance of a mink lash, but consists of synthetic, cruelty-free materials only. In this way, it serves as a great alternative for those who adore the way mink falsies make their eyes look, but don’t want to be harming any animals in the process. Handmade with a specialized silk-effect fiber, the Luxe lashes are insanely soft, feeling simply luxurious as they lightly rest on top of your natural lashes. Of all the available collections, this one is probably our favorite. It is timeless and leaves your makeup looking stunning, no matter the specific makeup style.

Eylure Luxe Collection Baroque:

Eylure lashes Luxe Collection Baroque Very romantic, vintage-looking falsies, the Baroque lashes generate delicate definition.

  • Feathery crisscrossed design; gently elongates at a gradient with the longest hairs on the outer corners
  • Thick and densely packed lashes that maintain a featherlight feel
  • Complements a red-lipped, classic makeup look
  • Ideal for a special night out, especially one involving attending an event or important function

Eylure Luxe Collection Opulent:

Eylure lashes Luxe Collection Opulent Reaching a sizeable lash length, the Opulent false eyelashes are feminine, doll-like and pretty.

  • This criss-crossed, spider web-like pattern features much thinner hairs that are the shortest at the inner and outer corners
  • Complements ethereal makeup looks, as well as costume makeup
  • Gives those with smaller eye sizes the wide-eyed doll appearance
  • Could pair elegantly with a sparkling or glitter makeup look
  • Adds tons of length

Eylure Vegas Nay Lashes

This collection is a collaboration between Eylure and experienced makeup artist Vegas Nay. She worked alongside Eylure to design a small selection of lashes that she felt were representative of go-to falsies for just about any individual. The resulting designs are simple and minimalistic in many ways when it comes to the actual shape and structure of the lashes, but the way they accentuate the eyes is unique and distinctive.

Eylure Nicole Guerriero Lashes

Part of the Eylure Vlogger Series, these lashes are designed as a collaboration between Eylure and well-known beauty vlogger Nicole Guerriero. The makeup expert helped design her own unique eyelash looks, and the results are glamorous and fun.

Eylure x Vegas Nay Shining Star:

Eylure lashes -x-Vegas-Nay-Shining-Star Unique, textured style, Vegas Nay’s Shining Star lashes offer a ton of volume to amplify your eyes.

  • Suitable for larger eye sizes
  • Easy to apply and long lasting
  • Pointed tip design with messy, textured hairs
  • Provides volume along with a sultry, romantic look
  • Perfect for a date night or a dinner party with friends

Eylure x Nicole Guerriero #OneFourThree:

Eylure lashes x Nicole Guerriero #OneFourThree Filled with attitude and spunk, these definition bringing lashes help you look fierce and feel fierce.

  • Ultra sexy and powerful eyelashes
  • Ideal for a brighter color makeup look, one where you want your eyes to really pop
  • Feathery, spiked design offers dark definition
  • A thicker band for added comfort and easier application

Eylure Cheryl Lashes

An innovative collaboration between Eylure and British pop star Cheryl, this glamorous singer carefully selected a handful of false eyelash designs with her style in mind. The result is quite truly gorgeous, with a few different styles to choose from. It is clear that each set of falsies was planned according to a specific vibe that this celebrity wanted to portray. These Eylure x Cheryl lashes are designed with a specialized curvature that closely hugs the natural shape of the eyelid, making them not only simple to adhere, but also allowing them to blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes.

Eylure x Cheryl First Date:

Eylure lashes x Cheryl First Date Super simple and sweet, Cheryl’s First Date lashes will have will leave your eyes naturally glowing.

  • Perfect for a subtle, natural beauty first date look
  • An exquisite go-to everyday lash, to be worn throughout the day
  • Featherlight in weight
  • Sophisticated and sweet, ideal for a nude makeup look

individual lashes review eylure 6 12

EYLURE Eyelashes products 3245

Eylure Lash Glue

Eylure Latex-Free Lash Adhesive Clear:

Long wear latex-free lash adhesive that pairs perfectly with Eylure false eyelashes.

  • Latex-free, ideal for those with allergies
  • Quick drying and long lasting
  • Affordable price
  • Dries clear with a seamless finish
  • Contains a precise application brush, to easily place adhesive onto lash strips

Where to Buy Eylure Lashes

Eylure lashes are widely distributed all over the world, and for this reason it is likely you’ll be able to find them even at a local drugstore or pharmacy. This company knows how to make false eyelashes accessible for the everyday person, which also ties in with their affordable price tags and wide variety of choices. If you are not able to buy Eylure lashes at a nearby storefront, the easiest way to purchase them would be online at their official website, Although this company offers plenty of top quality products to choose from, they do have some choices that are our go-to picks for specific purposes:

  • To exaggerate your eyes: Eylure lashes Exaggerate No. 141 or Eylure lashes Exaggerate No. 143
  • For romantic, dramatic lashes: Eylure lashes Dramatic No. 202
  • To increase the definition of your eyes: Eylure lashes Definition No. 126
  • To add lots of texture to your eyes: Eylure lashes Texture No. 117
  • For a natural, simple look: Eylure lashes Naturals No. 027

“Their Luxe Magnetic false eyelashes are extremely innovative, making it easier than ever for anyone to apply falsies, especially for those of us that have sensitive eyes and cannot apply lash glue.”

EYLURE Eyelashes prices

Negative Thoughts About Eylure False Eyelashes

For those who are solely fans of mink lashes, they will need to look elsewhere, because Eylure’s selections are all cruelty-free, even the faux mink effect lashes. Likely, for this reason, their falsies are a bit heavier in weight than some of the pure mink lashes available on the market and can be felt subtly on the eyelid after application. Luckily, the eyes get used to this added weight rather quickly and they do not normally bother people, even when worn all night. Some of the Eylure lash types can be a bit stiffer than other comparable brands, but this is convenient if you want to have a good grip on the lash while you apply adhesive and later place it onto the eye.

Final Thoughts About Eylure Eyelashes

The main thing we completely adore about Eylure Cosmetics is the company’s ability to make every individual, no matter their background, feel included. Eylure false lashes are so affordable – they are one of the lowest priced options on the market – and the fact that they can be found in drugstores, as well as online and also at specialized makeup shops, makes their reach that much more expansive. Additionally, it is refreshing to see a company that has specialized in false eyelashes from the get-go, not simply taking on this makeup element later on. Eylure has had decades to go through the trial and error process, and for this reason, they really have nailed down what works and what does not- so that their customers don’t have to. On top of all this, they are also cruelty-free, which is appealing for those who are conscious about animal’s rights and want to do their part to protect this. We are feeling really quite satisfied with our hands-on experience of Eylure because they certainly have a ton to offer. We are excited to see in what direction Eylure Cosmetics will expand in the future – what new collaborations will take place and what type of products are set to be released. Looking to buy Eylure Lashes? Alleyelashes helps you to find the best price across 3000+ retailers. Explore the BEST prices here.

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