The Ultimate Guide for Monolid Shaped Eyes

Eliza Barlow
October 30, 2019

If you have monolid shaped eyes, you may feel disappointed with the lack of information about beauty rituals and routines. Don’t feel discouraged. There are tons of things you can do to accentuate your eye shape. Monolid-shaped eyes are beautiful and amazingly versatile.

Although monolids are prevalent amongst East Asians, many people all over the world share this lovely eyeshape. Unfortunately, if you have this trait, you may have found that many common products and techniques may not work as well.

What Is a Monolid Eye?

If you’re looking for awesome tips on how to make your eyes pop with a monolid, find out first if this is your actual eye shape. Identifying what eye shape you have goes a long way in determining how best to accentuate them.

Many individuals may spend years thinking that they have one eye shape when they have another. It is easy to miss the signs of what makes up a unique shape for the eye. For monolids, the first sign is the presence of an epicanthal fold.

An epicanthal fold is a fold of skin that occurs over the upper eyelid and around the inner part of the eye. This fold of skin eliminates a crease. The presence of a crease creates more surface area between the brows and eyelids, especially when the eye is open and looking straight ahead.

When a person has a monolid eye, the surface area of the eye is decreased. There is no exposed crease or fold when the eye is open. People with monolids also tend to have less prominent brow bones.

To get a dramatic makeup or eyelash look, those with monolids must give the illusion of surface area. This can be done with a few techniques, great makeup, and some dedication to experimentation.

What Is a Monolid Eye?

Techniques and Tips

Makeup isn’t just a tricky business for those with monolid eye shapes. Many individuals have created looks they later come to regret. There are tons of techniques out there that promise a great looking eye, but you must keep in mind that trends come and go. It’s best to stick to classic and timeless methods that work for your individual needs.

1. Lay the Groundwork

You may think to yourself, “No one will see my eyelids, so why should I prime them?” Well, oils in the skin can make wearing eyeshadows challenging.

Primers help to keep oil under control and create a solid foundation for pigments and hues. Primer also keeps accidental eyeshadow spills around your eyes to a minimum.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Accentuate the Shape

Your first instinct may be to minimize your eye shape. That isn’t the best way to go. Instead, when using lash liners, follow the shape of your eye as tightly as you can. This will not only create more space, but it will create lift.

You should also use dark gel eyeliner and another color close to the eye. Get as close to the lash line as possible.

3. When Lining Your Eyes, Flick the Eyeliner Out and Not Up

You want to enhance the shape of your eyes and bring depth to them. When lining your eyes, keep your eyes open and look straight ahead. Place your liner on your lids in short, tiny brush strokes until you’ve lined out the entire eye.

4. Wear Fluttery, Wispy Lashes

Wispy, feathery lashes are an excellent option for monolid eye shapes. It can give you an instant lift along with volume. It can also enhance your makeup look. When applying your lashes, place the longest lashes in the center of the eye.

The long lashes will create the illusion of space and give your eyes a fresh, crisp look. Place the shorter lashes along the corners for contrast. Blend them well with mascara. Smooth the mascara up just like the lashes to define them.

Before applying your falsies, give your natural lashes a boost with eyelash primer. This will prepare your lashes and keep the mascara in place. Another tip to ensure a flawless look is to use waterproof mascara. It will help the lashes keep their shape against your eye.

5. Use Color Underneath the Eye

If you want to add depth and a splash of drama to your eye, place a bit of eyeshadow beneath your eye. Use the same color as the lid and blend it well.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Add Shimmer

You may think that a monolid eye can’t carry shimmer well, and that’s not the case at all. Shimmery, soft colors go well with monolids and give them a pop of wow.

Although some people prefer to downplay their monolid, it is a shape that goes well with glitter and shimmer. It provides a bold, chic look.

7. Contour

Use a dark contouring color around the nose and eyes. This will give your face more definition and richness.

8. For a Cool Cat Eye, Apply Your Liner in the Middle of the Lid

This technique is known as the “floating liner” trick. If you want the liner to be visible, keep your eyes open while you apply it. Use the line of your eye to gauge the best areas to place it.

The liner will technically be in the middle of your lid, but when your eye is open, appear to be along the lash line. Once you’re done, you’ll have a visible cat-eye.

9. Add a Dash of Bright Color

Add bright color to your inner corner and lower lash line. Applying a bit of bright pigment will open up the eye and create contrast. It will also give the eye a dramatic finish that will add dimension to the face.

10. Dot Your Eyes

Place dots along your lower lash to create fullness and volume. This will open up your eyes even more.

Remember, monolid eyes are just as beautiful and unique as any other eye shape. With this eye shape, rocking a hot makeup look isn’t a problem. All it takes is a bit of derring-do, good lighting, a mirror, and a splash of confidence.