House of Lashes: All About This Stunning Brand

Eliza Barlow
August 6, 2019

Style mavens are having the time of their lives these days it seems. There are tons of options, and beauty accessories are all over. At the touch of a button, you can find thousands of beauty alternatives, from lipsticks to makeup and finally even lashes. When it comes to lashes, finding just the right kind should be a walk in the park. After all, we live in an era where beauty is serious business. However, it’s not that simple. The sheer volume of brands can be daunting. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you by researching some of the best brands around, and we’re proud to present what we’ve found.

House of Lashes is a company that specializes in lashes. They are dedicated to giving consumers a cruelty-free quality choice. They have a variety of lash lines. If you’re looking for a glamorous, just got off the catwalk look, they’ve got you covered. Or, if you’re just looking for that au naturel appeal, they’ve got that too. They offer a variety of lash options including individual clusters and strips. If all this seems like a dizzying array of alternatives, don’t worry. We’re going to break down their products into simple, good-to-know tidbits. They’ve got a plethora of items and for those who may be budget-conscious, they’ve got a great selection of last chance and sale items.

House of Lashes

House of Lashes: Their Mission

House of Lashes began in 2012 by beauty expert Jenn Chiba. Chiba had a vision of starting a company that catered to all types of individuals. She found that companies that offered lashes didn’t always cater to those with particular types of eye shapes. She wondered “Where are the lashes for the rest of us?” For individuals with almond-shaped eyes, finding lashes can be difficult. She wanted to have a company that included hassle-free lash shopping for everyone. Her endeavor began with a very special angel investor – her mother. Over the next few years, Jenn and her team worked to secure the best manufacturers and distributors in the business so that high-quality lashes could be a reality for fashionistas everywhere. All the lashes are hand-crafted and come in eco-friendly containers. These containers were specially designed by Jenn herself. This is just one of many personal touches this company offers to its consumers. Celebrities have been singing the praises of this wonderfully inclusive brand. Many of these celebs include James Charles, Eva Longoria, Mindy Kaling, and even Destiny’s Child’s Kelly Rowland! Their lashes have been featured in some of the nation’s hottest publications including Allure, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, and People magazines. With over two million followers on Instagram and numerous reviews by some of the beauty industry’s hottest insiders, you’d think that this company would be out of touch with what ordinary men and women look for in a lash, but it’s quite the opposite. As this brand has expanded, they’ve spent much of their marketing campaigns asking about the needs and wants of their consumers. They’ve created an online presence that’s very in touch with those who purchase their products. Tagging them in posts on Instagram can get anyone featured on their site, an incentive that proves that they care about their consumer base. They’ve consistently pushed the envelope regarding style, fashion and making lashes more convenient for everyone.

Where to Buy House of Lashes

House of Lashes has become an iconic brand. You can find them most notably at their website at as well as a variety of other online sites such as and Sephora. House of Lashes can also be purchased in-store at Macy’s and Ulta Beauty. If you’re interested in buying straight from the source, the House of Lashes has included discounts on many of their products, including free shipping on standard deliveries over $45 in the U.S. as well as 15% off a customer’s first order.

House of Lashes Product Lines

From big, bold, and beautiful lash strips to cool, barely there but titillating fluttery clusters, House of Lashes has it all. Their product lines cater to a variety of people and their eye shapes. Many of these lashes can be reused many times if proper care is observed. You can also purchase custom three packs and alternate your lash style in any combination of House of Lash lines. They have a wide selection that can satisfy even the most discriminating fashionista.


The House of Lashes’ Premium Collection is all about eye-catching glamour. This series is luxe and luscious. Each look is specially designed to not only give its consumers high-definition drama, but also length and volume. Many in this line-up are bold and sexy. If you’re in the market for something stunning and alluring, this may be the line for you. Premium contains a wide selection of multi-layered and multi-tiered lashes. Each lash has round synthetic fibers along with a band that is between 32-37 mm.


With this line, you get a classic, timeless style with an infusion of modern sensibility. This line focuses on creating a natural look. Each set of lashes features wispy, feathery clusters laid upon a strip for a lash experience that mimics your own set of lashes. Blending with these lashes is easy and flawless. These lashes aren’t as dramatic as others but can be worn in the office and transition for an outing with friends.


If you’re looking for just a bit of volume and just a touch of flirtatious lushness, this line is for you. The Lite line is all about wispy, feathery and fluttery length with a hint of volume. This ensures not only a seamless blend but the ability to change up a look without going too dramatic.

Faux Mink

As the name implies, these lashes are cruelty-free. Rock a soft, delicate lash line responsibly with these multi-layered and tapered looks. Each one is designed to blend with your lashes and features a cotton band. This is a great option for anyone looking for a touch of luxury.

Mini Collection

If you’re looking for subtle, the Mini Collection is where it’s at. And if you’re a lash user that likes to trim your lashes, this would be a great addition to your collection. These lashes are made with 100% sterilized human hairs while others boast soft synthetic fibers for that natural appeal. This line is also great for anyone who has smaller eyes and would like to customize their look.

Luxe Collection

If you would like the ultimate in luxurious glamour, this collection has it in spades. Each set was designed with comfort, quality, and volume in mind. Each one has a flexible lash band and is made up of synthetic cruelty-free fibers. These lashes may be luxe, but the price tag won’t break the bank.

  • Midnight Luxe: This set has a spiked top layer along with a layer that is crisscrossed underneath for a full and dramatic effect. The ends are flared, giving a perfect complement to a winged liner look.
  • Luna Luxe: These luxe lashes are wispy, feathery and can enhance a fluttery lash look.
  • Stella Luxe: These lashes feature a triple synthetic fiber layer in a feathery, rounded style.

Accent Lashes

The House of Lashes Accent Lashes collection is wonderful for accenting your natural eye. They sell both individual flares and barely-there bottoms. The individuals are clusters that can be applied in any order on top. If you’re looking to accent your bottom row, you can accomplish this with the bottom flare clusters. Each individual cluster pack features three types for ultimate blend and enhancement. All clusters are 100% sterilized, handcrafted human hairs. Le Petit Single: These clusters are 100% sterilized, handcrafted human hairs. There are four lengths available in one box. Le Petit Double: These double-layered clusters are also available in three customizable lengths. You can create a natural, classic look or go full-on glamour. Le Petit Triple: These clusters are triple-layered for ultimate, fullness, volume, and customization.


You can apply flare clusters to your bottom for a truly feminine, lush effect. Some choose to skip the lower lash line, but with the bottom cluster, you have the option of giving your look the boost you desire. Like the individual clusters, these are also made from 100% sterilized human hairs. They also feature a clear band for a look that’s flawless.

Darling Bottom Lashes

The Darling Bottom Lash line is wispy, feathery and has a thicker flare at the ends for a glam look.

Precious Bottom Lashes

The Precious Bottom Clusters are spaced out and feathery. Blend and customize for a unique look.

House of Lashes Accessories

The House of Lashes offers accessories to go along with your lash experience. These accessories include lash adhesive and other accoutrements, such as eyelash curlers and lash pins. Each bottle of 4ml lash adhesive sells for about $8.00 and comes in two varieties: Clear and black. You can also purchase a tweezer and scissor set. The House of Lashes pins are available in a few adorable and bright shapes and colors.

Pros and Cons

Pros: House of Lashes offers a great selection of lashes and clusters. There’s something for every eye shape, look, and mood. They are incredibly affordable, and with free shipping with orders over $45 to anywhere in the U.S., they make purchasing their lashes convenient. The House of Lashes has a long track record of satisfied customers and great customer support. Cons: Although many people seem to love their lashes, some feel that their bands, while lightweight may be a little too heavy. Others have cited that their delivery times are a bit on the slower side, with standard shipping taking from a week to up to two weeks. Priority and DHL shipping options are a bit faster with a window of three to six business days, depending on whether the location is in the continental U.S. or Hawaii and Alaska. They do offer international shipping, and shipping times for these areas are a bit higher as well. All orders are final and any cancellation requests they receive are not guaranteed to be fulfilled.

Pros and Cons

Final Thoughts on House of Lashes

The House of Lashes is a dynamic company that has been slowly changing how men and women wear lashes. They’ve graced the eyes of some of the world’s hottest celebrities and offer affordable prices to those seeking everyday wear and luxurious comfort. Their lashes are extremely high-quality and with proper care, can be worn many times. Their collection of styles should appeal to a wide base of consumers and they cater to a variety of eye shapes. They offer clearance items and last chance sales for those looking to save a little. They have a broad social media outreach and strive to keep abreast of lash trends. They frequently invite their customers to rate and review their products and possibly be featured on their site. The downside to House of Lashes is their shipping times. It takes a few days to process your order and then a bit more time for delivery. Their international shipping times are nearly twice as long. They do not always take order cancellations, which could be a problem for some. Overall, they are a solid brand a great option for anyone looking to spruce up their look and find a lash that works.