How to Clean False Eyelashes

Josie Marks
June 25, 2019

We love to wear false eyelashes. Not only can they be the perfect touch to a daytime look, but they can totally transform your face for the evening, too. They are the perfect accessory any time of the day and for every occasion. However, when it comes to using good quality false eyelashes, we know that it can often be a costly investment – which is why it’s always best to get your money’s worth by re-wearing your falsies. If you want to reuse your false eyelashes, then it is vital that you know how to properly take care of them and keep them clean after every use so that they can be safely applied time and time again. Luckily for you, we have put together a simple three-step guide on how you can clean your fake eyelashes, even if you don’t have makeup remover! Check out our simple guide below for more on how to clean your false lashes…

Everything You Need to Know on How to Clean False Lashes

We get it, after a long day at the office, or a few too many cocktails with the girls, the very last thing you might want to do is start cleaning your false eyelashes. For many of us even removing our makeup can seem like a chore, but we do it because it is good for our skin – and cleaning your fake eyelashes is just as important if you want to wear them more than once. Mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner can all build up on fake lashes, making them clumpy and pretty dirty – which in turn can be dangerous if you are using them again on your eyes. So, to avoid infections occurring, it is important you know how to treat your eyelashes with care, ensuring they last for as long as possible. Today we are going to help by showing you three easy ways you can clean your fake eyelashes, whether you have makeup remover or not, so you never have to throw a pair of your favorite lashes away after just one use again!

#1. How to Clean Fake Eyelashes Using Just Warm Water and a Cotton Pad

Fake eyelashes are delicate and fragile, so whatever method you choose, care will be required in order not to break or damage the fibers. One way you can easily avoid damage is by using a cotton pad or q-tip, which are soft and gentle to use. It is important before cleaning begins that you safely and carefully remove false lashes from your eyes. This is best done by gently applying a wet cotton pad to each eye, using either water or makeup remover. This will help to soften the glue, which should then allow you to gently pull the lash strips off, usually working from the outside of the eye first. If you don’t have proper cleaning solutions, fill a small bowl with lukewarm water and soak your cotton pad or swab in the water. Ensuring excess water has been squeezed out, you can now go over your lashes gently with the damp swab, making sure to go in gentle motions to avoid pulling out any of the lashes from the band. Moving from the tip to the ends of the lashes will help to keep their natural shape.

#2. How to Clean False Eyelashes for Reuse Using Dish Soap

Many women believe that maintaining false eyelashes requires a great deal of money on expensive products, but this isn’t the case. In fact, one of the most economical and affordable methods of removing false eyelashes is by using a household staple: dish soap! We’re pretty confident that most of us have dish soap around the house, and thanks to the mild nature of liquid dish soap, you can effectively remove mascara and other signs of wear with ease – and without damaging your lashes! To clean your fake lashes with dish soap, simply fill a small bowl with warm, soapy water and submerge your dirty eyelashes into the mixture. For this, you will only need a small teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. The lashes only need to be dipped into the mixture, so no longer than 20 seconds should suffice. You can then remove the lashes with a pair of tweezers, being sure to pick off any leftover glue and give them a quick rinse with clean water to remove any leftover soap. Finally, lay them out on some clean paper towel to dry. Folding some paper towel on top to gently pat away the moisture. Once dry, you can then place the lashes back into their container – ready for your next wear!

Clean Eyelashes

#3. How to Clean False Eyelashes with Alcohol?

If you are wondering how to clean your eyelashes, using rubbing alcohol to effectively remove makeup buildup is a great way to keep your falsies looking as good as new – and it costs next to nothing for a bottle which can be used for a number of applications! This method keeps your lashes clean and safe for reuse – and also does a great job of sterilizing them, too, giving you that extra layer of security. This is pretty similar to using dish soap, but this time you want to soak your lashes in just a small amount of rubbing alcohol in a bowl, leaving them to clean for up to 2 minutes. While the lashes are submerged in the rubbing alcohol, you can take a q-tip to gently rub any leftover makeup or grime away. We recommend using a fresh q-tip for each strip of lashes to avoid cross contamination if there are any germs present! Once you have finished soaking the lashes, simply take your tweezers and remove them, placing them onto clean, dry paper towels to dry them off. By folding the piece of paper towel over the lashes and gently pressing, you can squeeze out any excess remaining alcohol. Once dry, place the lashes back into their box ready for next time.

Final Thoughts: How to Clean Your Fake Eyelashes Without Makeup Remover

If you are a lover of falsies but feel silly about reusing them, then we hope our simple guide to cleaning lashes without makeup remover has given you the confidence to try it out for yourself. What we would really love to know is how do you clean your fake eyelashes? Do you always rely on makeup remover, or have you tried one of our simple methods in the past? Whether you try one of our tips or not, we would love to hear down in the comments how you take care of your false lashes!