The J.Cat Beauty False Eyelashes Review [2020 Update]

December 28, 2018

“I adore the JCAT tapered eyelash range! The ELT01 design is my absolute favorite, and I wear it every time I go out!”

The History of J.Cat Beauty

J.Cat Beauty is a fun makeup brand that is relatively new to the table. It is based in California and was established in 2012, inspired by a mission to bring colorful, exciting products to makeup lovers who dare to be bold with their looks. Their products are renowned for being extremely pigmented, and the color of their products is also long-lasting. These qualities have popularized the brand with YouTubers and beauty gurus like Desi Perkins and Michelle Phan. Despite the high quality, the individuals over at J.Cat try to make their products affordable for all women (or men!) who love makeup. They aim to produce makeup products that can be used by makeup artists and makeup experimenters alike – they cater to everyone! Furthermore, J.Cat is a cruelty-free brand that does not test on animals – in other words, their products allow you to purchase without a guilty conscience.

where to buy beauty lashes Review [2019 Update]

Where to Buy J.Cat Beauty Lashes

If you want to get your hands on the best of JCat Beauty, then look no further. You can purchase J.Cat Beauty lashes from their official website, where you can earn free shipping by spending over $20 – just buy a few sets of lashes! Their products are also stocked at other online retailers like Amazon, Ipsy, SleekShop, Ulta and more. Some stores also sell J.Cat products in person, including Walmart and Forever21. Their products are very popular, so you won’t struggle too much to come across a pair of J.Cat falsies. Look out for the signature packaging, which features a cute cat face, with ears on top and a nose below with the lashes fitting perfectly in the center. If you are looking to cut the cost of J.Cat Beauty eyelashes, then you will be able to find some good coupon codes online to snag some money off.

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J.Cat Beauty Lashes Products

If you are interested in buying J.Cat Beauty’s eyelash products, then here is a full overview of each of the styles so you can find what best suits you. J.Cat sell two types of falsies: their normal Eyelashes and the range of Tapered Eyelashes. Both of these styles will be discussed below. Plus, all of J.Cat Beauty’s eyelashes come with latex-free glue included, but you can also buy the adhesive separately if you need a top up.

How Are J.Cat Beauty’s Eyelashes Products?

All of the J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes cost between $3.99-$4.49, which is an incredibly good price for such cute falsies – especially when you consider the glue is thrown in there too! There are many different styles that J.Cat sells, including the following:


EL05 jcat beauty lashes Review [2019 Update] Pretty, long lashes with a unique style, the EL05 lashes feature long clusters accompanied by shorter ones, with each cluster appearing in a slightly square shape. Although they’re not entirely natural-looking, the EL05 lashes will definitely draw attention to your eyes and make your lashes more fluttery.

  • Unique, long lashes
  • Dark, but not fully black – add mascara to blend them well into your natural lashes
  • Made from 100% human hair
  • Ever-so-slightly increases in length toward the outer corners for a prettier appearance


EL12 beauty Review Ideal for everyday wear, the J.Cat EL12 lashes are light in both color and weight. These lashes have an almost silvery look because they are so thin and feathery. Adding a coat of mascara will blend them perfectly into your natural lashes. The longest hairs are concentrated in the center, ideal for a rounded, doe-eyed look.

  • Pretty, lightweight lashes
  • Made from 100% human hair
  • Perfect for everyday wear and an understated look
  • Good for rounder eye shapes


EL13 jcat beauty Review The EL13 eyelashes blend fantastically well with natural eyelashes. This style is spread out a bit more along the lash band, allowing you to extend just parts of your eyelashes and curl them into your natural hairs. Once again, this style is suited to everyday wear.

  • Made from 100% human hair
  • Delicate, thin lash band
  • More sparse hairs spread along the lash band, ideal for blending into your own eyelashes
  • Suited for everyday looks


fake lashes J Cat Beauty EL15 J.Cat’s EL15 lashes are slightly more dramatic than their everyday styles. These black, spiky lashes are medium length, meaning that even newcomers to falsies will enjoy them. The length is longest in the center, opening up the eye nicely.

  • More dramatic look that’s better for a night out
  • The length is not too long, making them comfortable even for newbies
  • A pretty lash style for a night out look
  • The spiky lashes make these slightly more alternative

“I really like the EL28 lash style, and I wear it often. I have quite small eyes though, so I have to trim the lash band down which can be a pain.”


J.Cat Beauty lash EL20 Extremely pretty, whispy lashes that are lovely and long. The EL20 lashes are longest at the center, with the length truly serving to make your eyes glitter and pop. They are thin, lightweight lashes that will blend nicely with your natural hairs, but still lengthen and accentuate them.

  • Dark, dramatic lashes that are perfect for a glam look
  • Would pair well with a bold lip color
  • Long lashes with the longest hairs in the center to open up the eyes
  • Densely packed on the lash band to darken and line the eyes


EL28 j. cat beauty lash The EL28 lashes are incredibly pretty and perfect for a night out look. With these falsies, J.Cat have created a good balance between edgy and classically lovely. They feature black, spiky lashes of medium length, with the length even throughout the lash band.

  • Pretty lashes with a spiky style for an alternative look
  • Medium, consistent length ideal for any user
  • Made from 100% human hair


where to buy jcat beauty products EL30 The EL30 lashes are quite similar to the EL05s, only a bit longer and darker. Furthermore, they fan out more toward the outer corners. Nevertheless, the J.Cat EL30 lashes feature a unique, squared-off shape to each of the lash clusters, with shorter rows of hairs interspersed between them.

  • A unique style, not seen with most lash companies
  • Similar to the EL05 lashes, but longer and darker, with more of a fanning effect
  • A dramatic, bold look; ideal for night out makeup
  • Densely packed onto the lash band at the base, adding a liner effect


where to buy jcat beauty products EL42 For those who like a pretty look, the EL42 lashes are super cute and whispy. The lash hairs are arranged in an alternating pattern between longer, black sections and shorter, gray sections. The black clusters feature a tapered design. Each hair is thin and fluttery, with the alternating lengths adding to the natural effect.

  • The alternating color design is a nice, unique touch
  • Differing lengths make these falsies seem more natural
  • Fluttery, wispy lashes of moderate length
  • Could be used either during the day or for a night-time look


jcat beauty lashes products EL45 The EL45 lashes are excellent for everyday use. They are long, fluttery and whispy, spread out along the lash band so that they blend extremely well with the natural lashes, without creating a liner effect. In order words, these lashes are ideal for a no-makeup makeup look.

  • Thin, fluttery lashes
  • Ideal for a no-makeup makeup look, or one that is very understated
  • Varying length adds to the natural effect of these falsies
  • Light in color to blend better with natural eyelashes after applying mascara


j. cat beauty product EL47 Those who love drama will adore the J.Cat EL47 lashes. This style features an extreme length with black lashes, all fanned out for a dramatic, pretty look. The darkness and length of this style can create a very sexy look.

  • Sexy, long lashes for a perfect night out on the town look
  • Stunningly dark and beautiful
  • Slightly spiky design with flared out lashes
  • Ideal for lash veterans who are accustomed to length


best false eyelashes jcat beauty EL62 66 The EL62 falsies are not for the faint of heart. These lashes are very dark, long, and spiky, and they certainly don’t look natural! They are, of course, made from 100% human hair, just like all the other J.Cat lashes, but this style is too bold to be real! If you are more concerned about creating an effect than looking natural, these are for you.

  • Very long, spiky lashes that may graze your brow bone
  • Extremely dark in length
  • Perfect for heavy makeup and nights out


jcat beauty product EL66 Once again, these lashes aren’t the most natural looking, but they are more so than the EL62s because they are lighter and thinner. The tapered effect at the end of the hairs makes them appear more fluttery. The EL66 lashes have a shorter lash band than some of the other styles.

  • Straight lashes that are grouped close together on the lash band
  • A shorter lash band than some of the other styles
  • Fluttery, long length
  • Pairs well with a bolder makeup look


EL73 J.Cat eylashes J.Cat’s EL67 lashes are long and delicate with an alternating color style. The mixture of gray and black lashes makes them appear more natural, with varying lengths to add to this effect. These lashes are longest in the middle, opening up the eye for a cute look; however, the beautiful length makes them seem flirtier.

  • Alternating colors of lash hairs
  • Very natural-looking
  • Whispy, delicate lash hairs that blend well with natural eyelashes
  • Medium length suited to many wearers


jcat beauty EL76 Everyday wearers of falsies will love the EL76 style lashes, which are thick, dark and long. The lash hairs are grouped close together, tapering out at the ends to appear more fluttery. The length increases toward the outer corners for a natural cat-eye effect.

  • Dark, thicker lashes
  • Length fans out toward the outer corners
  • Bold, long lashes that pair well with heavier makeup
  • They are 100% human hair, retaining a delicate appearance


EL79 J.Cat Beauty eyelashes The EL79 lashes are somewhat similar to the EL76s, only shorter. They are perfect for makeup lovers who want to get into lashes and love dramatic looks but are not ready for extreme length. The length of the hairs fans out beautifully toward the end with a steady increase in length.

  • Dark lashes packed closely together on the lash band
  • Length fans out toward the outer corners, starting out short and growing to a medium length
  • Ideal for a dramatic look but with shorter lashes


J Cat Beauty EL99 If you are simply wanting to add a bit more length and definition to your lashes, the EL99 style could be ideal. They are medium length and feature thin, spiky clusters spread out more sparsely along the lash band. This effect will serve to add length along your own eyelashes while allowing the falsies to blend in naturally.

  • Nice, unique style ideal for extending your lash length
  • Medium length lashes
  • Perfect for everyday wear


JCat lashes EL100 The EL100 lashes are certainly an extreme length. These falsies will graze your brow bone and give your eyes a pretty, fluttery look. The length is longest in the center, serving to open up your eyes for an innocent, doll-eyed look.

  • Extreme length lashes that will go all the way up to your brows
  • Longest in the center to open the eyes
  • Dark lashes for drama and impact
  • Would pair well with a night out look


J Cat Beauty lashes EL101 These are similar to the EL100 lashes, with the same length and darkness. They are also straight and would blend beautifully with natural lashes. However, this style has a shorter lash band, making them ideal for wearers with smaller eyes.

  • Extreme length lashes
  • Longest in the center to open up the eyes
  • Dark lash hairs
  • Would pair well with bold makeup


EL213 J.Cat Beauty eyelashes The EL213 falsies appear very natural and pretty, with light-colored, wispy hairs. The lash band is slightly shorter than with other styles but is suited well to slightly smaller eyes. The length is longest in the center to open up round eyes, while a couple of criss-crossed hairs give a natural look.

  • Pretty, medium-length lashes
  • Longest hairs at the center
  • Light and gray for good blending
  • Suited for everyday looks


j. cat beauty lashes EL503 For those who like an understated look even when they are going out, the EL503s are perfect. This style features more sparse lash hairs arranged in shorter sections and longer, spikier sections. The thin, lighter hairs are ideal for blending into natural eyelashes to simply accentuate and lengthen your natural beauty.

  • Medium length lashes
  • Mostly lighter colored, with some darker lashes
  • Very natural looking, with the spikes serving to make your eyelashes look longer


jcat EL505 Similar to the EL503s, the EL505 style features a longer lash band and slightly longer lash hairs. They also fan out a bit more at the corners for a pretty, flirty look. These lashes are perfect for day-to-night wear.

  • Similar style to the EL503s
  • Some spikier hairs to lengthen natural eyelashes
  • Natural colors
  • Not too densely packed onto the lash band


j. cat beauty eyelashes EL507 For a truly natural, wispy look, the EL507 lashes are perfect. This style features incredibly thin lashes that are light in color, perfect for adapting to your own style with some mascara. They are medium length lashes that fan out to the outer corners, cut into a style that appears incredibly natural.

  • Thin, wispy lashes that appear very natural
  • Medium in length, fanning out toward the outer corner
  • Suited for everyday makeup looks


jcat beauty lashes EL600 The EL600 lashes are here to create an impact. The lash hairs are very dark and closely packed together, arranged in spikes of random length. While this gives them a slightly more natural look, these aren’t the most inconspicuous falsies around. If you are going for an edgy, vampy look, then this style is perfect.

  • Unique, vampy style with spikes of varying lengths
  • Dark, black lashes add a lot of drama
  • Maximum length is quite moderate, so can be worn any time
  • Pairs well with a darker makeup look


J.Cat EL601 The EL601 eyelashes are a cute, dainty pair of falsies of medium length, with lash hairs spread out evenly along the lash band. This style appears very natural and pretty and could be perfect for everyday use.

  • Thin, wispy hairs
  • Medium length with longest hairs in the center
  • Pretty lashes that could be worn as part of an everyday look
  • Varying colors and lengths create a very natural appearance


EL747 J.Cat lashes For those who want natural but impactful lashes, the EL747 style is ideal. These are falsies with extreme length, the longest hairs concentrated in the center to open up the eye. Nevertheless, the hairs are thin and their spacing allows them to blend well with natural eyelashes without creating an eyeliner effect.

  • Extremely long hairs, which still remain thin and delicate
  • Longest in the center
  • Spread out along the lash band to avoid a lingering effect
  • Slightly crisscrossed hairs to add to the natural appearance


EL747S j. cat beauty If you like the sound of the EL747L lashes but aren’t one for extreme length, then this style is for you. The EL747S style has the same great features, but with much shorter lash hairs. Furthermore, this style grows in length toward the outer corners.

  • Short hairs to simply accentuate your natural eyelashes
  • Longest at the outer corner
  • Spread out well along the lash band


jcat beauty EL747XS Yet another EL747 addition, the XS option features super short lash hairs, increasing in length slightly at the outer corners just like the S option. These will simply add definition to the base of your natural lashes.

  • Super short hairs to add definition to your own eyelashes
  • Increases in length towards the outer corners
  • Dainty crisscrossed hairs


best of jcat beauty UN13 The UN13 lashes are the addition to the J.Cat eyelash range. They are a staple eyelash, featuring short-medium hairs that remain an even length across the whole lash band.

  • Thin, feathery lash hairs
  • Crisscrossed throughout
  • Short-medium length


C32 where to buy jcat beauty lashes The C32 lashes are a very pretty option for falsies, featuring black, spiky lashes that make a natural yet daring addition to your look. This is a unique style that would look pretty on anyone and is ideal for a heavier makeup look.

  • Medium-long lash hairs
  • Black hairs add drama and impact
  • Spiky design makes this style better suited to a night-out makeup look


J Cat Beauty FLARE If full falsies aren’t your thing, J.Cat have got you covered. They sell a range of FLARE individual lashes, allowing you to customize your look by adding different eyelashes wherever you choose. You can purchase FLARE-LONG, FLARE-MEDIUM, or FLARE-SHORT, which all feature pretty eyelash hairs that flare outward. The criss-cross effect makes them seem much more natural.

  • Individual lashes for a personalized look
  • Available in short, medium and long
  • Whispy, crisscrossed hairs give a natural effect

“I have a lot of Jcat eyelashes in my collection, and I can see myself buying more. These are my absolute go-to! I’m bad at taking care of falsies, though, so these don’t always last too long.”

The best of jcat beauty eyelashes

What are J.Cat Beauty’s Tapered Eyelashes Products?

This range of J.Cat Beauty eyelashes comes with tapered tips for an even prettier, more fluttery appearance. They are of higher quality and thus cost the slightly more expensive price of $4.49. Nevertheless, each pair still comes with their latex-free lash glue.


"jcat beauty lashes coupon code " ELT-VTL01 A pretty but unique cat-eye effect comes with the ELT-VTL01 lashes. They begin short and extend at the outer corners, growing darker as they go along.

  • Short to medium length lashes
  • Color gets darker toward the outer corners
  • All lashes look soft and fluffy for a natural effect


JCat Beauty eyelashes ELT-VTL02 The ELT-VTL02 lash style is unique, with extremely short hairs at both edges and medium length hairs in the center. They will serve well to open up the eye and produce an innocent, doe-eyed look. The hairs are light and spread out, crisscrossing a little for a natural effect.

  • Light, thin hairs
  • Longest in the center, with very short hairs at both sides
  • Criss-crossed for a natural appearance
  • Tapered tips make them even wispier


J.Cat Beauty ELT-VTL03 Anyone who considers a cat-eye to be a go-to look needs these falsies. With dark hairs, the ELT-VTL03 style has a short lash band that will cover just over half of your eye. Starting from short hairs at the innermost end, the lash hairs flare out to a long length at the outer corner. The hairs are dark and whispy, meaning that you’ll be able to bat your eyelashes away with these ones!

  • Dark, feathery hairs
  • Length increases toward the outer corners to create a cat-eye effect
  • Slightly crisscrossed for a natural appearance
  • Shorter lash band covers about half the eye


ELT-VTL04 j. Cat Beauty fake lashes Once again, the ELT-VTL04s are a must-have for lovers of a cat-eye. These cover the whole eye, ranging from short hairs at the innermost corner to longer lashes at the outside. They are more densely packed onto the lash band and appear darker as a result, but they also come across less natural-looking than the ELT-VTL03s.

  • Dark, densely packed hairs
  • Perfect for a cat-eye look
  • Length increases from short to medium length


ELT-VTL05 j. Cat Beauty fake lashes The ELT-VTL05 style combines the best of the ELT-VTL03s and the ELT-VTL04s. This design features a cat-eye look spanning the whole eye, with darker clusters and whispier, lighter clusters. The hairs are feather-light and fluttery, appearing very pretty on the eyes when they are curled.

  • Increasing length is great for a cat-eye look
  • Length increases from short to long
  • Features wispy gray hairs interspersed with long, dark lashes
  • Manages to appear natural with some crisscrossed hairs


j. cat beauty ELT-VTL06 This style is similar to the ELT-VTL04s. They increase in length towards the outer corners, but are much shorter, meaning they won’t create a cat-eye effect so much as simply open up the eye.

  • Short to medium-length hairs
  • Length increases towards outer corners
  • Dark, straight hairs with some overlapping


ELT-VTL07 jcat beauty The ELT-VTL07 style fans out beautifully toward the outer corners, creating a tapered cat-eye effect with long length and wispy tips. The inner corners appear feathery and fluffy, while the outer corners appear wispy and fluttery. It’s the best of both worlds!

  • Very dark lashes for added impact
  • Fluffy inner corners and fluttery outer corners
  • Good for creating a cat-eye look


ELT-VTL09 j. cat beauty The ELT-VTL09 is a staple piece. These lashes are thin and feathery but are very short. They will add definition to your natural eyelashes without extending them or making them appear unnatural.

  • Thin, gray lash hairs to blend well with your wispy eyelashes
  • Short-medium length makes them ideal for everyday wear
  • Inconspicuous lashes for a no-makeup makeup look


jcat beauty eyelashes ELT-01 These lashes are incredibly pretty and fluttery, with long spikes of lashes that flare out from a densely packed base. Makeup lovers will adore the ELT-01 style, which is very well-suited to a bolder makeup look.

  • Long lash hairs
  • Tapered tips on the spikes make them soft and fluttery
  • Very dark hairs for impact
  • Densely packed onto the band – you won’t even need liner!


j. cat beauty ELT-33 J.Cat are back with another extreme length lash, featuring long hairs that are not quite black. They will blend nicely with natural eyelashes as they are thin and natural-looking, but serve to truly lengthen those hairs!

  • Lighter color is ideal for blending with your natural hairs
  • Extreme length, with longest hairs in the center
  • Fluttery and thin hairs


where to buy jcat beauty ELT-43 A unique, edgy style, the ELT-43 lashes feature clusters of dark, dense hairs and lighter, more sparse hairs. They appear very natural looking with their crisscrossed, wispy design. The lash band is shorter, which is ideal for smaller eye shapes.

  • A unique design with alternating colors
  • Whispy, delicate hairs that fan out
  • Shorter lash band for smaller eyes
  • Very long, with longest hairs at the center

ELT-46: ELT-46 jcat beauty lashes For an everyday makeup look, the ELT-46 falsies are perfect. They are neither too dark nor too long and feature a spiky style that will improve your lash look without looking too unnatural.

  • Spiky design with tapered tips
  • Lighter color that can be changed with mascara
  • Medium length; can be worn every day


j. cat beauty ELT-82 The ELT82s are extreme length lashes with the longest hairs at the center. These whispy eyelashes will create a doll-like effect by opening up the eye. The lash band is slightly shorter than some other styles.

  • Extreme length; longest hairs in the center to open up the eyes
  • Lighter color allows them to blend well with natural eyelashes
  • Thin, wispy and fluttery hairs
  • Shorter lash band suited to smaller eyes


jcat beauty ELT-747M These are the most natural and fluttery eyelashes available from J.Cat. The ELT-474M lashes feature a thin lash band with the hairs spread out along it. The hairs are light-colored, delicate, and arranged in a crisscross pattern for a natural appearance. The length increases toward the outer corners, allowing them to accentuate your natural eye shape.

  • Pretty, crisscrossed design to appear more natural
  • Thin, delicate hairs create a natural look
  • Medium-long length

Negative Thoughts About J.Cat Beauty Lashes

As one of the lesser-known eyelash brands, there are not too many reviews around for J.Cat. Their website is not the best design and does not come across as professional as some other brands. That being said, it is still easy enough to navigate. Secondly, there is not much information about each lash product available. Most eyelash sellers offer a brief description of each style, and some even provide details about the hair length, the lash band length, and more. The same can’t be said for J.Cat, unfortunately. With these minor inconveniences aside, it can be said with confidence that J.Cat is a good eyelash brand.

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How Do We Rate J.Cat Beauty’s Lashes?

Company Reputability: 92% J.Cat is not a very well-known or long-established company, but that does not mean it is bad. There are no bad reviews about the company online, and people don’t seem to have any problems with them. As a result, we are scoring J.Cat with a fair company reputability score. Price: 98% The prices for these lashes are extremely good, especially considering that these are cruelty-free lashes made from human hair. It is slightly worrying that they are priced so low, however… what does that say about the quality?

Quality: 89% We like the quality of J.Cat Beauty’s eyelashes, especially as they are so cheap. However, the human hair is (surprisingly) not as natural looking as mink fur or some synthetic fibers. If no mascara is applied, the hairs look too shiny and therefore appear plastic in pictures. Otherwise, the lashes are very good quality for the price. Variety: 100% J.Cat has a huge range of falsies that cater to everyone. They stock lashes for going out, ones better for everyday wear, long lashes, short lashes, dense ones, sparse ones, and even individual lashes! No complaints here! Durability: 90% J.Cat does not actually state how many uses its lashes can withstand. This is unfortunate, but we estimate that they can last around 15 uses as per other lashes in this price range – as long as you take good care of them.

The Final Verdict on J.Cat Beauty Lashes

All in all, we like the J.Cat range of eyelashes. The variety is by far the point where J.Cat excels, as there is truly an eyelash for everyone here! We would like it if their website was a little more informative, as it would be nice to see information about lash length, especially as their lash bands come in differing lengths. That being said, we think J.Cat lashes are amazing, especially because they are sold for such an excellent price!