The KoKo Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

December 28, 2018

“I love these lashes. If you have somewhat big eyes, these are perfect! I struggle with finding lashes that actually show up on my eyes instead of looking too natural that I could wear mascara and get away with it. However, with these lashes you can definitely see the difference it makes to your whole look. Perfect for any occasion, some might say it’s too much for every day but it's ideal for me.”

The History of KoKo Lashes

KoKo Lashes is an American company that sells some of the most sought-after fake lash styles. Celebs, bloggers, and social media enthusiasts all rave about KoKo Lashes, and in all honesty, it’s not hard to see why. With a collection of false lash styles that range from dramatic to softer, more natural looks – they also sell a range of accent lashes and lower lashes – there really is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a pair of every day falsies or the perfect party lash, KoKo Lashes have an amazing range to choose from. What we love about KoKo Lashes is that they are cruelty-free. Their lashes are made with high-quality synthetic fibers and human hair. If you like the sound of this brand, then you are probably wondering where you can find them. Read on below to find out.   If you are already familiar with KoKo Lashes and are looking for the best prices, we’ve got you covered! Alleyelashes helps you to find the best price across 3000+ retailers. Explore the BEST prices here.

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Where to Buy KoKo Lashes

KoKo Lashes do not have their own online store, but they are available to purchase from a variety of online beauty stores. Lady Moss, The Palette Beauty shop, and Glam winks all stock KoKo Lashes. In addition, you can purchase them on eBay and Amazon. The KoKo Lashes selections available on Lady Moss are the most popular. If you want a discount, then be sure to look out for the KoKo Lashes coupon code which is offered by Lady Moss. Some of their best sellers are the styles Goddess, Soho, Misha, and Foxy. If you want to buy KoKo Lashes in store, take a look at Naka Cosmetics, Heaven and Hannah Beauty Lounge, and My Makeup Kit, all located in California.

KoKo Lashes Products

Loved for their current, stylish designs, and quality, KoKo Lashes offers the ultimate lash enhancements that will allow you to achieve a large range of different looks with ease. From dramatic, eye-opening designs to soft, wispy styles, let’s take a look at some of the fabulous KoKo Lashes products:

Queen B:

koko lashes queen b Fit for royalty, the KoKo Lashes Queen B style boasts layered lash strands that range in density, offering a textured, fluffy finish. With a full fanned-out appearance you can expect an eye accentuating curl.

  • Offers extreme length
  • Features wispy lashes that are layered among shorter, dense clusters – ensuring a gorgeous textured finish
  • Perfect for adding drama to your look
  • Provide a unique eye-enhancing effect which makes them perfect for special occasions (when you want to stand out)


koko lashes goddes Ideal for achieving an ultra-glam appearance, the KoKo Lashes Goddess style offers a fun, flared design that will add a unique edge to your natural lashes. The graduated length elongates the eye which softens the look for more wearable volume.

  • Ultra-thick design and tapered ends that emphasize the eye dramatically – ensuring that you will stand out
  • Incredibly dense lash strands
  • Crisscross effect that adds glamorous and intense, length and texture
  • Dramatic design


koko lashes amore A combination of dense lash clusters that are blended with finer lash strands, the KoKo Lashes Amore style offers the ultimate volume and length for a dramatic yet tasteful look.

  • Adds volume and length to the natural lashes
  • Textured, feathery finish that ensures a bold and beautiful look
  • The Amore KoKo Lashes are suitable for all occasions
  • Flared outwards for an eye-opening effect


koko lashes stella A crisscrossed design featuring layered and dense lash strands that are formed together for a 3D effect, expect an extra intense look with the KoKo Lashes Stella style. Each lash cluster flares outwards giving a flawless, curled finish.

  • The Stella KoKo Lashes offer incredible volume and dramatic length
  • Gradually increase in length towards the outer edge of each eye for a winged out finish
  • Provides a stunning, full and feathery texture and flare outwards for an eye-enhancing effect.
  • Elegant, elongated look that is perfect for extra special occasions


koko lashes misha The KoKo Lashes Misha style is medium in length with thick shorter clusters at the inner and outer corners of the eye and longer clusters in the center which ensures a gorgeous eye-opening effect.

  • Comfortable and thin strip making them easy to wear for longer than a few hours
  • Perfect for a flirty and fluttery effect
  • Great for every occasion
  • Handmade with human hair and high-quality synthetic fibers


koko false eyelashes soho The KoKo Lashes Soho style is a very natural lash that is comfortable to wear. These look and feel like natural lashes. With some of the hairs scattered across the clear band in a cluster pattern, this style possesses beautiful volume.

  • Offer a sophisticated, classy and natural look
  • Made with a clearer band, these longer lashes are easy to apply
  • Great for natural everyday wear
  • Wispy tips
  • Suits any eye shape and a great choice for enhancing already beautiful eyes


koko false eyelashes venus   The KoKo Lashes Venus style is sure to enhance your look. They’re handmade and offer exceptional quality.

  • Artfully formed strands of lashes that are carefully paired together
  • Offers a dense, lush and gorgeous look
  • Will add glitz and seduction to your look
  • Expect all-day comfort when wearing these


koko false eyelashes Risque Designed with bold lash clusters, the KoKo Lashes Risque style is created for an eye-enhancing effect. They are moderate in length and add some volume.

  • Great to wear for a special occasion
  • Equipped with a clear lash band
  • Made from quality human hair, they have a soft natural feel
  • Suitable for any eye shape and enhance any eye look

“I am so impressed with these lashes! First of all the comfort of the lash band is amazing! I have tried some lashes before with thick lash bands, and they have been very stiff and difficult to fit to your eye shape because they are so thick and stiff, but the lash band on these is not like that at all. It is thick somewhat and feels a little heavy to begin with, but after a little while you hardly notice them on at all! Secondly - I love all the different styles that they offer.”

Demi G:

koko eyelashes Demi G The KoKo Lashes Demi G style is a fun and flirty lash that has a full appearance. These falsies have some length and are slightly longer in the middle to create a wide-eyed look.

  • The Demi G KoKo Lashes are perfect for any occasion
  • Handmade with high-quality synthetic fibers
  • Suitable for any eye shape and enhance any eye look


koko lashes Diva The KoKo Lashes Diva style is longer in length and also a lot more full. These lashes are wispy at the tips which adds stunning definition, and a flawless finish – ensuring they stand out.

  • It’s all in the name; a fabulous and glamorous pair of lashes
  • Suitable for any eye shape
  • Perfect for any event
  • Offer ultimate comfort
  • The lengthening design gives a gorgeous curl, lifting your natural lashes while adding volume


koko lashes foxy These luscious, layered falsies provide ultimate volume all thanks to the density of each strand. Expect a beautiful, full, textured look with the KoKo Lashes in the Foxy style. They have a slightly winged outer edge which elongates the eyes for an ultra-glam appearance perfect for girly nights out.

  • Dramatic thicker lashes that create amazing pizzazz
  • Perfect for those occasions where you want to be noticed
  • Layered with a slightly crisscrossed pattern that ensures a dramatic eye look
  • Ultra volume lashes
  • Dense fibrous strands


Koko eyelashes Marilyn The KoKo Lashes Marilyn style adds volume and length to the natural lashes. These have a criss-cross pattern and are longer at the outer corners to give a dramatic flirty effect.

  • Beautifully designed
  • Suitable to enhance all eye shapes
  • Handmade with human hair and high-quality synthetic fibers


koko lashes coupon code Bella The KoKo Lashes Bella style is a beautiful lash if you are looking for volume. These are designed to create more volume around the outer corners of the eyes, making them a great choice for a night out.

  • Made with a mixture of high-quality synthetic fibers and natural hair
  • Sure to last for a few applications
  • Comfortable for wear for up to 8 hours
  • Offer incredible volume


Koko Lashes Vixen The KoKo Lashes Vixen style instantly gives your natural lashes some volume. These voluminous lashes are thicker at the base and tapered at the ends where you will find a blend of shorter and longer hairs creating a naturally gorgeous yet dramatic look.

  • Reusable and comfortable lashes
  • Enhance the natural beauty of the eye
  • Ideal for any occasion


Koko Lashes tease The KoKo Lashes Tease style is perfect for a “hot date.” It’s all in the name – these are sure to strike down the hearts of anyone who dare stands in your path.

  • Expect a dramatic look
  • Beautiful tapered design
  • Stunning pair of lash sure to make your date blush

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The Downsides of KoKo Lashes

KoKo Lashes are not perfect – no product is ever really perfect, right? There’s always something that a brand or company can do better. Here are a few things that we didn’t like about KoKo Lashes:

  • It is difficult to purchase these products anywhere in-store, which might not be suitable for those who don’t like to shop online
  • The company does not have an official website, so you always have to purchase these lashes through an alternate vendor
  • There are quite a few distributors which may make choosing one over another slightly confusing
  • If you buy online, you will need to pay a shipping fee

“These are an absolutely stunning pair of lashes, they look so beautiful on and the band isn’t too thick so they aren’t heavy on the eyes. Definitely one of my favourite pairs of lashes if not my favourite pair and I will continue to buy from Koko as they are 10/10 every time.”

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How Do We Rate KoKo Lashes?

Company Reputability: 80%

In all honesty, there’s not all that much information out there regarding the KoKo Lashes company, so we don’t have much to go on. But they are well-loved among customers and professionals alike. They are also a cruelty-free brand which we give them major props for.

Price: 98%

KoKo Lashes are well priced, especially when compared to high-end brands such as MAC. They have an average cost of between $4 and $8 which is very reasonable for a pair of falsies. You can also use a KoKo Lashes discount code to get an even better price.

Quality: 98%

KoKo Lashes are loved for their quality. Most customers agree that these are some top-quality false lashes.

Variety: 99%

With over 60 styles, you’re not short on options when shopping for falsies with KoKo Lashes. There’s something for everyone and for every occasion.

Durability: 95%

KoKo Lashes are on par with most other brands when it comes to their durability. They can be reused at least two to three times, but can often be worn up to 15 times.

The Final Verdict on KoKo Lashes

KoKo Lashes are a pretty impressive brand, offering a large range of different style falsies suitable for any occasion. They are well priced and of a high-quality, ensuring that their customers only get the best. With an overall score of 94% we highly recommend KoKo Lashes for those who want quality, affordability, and variety, but aren’t as concerned with company reputability.   Looking to buy KoKo Lashes? Alleyelashes helps you to find the best price across 3000+ retailers. Explore the BEST prices here.