The Lena Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

December 28, 2018

Established in 2016, Lena Lashes have already made a pretty big name for themselves, with 244,000 followers on Instagram and counting, including some of the most well-known beauty influencers; it seems like this brand is undoubtedly on a one-stop rise to success! If you are all about the fun and variety of a false lash, then read on to find out where you can get your hands on a pair, or two!

Where to Buy Lena Lashes

The Lena Lashes products are predominantly sold online, with their website offering exclusive accounts to make it easier than ever to pick up a restock of your favorite pairs! Although Lena Lashes doesn’t have a store which you can physically go into, these falsies are supplied in the much-loved Sephora, so at least you know you’re getting a reliable and quality product!

“I love browsing all the odd and wonderful makeup photos on Lena Lashes's instagram page. People get really innovative with their falsies no doubt.”

Lena Lashes review

Who Is Behind Lena Lashes?

It’s important to mention from the getgo that the creator behind Lena Lashes is not made public knowledge on their website. However, it is made apparent immediately that those behind the brand are super passionate about three things, quality, fun, and LASHES! This New Orleans Company is all about ‘redefining the way customers think of a false pair of eyelashes’, in other words, they want to do away with the scarce, low-quality lashes that are readily available on the high street and instead offer a high-end, exclusive and varied alternative. Hand-designed and lovingly crafted, we love the packaging of Lena Lashes, and the thought and care are obvious immediately. Whether you are opting for mink or synthetic, Lena eyelashes are all full-bodied, comfortable and on-point trend-wise.

The Lena Lashes Products

As we have touched on already, Lena Lashes offers both synthetic and mink lashes both individually and in collections so that you can tailor it to the look you are going for more easily. All about femininity, the Lena ranges are all named after strong women, and we love this girl-powered approach! With each lash being designed on a hand-made cotton band, you can be comfortable and benefit from multi-use wear with each set. Here is a walkthrough of the products that Lena Lashes has to offer, along with a description about the appearance and use:

Lena Lashes Natural:

Natural Lena eyeashes For those of you who want to opt for a more au naturel look, there is a range of bestselling styles in their natural range, particularly the Bisera and Elle which are personal favorites!

  • Discreet and great for daytime use
  • Gives a feminine and delicate appearance to the eye
  • All natural lashes are mink
  • Super elegant look

Lena Lashes Dramatic:

Lena fake Lashes Dramatic The dramatic range is ideal for parties, the festive season or just when you feel like going all-out with a bold eye look! We love the Bella and Cynthia lashes for long, striking strands that make a statement!

  • Eye-catching
  • Open up almond-shaped eyes
  • Perfect with a smoky eye
  • Our festive time favorites for a stunning look

“My favorite lashes is the Bella style. They are perfectly dramatic and ideal for all my going out and evening looks. ”

Lena Lashes Flutter:

Lena eyelashes Flutter Wonderfully long and wispy, these flutter lashes are every girl’s dream. Offering a sultry look perfect for a romantic date night with someone special! The Ciara is particularly glamorous offering extra-long lashes.

  • Super high-volume
  • Very feminine
  • Bold, look great with a glittery eye
  • Great for a special occasion or romantic dinner date

Lena Lashes Flare:

Lena Lashes Flare Lovely thick strands of lashes ranging from thick to thin, these are perfect for opening up the eye and look particularly great on smaller, almond-shaped eyes. The Posh and Kendall are perfect options and create a charming finish to the eye.

  • Great for everyday use and those special occasions as well
  • Lovely with a dark matte eye
  • Opens up and brightens the eyes naturally
  • Flirty lash

Lena Lashes Intense:

Lena Lashes Intense The ultimate in the dramatic eye, these lashes are thick, full, long and bold in every way. The perfect night out lash, we love the Olivia and the Dolapo for a, particularly full-on look!

  • The perfect going-out lash!
  • Complements all eye shapes and sizes
  • Super-high volume
  • Multi-layered design

best Lena Lashes products

Lena Lashes Collections Eyelashes

Along with individual pairs of lashes, this brand also offers collections in both mink and synthetic offering the ideal lash options to fit a range of occasions! Is it the big day or a cabaret night? Lena Lashes has a collection for it! Worth checking out if you are new to the lash world and need a little guidance.

The Downside To Lena Lashes

We love the offerings from Lena Lashes, they have got quality, style, and variety down brilliantly! One huge downside would be that they don’t have a massive cruelty-free approach, which is an essential factor in today’s climate. However, they do offer synthetic options, along with the disclaimer of no animals being hurt in the process. Regarding availability, we would have to say that Lena Lashes is pretty exclusive, in that we have only seen availability on their website, and Sephora – so those who don’t like to shop online may struggle here! There is room for improvement in parts, but overall this is a stand-up brand, and we can’t wait to see their collection grow!

Lena Lashes products

How Do We Rate Lena Lashes?

Considering all the points we have touched upon, and having seen the high quality of their products, it is a no-brainer that Lena Lashes has done pretty well in our rankings! Company Reputability: 85% Lena Lashes has a strong social media presence, with over 200,000 followers on just Instagram alone, and counting. They do hold fair reputability amongst their customers, but they are not talked about much throughout the beauty industry, unlike some eyelash companies. For this reason, we awarded them a fair company reputability score, but still not the best one. Price: 89% You do get what you pay for here, and although they have a premium price tag, they also offer a premium product. With their synthetic lashes coming in around $25 and their mink range around $28 – these are a pretty decent deal, especially when compared with companies like Esqido and Velour that are a bit pricier.

Quality: 95% The quality of the Lena Lashes is pretty high when taken care of every pair of their lashes can be worn again, giving you extra value for money. The cotton thread band is a great luxury touch and adds both style and comfort to the mix. Lena Lashes is all about that extra-special aesthetic, so looks are pretty huge for them! Their hand designed packaging and luxury lashes are superb. Variety: 98% There are dozens of lashes on the Lena Lashes website, with everything from barely there too in your face – so we can only commend the brand for catering to every preference. Durability: 90% As we mentioned, these lashes are designed to be worn more than once, however, this does depend on the person. Particular skin types may mean lashes don’t last quite as long for instance. If taken care of these should be worn at least twice, but potentially more!

“I have turned into a fan of Lena Lashes. They are not my all-time favorite lash company, but for the price I always turn towards them for everyday wear falsies, especially when I want mink at a bit of a lower price.”

The Final Verdict On Lena Lashes

When it comes to the bottom line, we love Lena Lashes! They certainly cater to the masses, without sacrificing quality, which is a huge plus point for us. We would love to see them taking a more ethical approach to the lashes industry, but there is undoubtedly huge promise for the guys or gals at Lena Lashes.

Customer reviews
May 20, 2019
Barbara Verified Buyer May 20, 2019

Fit perfectly on my eye

I have tried a few of the false eyelashes from the brand Lena Lashes and each one of them fit perfectly on my eyelids giving my eyes the perfect shape that it deserved. I am in love with this brand and each time when I wanted a pair of eyelashes, I make sure that this is the brand that I go for.

May 17, 2019
Julie Verified Buyer May 17, 2019

Amazing brand

I love going through reviews of makeup. While going through the reviews of this brand, I even got through some of the tips and pointers to use eyelashes. This made me curious and motivated to try out false eyelashes for the first time. I tried them from this brand and they were simply amazing.

May 11, 2019
Erika Verified Buyer May 11, 2019


There are so many choices to look from that at times I get confused. But each time whatever I buy is something that is quite unique and amazing. My wish to buy more eyelashes never ends from this brand, even when I am buying a good many of them in my every order.

May 4, 2019
Tara Verified Buyer May 4, 2019

Really happy

I went through a few of the eyelashes from this brand and bought a few for myself. I am really happy with the quality that they have provided and the way the eyelashes have been carefully designed. They look intensely beautiful on me without making my eyelids uncomfortable.

April 29, 2019
Brenda Verified Buyer April 29, 2019


When I read so many reviews about the Lena Lashes, I thought to give it a try. Thank god that I did because finally, I came across a range of amazing eyelashes that I can actually trust upon. The reviews already convinced me but trying the lashes on my own convinced me even more about their quality.

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