How to Make Fake Eyelashes Look Natural

Eliza Barlow
June 24, 2019

If you’ve always longed for fake eyelashes that look real, look no further! The process of achieving natural looking eyelashes is a combination of two primary factors: the way you apply your falsies and the styles that you choose. Achieving eyelashes that look real isn’t an impossible task; in fact, many individuals all around the world are able to accomplish their no-makeup eyelash goals, but they had to learn some tips along the way to do so. In this article, we’ll provide you with sure proof methods of creating the most natural looking false eyelashes, as well as offering 5 styles that can help you fulfill the desire for realistic looking false eyelashes. Keep reading to discover how to make fake eyelashes look natural and the styles that can help…

How to Apply False Eyelashes so They Look Natural

Here are some tips on how to make fake lashes look real:

  1. Choose your lashes: If you want fake eyelashes that look real, make sure to pick a natural lash style to begin with. It is more challenging to make dramatic lashes look natural because that simply isn’t what they were designed for. Later on in this article we’ll run you through 5 natural looking fake eyelashes, so if you don’t quite know where to start we can help you along your way to perfect lashes!
  2. Decide on strip lashes or individual hairs: Although both strip lashes and individual lash hairs are an excellent way to get natural looking lashes, we’d say that the benefit of individual hairs is the versatility and customizability. Whatever your eye shape, lash length or desired look, individual lashes can help! With that being said, for those who aren’t yet accustomed to individual lash clusters, strip lashes are quicker to apply easier and can be worn on-the-go.
  3. Use mascara to your advantage: Many individuals stay away from mascara when they’re wearing falsies, but you actually don’t need to. Some have found that applying a light coat of mascara after your false eyelashes are on, can help the hairs blend in better with your natural lash line. Making them less noticeable, the difference between your own eyelashes and the falsies you’re wearing becoming invisible to the untrained eye.
  4. Pick an extremely durable glue: The better the glue, the stronger the bond between eyelashes will be. An extremely durable glue is necessary for natural looking lashes because they won’t start to peel off mid-day. Half peeled lashes do NOT look natural, trust us.
  5. Opt for a natural makeup look to go with your barely there lashes: The best way to keep your eyes appearing ‘au naturale’ is to avoid overapplication of your makeup. This might seem self-explanatory, but many don’t realize how much makeup on your face can impact the way your eyes also look. We love to contrast big striking lashes with a minimal makeup look for a long-lasting and impactful look.
  6. Trim lashes to your correct eye size: Everyone has a unique eye size and that’s why it’s rare that a pair of falsies straight out of the box will be a perfect fit, and the reason so many women love individual lashes. It is necessary the majority of the time to trim new false eyelashes to the right size before application. When there’s too much space at the inner corners of the eye or when part of the eyelash is hanging off the end of the lid, lashes won’t appear natural, not to mention that they can quickly become uncomfortable or even fall off! That’s why trimming falsies down to size is a vital component of keeping your lash game seamless and organic.

The Most Natural Looking False Eyelashes

It is possible to achieve the most natural looking false eyelashes, but it requires going through the right application process, as well as also choosing the best false eyelash styles for a barely there, seamless final look. Some falsies, no matter how hard you try, just won’t look natural, regardless of eye shape. Because of this, if you intend to subtly flaunt your false lashes and don’t want others noticing you’re wearing falsies, there are some lash styles you definitely need to check out. Below, we share five of our most favored, go-to natural lashes!

5 False Eyelashes that Look Natural

It isn’t always easy to navigate through your options when it comes to false eyelashes. This massive beauty trend has grown so popular that an endless list of companies have begun selling them. Don’t get us wrong, we love that so many brands are offering women new and exciting lash looks to try, but not every falsie you try will be worth the money! We’ve made the process easy for you, offering up what we consider to be 5 excellent false eyelashes styles that look natural, and will help you avoid spending money on poor quality lashes.

№1 – Classy by AZLO Lashes

AZLO not only has a beautiful message of being animal-friendly and all about empowering and boosting self-confidence, but they also make some amazing false eyelashes. Although the majority of AZLO styles are medium to full-bodied, two of their styles are on the lighter side, one of which is Classy. Ideal for natural wear and a barely-there appearance, Classy is built up of delicate jet black hairs arranged carefully on an ultra-comfortable cotton band. These hairs are cut at various lengths to help them blend in even better with your own lash line. Pretty cool, right? Although looking very organic and down-to-earth, Classy is still probably the most dramatic of all the styles featured on our natural false eyelash list. Because of this, this lash type is perfect for an evening event where you want your eyes to pop just a tad more than they do in the day-to-day look. It also looks great with a subtle smokey eye in the evening too!

Features of the AZLO Lashes Classy Lash:

  • High quality, fur-free false eyelashes made from high-quality materials
  • One of AZLO’s best-selling lashes and a go-to for many beauty connoisseurs
  • A bit more on the higher-end, meaning that you get excellent quality for your money
  • Perfect for an evening out when you still want your makeup to be subtle
  • Ever so slightly dramatic and impactful for a slightly more polished appearance
  • Affordable for high-end eyelashes: about $25.00 (USD)
  • Easily purchasable from AZLO’s official website

AZLO Lashes Classy Lash

№2 – Naturals No. 020 by Eylure

If you’re trying to settle on a style that’ll give you natural looking lashes, Naturals No. 020 by Eylure could, very well, suite your exact needs. These distinct false eyelashes give you the appearance of individual lash clusters, but they’re organized on one convenient quick-apply strip. If you want to build up your organic look, try and stack two sets of these false eyelashes on top of your natural lash line. They’re so extremely lightweight that you’ll hardly feel the difference, but the effects on the lashes will be apparent (yet still natural). In all honesty, you won’t need to worry about finding the right false eyelashes for your eye shape and eye size; Naturals No. 020 is well tailored to all unique individuals.

Features of the Eylure Naturals No. 020:

  • Web-like, silky lashes create a delicate appearance that looks like a fine coat of the world’s best mascara
  • Thin strip, gossamer lashes that add subtle definition to all the right places
  • Ideal for any eye shape or eye size
  • The quintessential everyday fake eyelashes that are suited for subtle definition
  • Comfortable enough for all-day wear, even to the office
  • Incredibly affordable: only around $7.00 (USD)
  • Extremely accessible: purchase from your local drugstore or pharmacy, the Eylure official website, or Ulta Beauty

№3 – 30 Lash by MAC

These individual style eyelash clusters by MAC will help you achieve false lashes that look natural because they’re customizable, meaning you can add clumps of lashes exactly where you see fit. The process of applying individual lash clusters is a little different than adhering strip falsies. For this reason, there’s a bit of a learning curve, and will require some practice to get it just right – but we actually think that once you get the method down, individual lashes are easier to apply than classic strip lashes.

Features of the MAC 30 Lash:

  • Extremely versatile and customizable set of individual lash hairs
  • Comes with three different lengths of clusters, keeping your options open for personalization
  • Ideal for a barely-there, completely natural lash look
  • Apply just a few lashes to give your eyes a tiny bit of extra definition
  • Build lashes up towards the edges for a slightly more defined yet still organic look
  • Affordable: only $17.00 (USD)
  • Readily available: purchase from any MAC store or authorized online retailer

MAC 30 Lash

№4 – Elle by Lena Lashes

Lena Lashes offer a pretty wide range of eyelash selections, and for this reason, they don’t have as many natural looking falsies available. That’s why it’s a good thing that their most natural looking eyelashes happen to be so wonderful. Built up of ultra lightweight mink fur and a gorgeous crisscrossed structure, these traditional strip lashes will be easy to blend in with your natural lash line. Along with the Classy style by AZLO Lashes, Elle by Lena Lashes is the second most dramatic of all the natural fake lashes on this list. They are the perfect lash option for that long-awaited girls night out, and are long-lasting too!

Lena Lashes Elle Lash

Features of the Lena Lashes Elle Lash:

  • Extremely discreet and excellent for daytime wear
  • Creates a delicate, feminine appearance that comes across as well-polished and elegant
  • Crisscrossed, rounded design hugs the natural lash line tightly for a seamless look while also being comfortable with a cotton band
  • Made from high-quality mink fur, which means these lashes are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians
  • High-end, luxury false eyelashes to complete your au naturale makeup vibe
  • Affordable, especially for mink falsies: cost around $27.00 (USD)
  • Very accessible: purchase online from the Lena Lashes official website or at your nearby Sephora store

№5 – Sultry by KISS

Definitely KISS’s most natural looking lash style available, this beauty megabrand does offer quite a few organic-looking falsies for those who want to opt for unnoticeable false eyelashes. That’s not to say you won’t still get noticed – people will definitely be checking out your stunning lashes, they’ll just have absolutely no idea that you’re wearing a style of falsies from KISS. Sultry is a traditional strip lash, which means it is applied the same way as many other false eyelash styles. If your desire is false eyelashes that look real, this affordable, drugstore option should be your go-to.

Features of the KISS Sultry Lash:

  • Easy-application false eyelash strips that are extremely lightweight and real-like
  • Perfect for someone on the go that just wants to pop on some falsies and go on with the day
  • Pairs elegantly with a light dusting of neutral eyeshadow and a coat of mascara
  • Creates a sophisticated and understated appearance
  • Can be purchased for a discount as a 5-pack for even greater savings
  • Extremely affordable: only $3.99 (USD)
  • Readily available: can be purchased directly from KISS or at many drug stores and pharmacies in the USA

KISS Sultry Lash

Our Final Thoughts on How to Make Fake Eyelashes Look Natural

You don’t have to feel intimidated by false eyelashes ever again; it IS possible to apply your eyelashes in a way that they look completely natural, you just have to understand the process and carefully select the best styles. With a bit of practice, you’ll have the process down in no time, just don’t write-off wearing falsies before taking our tips into consideration first – we can almost guarantee that we can make the process a breeze! Your lash game doesn’t have to suffer; you can make fake eyelashes look natural, but the key is don’t get discouraged and put in the practice for the first week especially. Soon, you’ll be rocking your events and even making a statement on a day at the office with your lashes looking incredible and no one even realizing that you’re wearing false eyelashes. We hope this article was able to serve as a valuable resource and that you found it educational and entertaining. Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below if you have any further questions about any of the false eyelashes we’ve talked about today!