The Make Up For Ever Eyelashes Full Review [2020 Update]

December 27, 2019

The History of Make Up For Ever Lashes

Make Up For Ever was founded in Paris in 1984 and has been a part of LVMH – the world-leading luxury group – since 1999. Their products are distributed in more than 60 countries and are available to purchase at more than 2,200 points of sale worldwide. This company’s mission is to, “create and educate to elevate.” The idea of the brand is to give everyone access to all products and benefits that are at the fingertips of professional makeup artists. The Creator and Artistic Director is Dany Sanz. She lives by the motto that life is a stage, and strives to help women embody what they truly are. She grew up in Paris and was drawn to the world of the arts at a very young age. Her professional career began as a painter and sculptor after completing her studies at Ecole des Beaux-arts. Her theatre work became her driving force behind founding Make Up For Ever. Make Up For Ever pride itself as a socially responsible company that has partnered with the association known as “Nos Quartiers Ont des Talents” since 2010, organizing annual “job style” workshops for middle school and high school students from underprivileged neighborhoods. This brand also incorporates diversity and equal opportunities into its recruitment process and proudly declares itself as an environmentally friendly, “green” company.

“I use shape C701. I have hooded eyes, so it's hard for me to find lashes that don't almost reach my eyebrow when looking at me from the front. This shape is perfect for me, and I like that they aren't too dramatic. They're casual enough for everyday use, but still add something if you're going out for a special occasion as well. The clear band does still show, but I just cover it with a little liquid liner.”

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Where to Purchase Make Up For Ever Eyelashes

If you are wondering where you can get your hands on the Make Up For Ever false lashes, your best option would be to purchase them directly on the Sephora website. Their website is easy to read, lists the different lashes clearly and gives a brief overview of each product. They’re also available to purchase from eBay and Amazon. Additionally, it is possible to purchase Make Up For Ever eyelashes directly from the company’s official website at In terms of retail stores, they are sold exclusively at Sephora, but there are also Make Up For Ever boutiques and retailers around the world. You can look on their website if you want to know if there is a store in your area.

Make Up For Ever Eyelashes Products

The Make Up For Ever false lashes are available in a variety of different styles, lengths, and volumes. Each pair of falsies comes with a latex-free lash glue in the form of an eyeliner style tip applicator, rather than a squeeze tube. Let’s take a closer look at some of this brand’s most popular fake eyelash products:

Make Up For Ever Single False Lashes

The Make Up For Ever Single lashes are part of the natural impact range, which will give you a daily dose of drama. They are handmade and have been created using synthetic fibers to ensure optimal comfort, along with a super-slim, flexible base. There are two styles in this range; Lash Show N-601 and Lash Show N-602.

Lash Show N-601:

make up forever false eyelashes LASH SHOW N-601 These reusable falsies are designed to look incredibly long, lush, impactful, and 100% real. They come with glue and a precision applicator that makes the application process easy and mistake-proof.

Lash Show N-602:

make up forever false eyelashes LASH SHOW N-602 These incredibly comfortable to wear and ultra-realistic looking lashes are made from high-tech synthetic fibers. They’re perfect for adding length, shape, and volume to sparsely lashed eyes.

Make Up For Ever Volume False Lashes

These pro-inspired falsies give your eyes a dramatic transformation by adding length and volume to your everyday look. They have been handmade using the highest quality synthetic fibers ensuring weightless comfort, with a super-slim and flexible band. The most popular lash style from this range is the Lash Show N-104.

Make Up For Ever Classic Creative False Lashes

The Classic Creative collection of false eyelashes has been designed for special occasions and to create a dramatic impact. These falsies are bold, extravagant and daring, allowing you to express your individual style and creativity.

“I have recently become obsessed with wearing falsies every day, and these are great for a daily look. Also can we just talk about the glue?! The best glue in the world hands down, stays on in the shower, in hot yoga, in windy days – amazing – I am in love.”

Lash Show C-701:

make up forever false eyelashes LASH SHOW C-701 Designed shorter at the inner corners of the eyes becoming longer towards the outer edges, the Lash Show C-701 lashes are made to give shape and add length to your natural lashes. They’re quintessential for a more natural, yet dramatic look.

Lash Show C-703:

make up forever false eyelashes LASH SHOW C-703 The Lash Show C-703 lashes are ideal for a dramatic cat-eye effect that adds definition and volume to natural lashes.

Lash Show C-704:

make up forever c704   If you’re looking to add full-volume, dramatic lashes to your everyday look, then the Lash Show C-704 lashes may just do the trick.

Lash Show C-706:

make up forever review LASH SHOW C-706 Similar to the Lash Show C-701 lashes but with a lot more volume, these glamorous, voluptuous falsies are sure to make your eyes stand out.

Lash Show C-707:

make up forever review LASH SHOW C-707 With incredible length, these stylish lashes are perfect for a flattering evening look, or for public events and on-stage performances. Featuring winged and tapered ends, the Lash Show C-707 falsies have been designed to lift and open the eyes.

Lash Show C-708:

make up forever review LASH SHOW C-708 These are possibly the thickest lashes available in the Classic Creative range. They also carry fabulous length and are ideal for a special occasion or night out on the town.

Lash Show C-709:

make up forever review LASH SHOW C-709 What the Lash Show C-709 lashes lack in length, they make up for in sophistication. A similar style to the Lash Show C-707 lashes, these are a lot shorter and not as thick. They are better suited for a casual day out or everyday wear.

Lash Show C-710:

buy make up forever LASH SHOW C-710 These spaced-out lashes are for the bold and daring. They will fill the gaps in your natural lashes and add some much-needed volume.

Make Up Forever

Make Up For Ever Exuberant False Lashes

Also from the Creative Impact collection, the Exuberant false lashes are made for those who are extra daring and wanting to take their look to the next level. They are designed to add volume and impact to your natural appearance, along with a little something extra.

Lash Show C-801:

make up forever LASH SHOW C-801 These lashes are only for the daring and brave. With extra length in the middle of the lashes and the shortest strands towards the outer edges, these lashes are perfect for a fancy dress event, glamorous occasion or costume party.

Lash Show C-802:

buy make up forever LASH SHOW C-802 These interesting lashes are short at the inner corners of the eyes, expanding in length towards the outer edges of the eyes. The hairs vary in volume and are designed to open up and lift the eyes.

“I've attempted fake lashes at least five times before, but never have had success with them working. I've already used these twice, and they are great! They stay on all night and make my lashes look long and thick without being costumey.”

The Downsides/Negative Thoughts About Make Up For Ever

There will always be some negative aspects to any good, honest review. While Make Up For Ever does stock some high-quality, beautiful lashes, here are a few of the downsides summarized into bullet points:

  • They are not always readily available in just any store. You would have to make a specific trip to a registered retailed or make a purchase online to get your hands on these lashes.
  • They don’t seem to offer a rewards program for repeat customers – hey, where’s the loyalty?
  • They do not accept international orders.
  • There’s no clear returns policy in place.

make up forever false eyelashes review

How Do We Rate Make Up For Ever?

Company Reputability: 90%

In terms of company reputability, we are very impressed with the Make Up For Ever brand. The company’s initial target market was professional make-up artists working in the entertainment industry, which means that their products are of the highest quality and designed to perfection. MUFE has been in the business for a long time and knows how to meet the needs of its market. The only negative here is that there aren’t many customer reviews for their fake eyelash related products.

Price: 98%

These are high-end lashes, which makes them incredibly well priced for their quality. They average around $18 per pair of falsies whereas your typical high-end lashes will cost you about $30.

Quality: 95%

The Make Up For Ever lashes are made of the highest quality. They are well-loved among movie stars, models, and make up artists, and are handmade using synthetic fibers to ensure optimal comfort and appearance.

Variety: 90%

The brand’s variety isn’t as extensive as some other brands, but there is still plenty of options to choose from.

Durability: 85%

Durability is not something that Make Up For Ever really discusses, but they should last for at least 10 uses.

The Final Verdict on Make Up For Ever Lashes

You can’t really go wrong with the Make Up For Ever lashes. There are plenty of collections to choose from, and they are well-priced for a high-end brand. Overall, we give them a rating of 4 stars, with the durability and variety lacking slightly when compared to other big brands.