Do Male Actors Wear Fake Eyelashes? [The Answer Revealed]

Josie Marks
May 4, 2020

Do Male Actors Wear Fake Eyelashes? [The Answer Revealed]

Eyelashes have been all the rage in the beauty scene for many, many years. Women and girls alike have fawned over personalities, wives of dignitaries, and actresses that sported long, luscious lashes. However, the market for eyelashes has grown exponentially. They are more popular than ever before.

But lashes are no longer the domain of women’s beauty. Instead, a rising number of male actors sport false lashes.

If you’re wondering if male actors wear fake eyelashes, read on. While there’s lots of speculation, the reality is that men are a growing market for falsies. Several companies are catering to this demand. Eylure, for instance, has created a line specifically to address men’s unique lash needs. Other brands include LBLA’s “Man Lashes.” These lashes are individual and come in an array of lengths to create a natural look.

Their signature line, “Natural Lashes for Men,” highlights an underserved niche. This emerging trend of “guylashes,” actually isn’t new. It may seem as if the lovely fringes of men in Tinseltown have always been virgin territory. However, the rumor mill has it that male actors aren’t left out.

Actors such as Nestor Carbonell may sport some seriously lush lashes. His dreamy, bedroom eyes may have a bit of help from falsies. It’s also no secret that many male beauty influencers wear fake lashes as well. James Charles, who has become a beauty guru to the stars, often frames his eyes in sets of fabulous faux lashes.

While women have heralded the age of the lash with pride, it may seem that men aren’t far behind. RuPaul, drag queen extraordinaire and actor, has made lashes part and parcel of his beauty routine.

Why Wear Lashes?

You may wonder why men would wear lashes. Well, there’s a compelling answer. As beautiful as they look on the eyelids of women, they can also do wonders for men. They can frame eyes, fill in sparse areas, and look great on camera.

In an age where male actors are also judged by their looks, lashes up the ante. They can boost a ho-hum look and give a gaze the smoldering oomph the audience will love. They are also subtle. With the addition of a few lashes here and there, a face may be completely transformed.

Men wearing false lashes may become more commonplace in the next few years. As beauty rituals change and grow, this may become a new way to shake up old ideas about norms. Like other grooming rituals, lashes for men may lose any stigma attached to them.

Self-care ideas have long been the province of women. However, in recent years men have been expanding this conversation and have begun to push aside thoughts of what constitutes proper grooming. Also, lashes are an attractive option due to their ease of use. They only take a few moments to apply and can last the entire day.

Men looking for a low-cost lash are in luck. Lashes abound, and as the market for men continues to explode, there will be even more choices. Lashes come in a variety of materials, and their upkeep isn’t as complicated as they may seem.

A few standard techniques can ensure that lashes last for some time after purchase. For some men, especially actors and performers, this could be a great alternative to heavy editing and photoshopping.

Best Men’s Lashes

Here are a few brands for men that feature lashes that come in different varieties and lengths:

  • Eylure: This line is exclusively for men. It features volumizing lashes that come in two types: Thick and Fine. Each box sells for about $4.75.
  • LBLA: The LBLA Man Lashes come in two curl types – B and C – depending on the kind of curl desired. Lengths go from 5-12mm.
  • Cardani False Eyelashes #103: These fake lashes are short and natural-looking. Wearers can fill in areas and make eyelashes look thick and full.
  • Boys Lash by Arda: These lashes have little curl and feature a straighter edge.

Upkeeping Lashes: A Few Tips

If men are wondering how to get a natural and desirable look that lasts, there are a few tricks. Taking care of lashes is simple, and it will keep you from continually buying a new set of lashes. Not maintaining lashes can come with a lot of risks.

  • Keep lashes clean: Bacteria and dirt can create an unhealthy environment for the eyes. Infections can range from mild to severe and may cause a variety of other issues. Many of these issues may include itching, swelling, and, in some cases, blindness. After each wear, wipe down lashes with a cotton ball that contains make-up remover. Swipe the lashes from the base to the ends. Follow up with mild soap and water. Pat dry with a paper towel and let the lashes air dry.
  • Store lashes in a cool, dry place: Keep your lashes in a cool, dry area. Keep your lashes out of direct sunlight and extremely high temperatures.
  • Never trade lashes: While friends may want to emulate your look, don’t be tempted to share your lashes. Severe infections can result.

Final Thoughts on False Eyelashes for Men

Society is changing, and so are the norms for beauty. What was once the province of only girls and women can now be enjoyed by men. Men can buy lashes that can make their eyes pop, and for male actors and entertainers, this is a coup. Lashes can create silhouettes and frame the eyes in attractive ways.

Lashes will become more prevalent, and brands are beginning to cater to men. Lashes are slowly becoming an industry standard, even for men. For men looking to enhance and emphasize their lashes, there are many brands online. Creating a fuller, lengthier look doesn’t have to be hard, and for many in entertainment, it is essential.