The Seduire Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

January 2, 2019

“I use these lashes when I do my eye makeup...even without all being done up these lashes are beautiful and natural looking. I know some lashes you can tell from a mile away they are fake by their extreme shine and overabundance of dark closely packed lashes.. but not these! I sometimes just wear these lashes w/ out top eyeliner, and they look incredible on.”

The History of Seduire Lashes

Seduire Lashes was founded by a fashion stylist and a makeup artist. Rather than viewing fake lashes as a mask to hide behind, the brand’s concept values falsies as an accessory to highlight your features. The founders believe that makeup is an enhancement for every person’s natural beauty. Ultimately, fashion is a way of self-expression. Seduire Lashes believes that dressing the way you feel is another way of portraying your inner self. The brand specializes in different aspects of the art industry, but its shared vision is for every individual to embrace who they are. The emphasis is to not be afraid of empowering YOU! Seduire’s mission is to offer cosmetics that will enhance each individual’s inner beauty. They state that their products are not created to camouflage the face, but are instead geared towards natural aesthetics. Seduire lashes are made to captivate your beauty within. So now that you’ve heard all these fabulous things about Seduire Lashes, you are probably wondering where you can find yourself a pair? Keep reading and we’ll fill you in on what you need to know…


Seduire Lashes Products

Seduire Lashes offers four different collections of lashes that will fit the needs of any type of woman -these include; Natural, Volume, Wispy, and Classic. Within each of these collections is a large range of different styles, depending on what you are looking for. Some of their most popular styles are Marilyn and Scarlett. The Scarlett style is 7mm to 14mm in length and a natural black color made from mink hair. It has a crisscross design that creates a glamorous look. The Marilyn style is 7mm to 15mm in length, and also a natural black color made from mink hair, however, this design is a cluster of lashes creating a wispy look perfect for special occasions. The great thing about Seduire eyelashes is that they all come with a case to be stored in. The casing is of a high quality and will instantly increase the life expectancy of your lashes with its strong build. It’s extremely practical and at the same time adorable and aesthetically pleasing.

“I had to try these after I had eyelash extensions done by a professional over the past few months. Extensions are so expensive, time-consuming, & make my natural eyelashes disappear. I was nervous to try false lashes because I thought they would look fake & I wouldn't be able to apply them correctly. I am pleasantly surprised by these lashes. They look just as good as the $100 + $60/month extensions I was getting & weren't terribly hard to apply.”

Seduire Lashes Review , 2018

The Downside of Seduire Lashes

No brand is perfect which is why there will always be a downside. We couldn’t find much wrong with Seduire Lashes but here is what we didn’t like:

  • Shipping is only free if you spend over $50
  • They don’t accept returns or exchanges, so you need to be 100% sure on your purchase
  • The company does not have a rewards program in place
  • It’s difficult to purchase the products anywhere in store – so if you don’t like shopping online you may have a problem getting your hands on these lashes

How Do We Rate Seduire Lashes?

Company Reputability: 88% Since the company was founded by a fashion stylist and makeup artist, they get credibility. However, there are not many customer reviews online which is where they lose a few points. Price: 80% These false lashes are very expensive when compared to other brands. However, we have to take into account that they do come with a “free” case. Quality: 98% These lashes are made to last a long time and are of very high-quality. They’re well-loved by makeup professionals which also speaks for the quality.

The Seduire Lashes Full Review [2019 Update]

Variety: 98% Seduire offers an incredible range of false lashes. There’s something for everyone and a pair for every occasion. Durability: 92% As per the Seduire website, if handled with care, their lashes can last up to 20 times. The case that comes with the lashes also ensures that the life expectancy is increased.

“These are the only ones I will ever buy. I constantly get asked if they are my real lashes. They are light and natural looking and even using mascara with them I can use one pair up to 12 times. Love these lashes.”

Final Thoughts on Seduire Lashes

We give Seduire a final rating of 5 stars and would highly recommend checking out their products, as long as you are alright with paying a higher price for the quality. You can’t go wrong with lashes that have been designed by real professionals in the industry. Seduire Lashes offers a variety of different falsies to suit every occasion. While they are quite expensive, they are high quality and come with a free case.

Customer reviews
May 23, 2019
Suzy Verified Buyer May 23, 2019

The false eyelashes from Seduire can be used for more than 12 times

I love to apply mascara and it looks amazing when I am putting them on my false eyelashes. I was afraid whether the mascara will destroy the eyelashes. But the false eyelashes from Seduire can be used for more than 12 times even when I am applying mascara on them on a regular basis.

May 16, 2019
Lydia Verified Buyer May 16, 2019

Natural looks

When I saw them in the picture, the first thing that attracted me was their natural looks. Finally, when I got them in my hands, I also found them to be equally light in weight. I can wear them every day not just for any party or occasion but also for offices or regular usage.

May 11, 2019
Carol Verified Buyer May 11, 2019

Very much happy with the quality and the look

When I found them to be available at such a cheap, I thought to try them out. I bought one pair of these eyelashes and was very much happy with the quality and the look. Now I have a range of eyelashes from the brand and wish to buy more of these in the near future for sure.

May 4, 2019
Simone Verified Buyer May 4, 2019

The adhesive from the Seduire eyelashes was comfortable and did not do any harm to my skin

Any chemical does not suit me and hence I was not sure whether using the false eyelashes with the help of the adhesive will be a good idea or not. But the adhesive from the Seduire eyelashes was comfortable and did not do any harm to my skin, and I am quite happy with it.

April 29, 2019
Molly Verified Buyer April 29, 2019

Amazing eyelashes

I was not sure whether the false eyelashes will look good on me or not. I always thought that people might think me to be faking similar to my fake eyelashes. But one fine day, I found these amazing eyelashes that seemed natural from distance. I ordered them and they looked exactly the same that was there in the image.

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