The Urban Decay Eyelashes Full Review [2020 Update]

December 28, 2018

About Urban Decay Lashes

Urban Decay has been around for more than two decades. Sandy Lerner, the co-founder of Cisco Systems, and Wende Zomnir, a makeup-savvy businesswoman, met for high tea to discuss the creation of a new line of nail polish. Both women were saddened by the lack of color in the makeup industry, at a time when only reds, pinks, and browns were acceptable. The two women began to create new lipsticks and nail polishes in a range of exciting new colors.

Urban Decay eyelashes review

Wende Zomnir continues to steer Urban Decay in the right direction to this day. The company is headquartered in California but sells its wonderful range of products worldwide. Urban Decay is renowned for its stance against animal testing. The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) awarded the company with the award of the fifth annual Best Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Line. They were removed from this list for a short period in 2012 when the company announced a plan to start selling in China, where animal testing is mandatory, but they since revoked this plan and continue to avoid animal testing. Now, the Leaping Bunny Program (CCIC) certify the brand as cruelty-free, and many of their products are vegan-friendly – including the Urban Lashes! With their longstanding presence and their stellar reviews, it’s no wonder Urban Decay is a household name among makeup enthusiasts. If their makeup mission appeals to you, then perhaps you are wondering where you can get your hands on these products…

“The glue makes these lashes really easy to apply… I hadn’t really worn false lashes before but the Unreal style was perfect for my eye shape.”

Urban Decay lashes review

Where to Buy Urban Decay Lashes

With Urban Decay’s wide influence, it’s not hard to find these products. You can purchase them directly from the Urban Decay official website, but you will also find them on sites like Beauty Bay and in shops including Macy’s, Sephora, Ulta, and Nordstrom. All of these stores also have online sites, so whether you prefer to buy products in person or order them straight to your door, it’s not difficult to get your hands on a pair of Urban Decay Urban Lashes.

If you are still interested in buying Urban Decay false eyelashes, you might be wondering what kind of eyelashes are available to you. Out of all the Urban Decay eyelashes reviews out there, this is the place to be – we will give you a run-down of all the styles available to you before assigning them a rating. Urban Decay lashes are available in 12 different styles, including full lashes and lash clusters, so let’s check out the full range of Urban Decay fake lashes.

What Are Urban Decay’s Urban Lash False Eyelashes?

The Urban Lash range contains a little something for everyone. Each lash is handmade and uses cruelty-free synthetic hair, meaning that no animal hair is used and these products can be comfortably worn by vegans. The lashes are easy to apply and come with a precision-tip applicator for extra ease of use. The latex-free lash glue that is supplied along with the lashes is iridescent so that you can see what you’re doing, but it dries clear so that nobody will see any leftover glue. Each box of lashes comes with handy pro-tips in case it’s your first time wearing falsies. For example, wait for ten seconds after applying the lash glue for the perfect amount of tackiness. Furthermore, the lashes come in a magnetic-closure box, perfect for traveling. You can actually put two trays of lashes in the box, giving you options for when you’re on your travels. Each lash set costs $15.

Urban Lash Airwaves:

Airwaves urban decay eyelashes A full lash-band with wispy, light lashes. The Airwaves style is lighter in color and of a medium length, perfect for blending with your natural lashes – especially after a lick of mascara!

  • A good staple lash for everyday wear
  • Light, wispy lashes
  • Full band that spans the whole eye
  • Even length throughout
  • Adds subtle definition to natural lashes

Urban Lash Boheme:

buy urban decay false lashes boheme Perfect for a more edgy, alternative look (what Urban Decay does best!), the Urban Lashes Boheme style features spiky clusters of lashes. These are better for a more dramatic, unique look that really opens the eye.

  • Unique style with spikier, dark lashes
  • Full band that spans the whole eye
  • Perfect for a night out and a more dramatic makeup look
  • Even lash length throughout to give your eyes a pop

Urban Lash Entrapment:

buy urban decay false lashes entrapment The Urban Lashes Entrapment style is sure to add some drama to your look and is perfect for any day-to-night look. With wispy, dark lashes packed tightly on the band, these falsies add extra definition and drama to your natural lashes.

  • Full band spanning the whole eye
  • Length fans out toward the outer corners for a flirty, pretty look
  • Perfect for a day-to-night look and adds a little extra something to any outfit
  • Blends well with natural lashes

Urban Lash HBIC:

HBIC urban decay fake lashes The HBIC lashes feature a feathery, full, wispy style packed tightly together for the ultimate drama. The band appears slightly thicker with the density of black lashes, so you will barely need eyeliner with these ones! Nevertheless, the tapered tips allow them to appear fluttery and natural, blending well with natural lashes.

  • Full band of lashes to fit the whole eye
  • Perfect for a night-out look with a smoky eye and a red lip
  • Dark but wispy lashes, for a look that is both dramatic and natural
  • Even length throughout, with tapered ends that criss-cross slightly

“These lashes are perfect for beginners and they really open up the eyes. I loved them and would use them again but they don’t look that great in photos because the hairs are not real. I still like wearing them though – they make my eyes look great!”

Urban Lash HBIC Babies:

urban decay eyelashes reviews hbic babies If a full set of fake lashes doesn’t appeal to you, Urban Decay has got you covered. You can purchase a set of lash clusters for the same price, containing a good variety of lash lengths and styles that you can mix and match. Add a small section of falsies to the outer corner of your eyes to make a sexy wing, or fill in any sparse gaps in your natural lashes with these beautiful, wispy lashes that mimic the HBIC originals.

  • Contains 30 clusters of lashes, all of varying lengths
  • Some clusters feature long, crisscrossed hairs, while others are shorter – you can fit them anywhere on your eye to customize your look!
  • Similar to the HBIC lashes; dark, whispy and fluttery
  • Ideal for any look, since you can change them up when you want!

Urban Decay review

Urban Lash Noirheart:

noirheart urban decay eyelashes reviews The Urban Lash Noirheart is ideal for round eye shapes that you want to open up with a dramatic pop. Featuring dark, spiky lashes that are longest in the center, you can give yourself a doll-like, doe-eyed look by popping on these falsies.

  • Full-length false eyelash that spans the whole eye
  • Dark, medium-length lashes that really open up the eye
  • Good for a doe-eyed, innocent look with a dash of drama
  • Medium length with the longest hairs in the center

Urban Lash Thunderbird:

thunderbird urban decay eyelashes reviews For dramatic impact, the Urban Decay Thunderbird falsies are ideal. They feature long, dark, spiky lashes interspersed with lighter, wispier hairs. These are perfect for a real vampy look and a night out on the town.

  • Unique, spiky lashes
  • Perfect for drama; these are longer than some of the other styles
  • Ideal for a darker, dramatic look
  • Full-length band of lashes spanning the whole eye

Urban Lash Tricked Out:

tricked out urban decay eyelashes reviews If you are a veteran lash wearer, the Tricked Out lashes might be right up your street. These lashes are a fluttery, crisscrossed style that wings out toward the ends. They will blend right in with your natural lashes because the hairs are thin and fairly light, but the dramatic length will enhance your look for sure.

  • Stunningly long lashes that fan out toward the outer corner for a cat-eye look
  • Thin, fluttery synthetic hairs for a slightly more natural appearance
  • Full lash band of falsies
  • Ideal for a night out look

Urban Lash Unreal:

urban decay lashes unreal If you already have nice lashes naturally and are looking to add just a little extra, the Urban Lash Unreal style is ideal. These are short, thin and wispy, arranged in small clusters along the lash band. The hairs are longest in the center to really open up the eye.

  • Cute, dainty lashes to just add that bit more to your natural eyelashes
  • Thin and wispy, ideal for blending into your natural look
  • Full lash band of lashes
  • Longest hairs are in the center, opening up the eyes completely

Urban Lash Vape:

urban decay lashes vape If you are opting for a dramatic, sexy, cat-eye look, the Urban Decay Vape lashes could be for you. They are dark, sleek hairs that get longer and longer toward the outer corners of the eyes, where the lash hairs are stunningly long.

  • A full lash band of lashes spanning the whole eye
  • Dark, beautiful lashes with an extreme length at the outer corners
  • Ideal for a dramatic night-time look

Urban Lash Xris Xross:

urban decay lashes xriss xross With the Xris Xross lashes, Urban Decay has produced another collection of lash clusters for perfect customization. These are wispy, light clusters of lashes with a crisscrossed pattern, making them appear very natural and fluttery.

  • Set of 30 lash clusters for personalization
  • Wispy, crisscrossed hairs that appear natural
  • The collection includes a variety of lengths to suit any section of the eye
  • Ideal for everyday wear

The Urban Decay Lashes Full Review [2019 Update]

Urban Lash Zing:

urban decay lashes Zing The Zing lashes span only the outer section of the eyes, adding an extra pop to your outer corners. Steadily growing in length, this style consists of black, spiky lashes that will certainly draw attention to your eyes.

  • Dark, black, spiky lashes to add definition and drama
  • Length subtly increases at the outer edges
  • Spans only the outer half of the eye, blending well with natural lashes to make a cat-eye
  • Ideal for a night-out look

The Downsides of Urban Decay Lashes

Urban Decay lashes are generally pretty good, but we wouldn’t be giving you an honest review if we didn’t tell you about the drawbacks. The largest problem is the price. $15 for a pair of lashes is fairly expensive, though this cost issue tends to be the case with higher-end brands. You can definitely get your hands on cheaper lashes for everyday wear and perhaps reserve an Urban Decay purchase for a special occasion. Remember though, the price is a result of high-quality materials and the brand name. Furthermore, the website does not actually state the length of the lashes or the lash band. While this is not a huge issue, it is sometimes nice to know that falsies will fit without having to trim them. They also don’t state how many uses you can get out of them, although we know that they are reusable. The last issue we have is the product variety. We are being picky here, since the fact that they sell lash clusters, as well as full lashes, is wonderful, and the variety is generally very good, however, most of the lashes are a bit dramatic for everyday wear, especially considering the price point. Some companies sell lighter, wispier lashes that are more suited for wearing day in day out, whereas the Urban Decay lashes are perhaps better for nights out.

urban decay eyelashes full reviews

How Do We Rate the Urban Decay Lashes?

Company Reputability: 99%

Urban Decay has been around since 1996, and they have consistently delivered high-quality products. They are renowned for their impressive products and customer service, and the fact that they are against animal testing only adds to their reputability.

Price: 90%

For the quality, the price really isn’t too bad. That being said, these lashes might not be within everyone’s price range, and therefore we can’t give them a higher rating.

Quality: 95%

Made from synthetic hairs, these lashes still manage to look very realistic. They are beautiful and blend well in with natural lashes, and they can be curled without breaking. Some customers find that they break if curled a lot though, and also if they are not properly cared for.  

Variety: 90%

The range of lashes is very good. It features lash clusters and full falsies, allowing for personal customization and regular application. However, it would be nice if there were more lashes suited for everyday use.

Durability: 80%

Since Urban Decay do not state the durability of their lashes on their website, we are not actually sure how long they last. Assuming they are similar to other lashes of this quality, you can probably re-use them 10-15 times.

“I LOVED these eyelashes! I bought the Vape lashes for my friend’s birthday party and partnered them with the Urban Decay Naked palette. I got so many compliments – they were perfect!”

The Final Verdict on Urban Decay Lashes

Overall, we are impressed with the Urban Decay Urban Lash range, which seems to live up to the Urban Decay name. These lashes are vegan-friendly, certified by the CICC, lightweight, unique, and very pretty. We like the range of lashes, and we think they are perfect for makeup lovers who are willing to spend a little extra for dramatic, high-quality lashes. For newcomers to false eyelashes, you might want to try another, more affordable brand first, such as Kiss, Eylure, or Ardell. With that being said, you can’t take away from the quality of these eyelashes and the wonderful styles of each of them. We particularly like the Xris Xross collection of lash clusters, as they can be used every day and customized to your liking.