What Exactly Are Double Eyelashes?

January 4, 2019

What Are Double Eyelashes?

The double eyelashes genetic mutation is one that is a result of a transcription error on chromosome 16, but for those who are not born with this genetic mutation, it can also signify something much more troublesome, like various heart-related disorders that are quite serious. We will discuss this more in depth later on. For those with the double eyelashes mutation, also called distichiasis, the inheritance is dominant, therefore there is a likely chance that future generations will also be equipped with these luscious, thick, double-row eyelashes. Most of the time, inherited distichiasis is nothing to be concerned about. Most individuals with the medical condition live life exactly the same as everyone else, they are just fortunate to not have to spend as much time making their eyelashes look fabulous. In some rare cases, distichiasis can create irritation and discomfort, which can lead to squinting, tearing, scarring, and even corneal ulcers. Luckily, this is rarely the case and some people do not even realize they have double eyelashes until much later in life. However, on the more severe side of things, it is said that 7% of individuals with distichiasis can end up with heart disease, which is certainly no joke. Having the genetic mutation for double eyelashes is, quite possibly, a double-edged sword.

two rows of lashes

The double eyelashes condition is essentially when lash hairs also grow out of the area which is called informally the waterline of the eye. It can range from just a few extra hairs to many of them, which sometimes have to be moved out of the way because they can become uncomfortable. What is essentially growing two rows of eyelashes, was actually made famous by actress and stunning star Elizabeth Taylor. She herself had this medical condition, and it was part of what gave her the iconic, lashful look. At the same time, it could have been what led to her eventual demise, for she died of heart failure and had a long history with heart troubles, possibly linked to her unique genetic mutation. Elizabeth Taylor double eyelashes soon turned into a new trend in the entertainment industry – double eyelashes became another term used to describe false eyelashes, with companies like Eylure being some of the first to develop such wearable options. These days, the term “double eyelashes” is also used in beauty salons where professional eyelash extension treatments are performed. Sometimes also called “2D”, this beauty treatment is often used as an alternative to strip false eyelashes, individual false eyelashes, and just plain old mascara, where single lash hairs are professionally applied with a long-lasting adhesive.

natural double eyelashes

Double Row Eyelashes vs Single Row

If you are wondering whether or not you have the genetic mutation for double eyelashes, the easiest way to check is by examining your waterline. When you pull back your eyelid (always do this with clean hands!), can you see any hairs growing out along the waterline, or do your eyelashes suddenly stop right where they meet this area? If you can see some lashes growing along your waterline, there is a chance you have the double eyelashes mutation. If you have this medical condition, then one of your parents must as well, since it is an inherited and dominant gene. If you look at photos online of double eyelashes vs normal, you’ll notice it looks as if the lash line has two rows of eyelashes. In some ways, this is very much the case for natural double eyelashes. It is a bit strange in many ways that the beauty industry began to use the double eyelashes term as a means for describing adherable falsies, but nevertheless, since this is an alleyelashes review site, we not only wanted to explain about the condition, but also offer up our picks for the falsies that definitely create an ultra-voluminous, doubled-up effect.

False Eyelashes that Give You the Thick, Double Eyelashes Effect

When it comes to the beauty world’s definition of “double eyelashes”, there are plenty of false eyelashes on the market that produce this coveted aesthetic effect. Here are some of the ultimate, volumizing false eyelashes available:

Esqido: Lashmopolitan

Esqido double eyelashes vs normal

  • Ultra dramatic and super sexy lashes that are long in length and offer plenty of volume
  • First half of the lash consists of wispy criss-cross strands, blending into the outer halves which are thick with flared, curled edges for extra impact
  • Made of such lightweight mink fibers, it almost feels like nothing is there
  • Best paired up with a full face of glammed up makeup
  • Reasonable price for mink lashes, costing $29.00 USD

Ardell: Double Up 204

Ardell double row eyelashes vs single row

  • Twice the amount of lashes because of the doubled up style that features more than one layer of voluminous lashes
  • Long, dramatic, and full-bodied
  • Especially glamorous and elegant set of falsies, which may be too fake for some but perfect for a serious lash connoisseur
  • Cruelty-free made from fine synthetic fibers
  • Extremely affordable, costing only around $6.99 USD

Eylure: Dramatic No. 212

Eylure Dramatic No. 212 double row eyelashes

  • Unique, off-set, double-layered design creates crisscrossed, extreme, almost unimaginable volume
  • Creates a dense, structured look for quintessential definition and drama
  • Look stunning with a sparkly eyeshadow and dewy makeup look
  • Designed with lightweight synthetic fibers that are cruelty-free
  • Extremely affordable, costing only around $8.00 USD

Lilly Lashes: Mykonos

Mykonos Lilly double lash line

  • Dramatic, choppy style lash with intense volume to enhance any look
  • criss-cross, these lashes feel almost weightless
  • One of the top three selling lashes from Lilly Lashes
  • Worn by celebrities, such as Shantel Jackson and Pia Mia
  • Reasonable price for mink lashes, costing $29.99 USD

Azlo Lashes: Radiant

Azlo Radiant double row eyelashes

  • Highest volume lashes that Azlo Lashes currently offers
  • Multi-layered design creates glamor and sultry intensity
  • Complements all eye shapes and sizes
  • Cruelty-free and made from lightweight synthetic fibers
  • Average price at $24.99-$29.99 USD

Huda Beauty: Scarlett #8

Huda Beauty Scarlett 8 double lashes

  • Probably the most dramatic lashes of the entire collection
  • Create incredible volume with a double layered design, featuring two layers of both straight and crisscrossed lashes
  • Made from faux mink style synthetic luxury fibers that are lightweight and cruelty-free
  • Excellent for lash lovers and for those who love to dress up for a night out
  • Average to low price at $20.00 USD

Artemes Lashes: The Royalist

two rows of Artemes eyelashes

  • Extremely high volume eyelashes for a bold, wispy appearance
  • Dark black in color for extra added depth and dimension
  • Ultra-soft, lightweight, and flawless looking
  • Made from unique premium pony hair, which is cruelty-free
  • Medium price point for luxury lashes, costing $20.00 USD

Tatti Lashes: 4D TLMitchell

Tatti Lashes 4D double eyelashes

  • Innovative 4D design, offering 4 layers of dimensional and volume, instead of the usual 2
  • One of the fluffiest selections of lashes on their site
  • Added curl and a crisscrossed design for glamour and definition, creating an all-natural looking beauty
  • Made from luxury mink fur
  • Very affordable for mink lashes, costing only around $14.00 USD

MAC: 6 Lash

MAC 6 double eyelashes

  • Dramatic and spiky looking, adding plenty of length and volume to the lash line
  • Ideal for heavier makeup because of the bold, black color
  • Suitable for dramatic looks where you want to create a lot of intensity
  • Made from synthetic, cruelty-free fibers
  • Medium priced, professional quality lash, costing around $17.00 USD

two rows of eyelashes

Final Thoughts on Double Eyelashes

The double eyelashes medical condition is nothing to joke about. The fact that the beauty industry took hold of the word because of a celebrity that was famous for having this condition is a bit perplexing, but back in the day they probably had very little research available about some of the not too welcome causes of the double eyelashes genetic mutation. Nowadays, there are still individuals impacted by this medical condition, but more of the time it creates no issues or unwelcome complications. If you weren’t aware of this medical condition, or if you speculate that you might even have the genetic mutation yourself, then we hope that this blog post was able to provide some useful information. On the other hand, if you are here to look over volumizing and dramatic false eyelashes that are said to give off the Liz Taylor doubled-up effect, then we also hope that there was some valuable information available to you. Also check out our updated article we did on the #1 Voted fake eyelashes for 2020.