The Ardell Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

October 9, 2018

They also cater to women with all levels of experience– those who wear falsies every day and those who whip out lashes solely for special occasions – with a variety of different possible application methods. You can purchase Ardell Press On lashes or Ardell Self Adhesive lashes, using the Ardell Lashtite eyelash glue to ensure they stay in place all night long. You can also purchase an Ardell Individual Lashes Starter Kit if you intend to experiment with individual lashes for the first time, or if you simply want to make a switch over to this company. If you prefer your lashes au naturel, Ardell has got you covered! You can use the Ardell eyelash extensions by purchasing the Ardell Lash Extension Kit – a set that works with the lashes you already have, because if you’ve got it, why not flaunt it! In this updated review for 2020, we will cover which sets are the best Ardell lashes around, so that you can be confident that what you end up buying is the highest quality possible for your needs and desires. If you are already familiar with Ardell Lashes and are looking for the best prices, we’ve got you covered! Alleyelashes helps you to find the best price across 3000+ retailers. Explore the BEST prices here.

Where to buy Ardell lashes

Where to Buy Ardell Lashes

Being one of the leading brands in false eyelashes, Ardell lashes are not hard to come by. You can buy Ardell lashes in a number of places, including from popular websites like Beauty Bay. Probably one of the best places to find out where to buy Ardell lashes online is right from their official website at

“These are seriously the best lashes! I have doe eyes and they look perfect on me. I use them everyday for every type of look. They’re comfortable and lightweight but still give a super full look. Cheap but not cheap quality.”

The Ardell Lashes Products

Here is a complete walkthrough of all the Ardell lashes products:

Ardell Lashes 101:

Ardell Lashes 101 Available as the 101 Black, Self Adhesive 101s and the 101 Black Press On Lash, Ardell 101s are glamour lashes that add a stunning twist to natural lashes. Those with large or round eyes are in luck because the length and thickness of this style are perfect for this eye shape and size.

Ardell Lashes 102:

Ardell Lashes 102 Ardell’s lashes in style 102 have an unusual, spiky design, with the sections of lash hairs spread out along the strip, increasing in length towards the outer corner. These lashes will add a huge impact to your look, turning heads wherever you go. The 102 lashes are slightly more expensive than some other options but worth their price. They are more suited for a night out than everyday use.

Ardell Lashes 105:

Ardell Lashes 105 The Ardell 105 lashes are available in as a few variations: a classic and natural black option, a self-adhesive variety, a press on variety and a studio effects style. With the classic style, these black lashes add a hint of drama to your look by making your lashes look longer and fuller. This lash style is multi-dimensional, ideal for wear during both the day and the evening.

Ardell Lashes 106:

Ardell Lashes 106 Ardell’s 106 lashes fall into the “glamour” category, with an unusual, spiky design that can help to unleash your edgy side. As is usual with Ardell lashes, these are lightweight and comfortable to wear, meaning that you can look glamorous with minimal effort and plenty of comfort. All lashes in the glamour range are pricier than some of their other collections, but the dramatization of your eyes is worth the cost.

Ardell 107 Lashes:

Ardell Lashes 107 Designed for a night out, the 107 style lashes fan out toward the outer corner of the eye. They are very full and voluminous, certain to make your eyes pop! For some, the look is a bit too false, but they are perfect for individuals wanting to attract attention to their eyes.

Ardell Lashes 108:

Ardell Lashes 108 Those looking for a natural, subtle look will love the 108 style lashes. Suitable for small, round or almond-shaped eyes, the 108 Demi Black lashes are short, increasing in length toward the outer corner of the eye. They serve as a means to bulk up your natural lashes and add more volume, and are also on the cheaper side price wise!

Ardell Lashes 109:

Ardell Lashes 109 The Ardell 109 range of lashes is comprised of the 109 Demi Black, the Self Adhesive 109s, and the 109 Black Press On Lash. Suited for small, round, and almond-shaped eyes, this style is medium-length, but still fluttery and beautiful because the length increases gradually towards the outer corner of the eyes. These high fashion style lashes are a little pricier than other styles, but worth it for a gorgeous natural look The Ardell Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

Ardell Lashes 110:

Ardell Lashes 110 Ardell’s 110 lashes come in a variety of different styles. The classic options include the 110 Black Natural lashes, the 110 Black Press On Lash, the Studio Effects 110, and the Self Adhesive 110s, all of which have a natural look that suits small, large, round and almond-shaped eyes. The only real difference between these lash options is the application method since the self-adhesive lashes are pre-glued for ease of use. The 110s are lightweight, reusable and give the appearance of naturally fuller lashes. Aside from the classic black color, Ardell 110 style eyelashes also come in Color Impact Green and Color Impact Blue for those who enjoy a quirkier look. You can also purchase various kits that include the Ardell 110 lashes, such as the double pack, the 6 pack and the deluxe pack. Prices for the Ardell 110 style vary depending upon the retailer and application type – the magnetic 110s cost the most, for example.


Ardell Lashes 111:

Ardell Lashes 111 Designed for large or deep-set eyes, the Ardell 111 lashes are stunningly long and on the cheap side price-wise for Ardell lashes. Simply curl them to fit your eyes and see how much they enhance your look.


Ardell Glamour Lashes 113:

Ardell Glamour Lashes 113 Part of the Glamour range of lashes, the 113 Ardell lashes are perfect for a night out with your girls or some other type of party. They are stunningly long, making them ideal for large or deep set eyes. Featuring a strand of crisscrossed lashes, these wispy lashes are sure to bring compliments your way.

Ardell Lashes 114:

Ardell Lashes 114 Glamorous lashes for large and deep-set eyes, the Ardell 114s are on the cheaper side for glamour-style lashes – great for those looking to dress up on a budget. These have a style and length designed to accentuate natural lashes and open up the eyes.

Ardell Lashes 115:

Ardell Lashes 115 Ready for a bold and daring lash? The 115 style of Ardell lashes is strikingly long and glamorous, perfect for large and deep-set eyes. Falling in the middle of the price range for Ardell lashes, the 115s have an extreme length but remain lightweight. Once you get at them with your eyelash curlers, your eyes will appear more alluring than ever before.

“I have worn false lashes for over twenty years and these by far are my favorite. I get so many compliments that they look so natural, and no one can believe that they are actually extensions and not my own eyelashes. Thank you for having these available. Great product.”

Ardell Lashes 117:

Ardell Lashes 117 Ideal for small, large, almond and deep-set eyes, the 117 style lashes are short, classic falsies with a very fluttery appearance. They aren’t too thick, though, meaning they are perfect for the woman opting for a natural, no-makeup appearance. However, they are also versatile enough to be worn on a night out and fit comfortably in the mid-price range.

Ardell Lashes 118:

Ardell Lashes 118 These lashes become longer towards the outer corners, offering a beautiful emphasis to the shape of the eye when they are curled. They are super glamorous and will look great during a night out, but some wearers find them too false when opting for a slightly more natural look, for the 118s are extremely thick.

Ardell Lashes 120:

Ardell Lashes 120 Again offering another selection of lashes, Ardell 120 lashes are available in self-adhesive, press on and natural form. The 120 Demi lashes are extremely popular among consumers, suited for small, large, round, almond shaped and deep-set eyes. Just like Ardell’s other lashes, these are lightweight and reusable. The 120 Demi lashes are available in both black and brown, suitable for all complexions and appearances.

Ardell Lashes 124:

Ardell Lashes 124 Ideal for daily wear, the 124 style lashes are more spaced out than some other designs. As a result, they look more natural and can blend seamlessly in with your normal eyelashes. They suit all eye shapes, with a mixture of thicker and thinner lashes lined up over the lash band.

Ardell 131 Lashes:

Ardell Lashes 131 The 131 lashes have a fanned-out design that will accentuate the shape of the eye, making them ideal for large, deep-set or almond shaped eyes. The lashes are neat and ideal for thickening up your natural eyelashes, rather than going for a dramatic look. The 131s are slightly more expensive than some other Ardell styles.

Ardell 134 Lashes:

Ardell Lashes 134 The Ardell 134 lashes are made from 100% human hair, meaning they always look like they’re your own. The interesting thing about the 134s, however, is their unique shape, with a mixture of short and long lashes that will certainly draw attention – they are part of the glamour range of lashes. Their unique shape makes them perfect for large or deep-set eyes. Unfortunately, this style of lash is extremely hard to find – you might have your work cut out hunting them down!

Ardell 136 Lashes:

Ardell Lashes 136 Suited for all eye shapes, the Ardell 136 lashes are glamour lashes intended to add an extra flair to any outfit or makeup look. They are thin looking, with longer lashes interspersed amongst shorter ones; this thickens up the lash line and adds a sexier look to the natural eyelashes.

Ardell Lashes 150:

Ardell Lashes 150 Looking for just a little something extra? The 150 Soft Touch Natural eyelashes will provide just this, constructed of short length lashes that become slightly longer towards the outer corners. These are perfect for women who already have decently full lashes and just want a little extra to thicken them up further.

Ardell 151 Lashes:

Ardell Lashes 151 The Ardell 151 Soft Touch Natural lashes taper towards the tip for a lightweight, natural appearance. The band of these lashes is a soft Flex-fit material, making them very easy to apply. The 151s are medium length and quite even, so they are suitable for all eye shapes.

Ardell 152 Lashes:

Ardell Lashes 152 Made to be soft to the touch, the Ardell 152s have tapered tips and a Flex-fit lash band. However, unlike the other Soft Touch Naturals, the 152s are darker and thicker at the base, making for a more dramatic – but still lightweight and natural – appearance. They become a bit longer at the edges, which is great for accentuating the eyes.

Ardell 160 Lashes:

Ardell Lashes 160 These long, wispy and full lashes are the perfect fluttery, natural look. The selection of lashes in the 160s have a tapered tip for a wispy effect, with some of the hairs crisscrossing to appear feather-light and pretty. However, the thinness of these lashes means they are not ideal if you want to apply mascara on top!

Ardell Lashes 203:

Ardell Lashes 203 The 203 style Ardell lashes are part of their Double Up range, with twice the amount of lashes in a double layer style. Of course, these are very bold and striking lashes, perhaps not ideal for individuals opting for a more natural lash look, but perfect for those who enjoy thick, dramatic and voluminous eyelashes.

Ardell Double Up Lashes 204:

Ardell Double Up Lashes 204 Looking for drama and glam? The Double Up 204 lashes have twice the amount of lashes fitted in a double layer style, which will ensure you get the thick, full appearance you’ve been looking for. They are very dramatic, and some might find the style to be a little too false, but falsie connoisseurs might just adore them.

Ardell 250 Lashes:

Ardell Lashes 250 Using Neverflat Curl Technology, Ardell created the multi-layered 250 lashes along with a 3D effect. Each lash has a tapered tip that makes them appear very natural and lightweight, and the use of multiple layers allows the 250s to be extremely fluttery and attractive. The 250s also get longer toward the outer corners, accentuating any eye shape.

Ardell Lashes 315:

Ardell Lashes 315 The 315s are actually lash accents, made to make the outer edge of the lash line look fuller. These half lashes are ideal for all eye shapes; simply attach them to the outer corners of the eyes so you can help your natural eyelashes appear more elegant, accentuated and fluttery. These accents are actually more expensive than some of the full lash options, but they are multi-use and may suit some individuals better than full strip lashes.

Ardell Accent Lashes 318:

Ardell Lashes 318 The 318 accent lashes are wispy and have a cross-over effect, ensuring that they look natural on anyone who wears them. As they are lash accents and not full lashes, you simply adhere them onto the outer corners of the eyes. These are about the same price as full lashes, but perfect if you’re wanting to add a little more to your natural lashes.

Ardell Edgy Lashes 402:

Ardell Lashes 402 Those opting for a quirky and glamorous look will love the Ardell Edgy Lash 402s. These falsies have a combination of natural lashes and accent edges. The lashes at the inner corner are spread out and arranged into little spikes. They become longer moving towards the outer edges, where the design of each lash cluster develops into more of a feather shape. The 402s are suited to small, round and almond-shaped eyes.

Ardell Faux Mink Lashes 811:

Ardell lash Faux Mink Lashes 811 The flared effect of the 811s mean that they really open up the eyes; this is done by fanning the length of the lashes out towards the outer corners. The 811s are faux mink lashes, a design made with extra fine fibers and a criss-cross layering that makes them look natural yet sexy at the same time. Being some of the most luxurious lashes sold by Ardell, they are also the most expensive.

Other Ardell Products 3

What Other Ardell Products Exist?

The products in this list are not the only ones that Ardell has to offer. They have other ranges of lashes, including the Ardell 3D Lashes range. The 3D Faux Mink lashes possess length and a full volume, with a knot-free Invisiband – a lightweight, comfortable lash band that you can wear without anyone ever knowing. This range includes the styles 852, 853, 854 and 857, all of which are slightly different – there’s something appealing for every false eyelash lover! You can also buy multi-packs of several different styles of eyelashes. The Natural 120s and the Wispies both come in 5-packs, meaning you can get 5 pairs of eyelashes for a discounted price. If you’re a regular wearer of falsies, these deals are simply unmissable. If you aren’t sold, buy a single pair of lashes first to try them out, before plunging into the world of an Ardell lashes 5 pack.

“These are the most amazing lashes. They compliment every eye shape and they’re not too dense so they don’t close the eye up. The band is thin and keeps its rounder shape so that it doesn’t peel up at the edges once they’re stuck down. Can’t fault them!”

The Verdict on Ardell Eyelashes

Ardell is a leading brand in the false eyelash industry, and it seems that this is for good reason. They have an absolutely enormous range of products, meaning that there is really something for everyone – be it everyday eyelash wearers or complete newbies. The reviews really speak for themselves. Looking to buy Ardell Lashes? Alleyelashes helps you to find the best price across 3000+ retailers. Explore the BEST prices here.