The Ardell Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

June 27, 2019
Rebekka Verified Buyer June 27, 2019

150 gives the best webbed look

It’s not always a piece of cake to get the webbed lash appearance but 150 seems to do the trick everytime. I usually blend these with a touch of mascara and I’m ready to go. Would definitely recommend.

June 27, 2019
Carla Yates Verified Buyer June 27, 2019

Stunning falsies

Really impressed with Ardell and have been a favorite of this old-time lash brand for a while now. 315 is my top pick because they’re excellent to just be able to pop onto the outer corners.

May 23, 2019
Margaret Verified Buyer May 23, 2019


Halo Ardell. My character is as bold as the 115 styles of Ardell lashes. The strikingly long and mighty falsies make me look daring and convincing. I am flattered by this new and affordable version that is feathery light. Loved the ascending wavy curves throughout. Its luster and finish are unbelievable.

May 19, 2019
Mandy Verified Buyer May 19, 2019

Accentuates natural lashes

“Is it really me? Truly adorable are the Ardell 114s that add the ultimate glamour and within my budget. I am astonished by the design that accentuates natural lashes, redefines the edges and open up the eyes to people around you.”

May 15, 2019
Maya Verified Buyer May 15, 2019

Superfine lashes

“Thank you Ardell 109 press on lashes for recreating fluttery and beautiful eyes. What a dreamy face I can have in a few minutes only. My portfolio shoot went excellent as my eyes captured in the camera look so stunning and lively. The superfine lashes fanned out of each corner to curve upwards ending up in a subtle finish and giving a radiant touch.”

May 11, 2019
Alison Verified Buyer May 11, 2019

Best brand

“I frequently face the camera as I belong to Glamor world where I seek the best brand with ultimate quality and maximum comfort. I can unleash my snappy side by reframing my eyes with the very light weight of Ardell’s 106 lashes. You really take care of my eyes and aesthetics. “

May 5, 2019
Maria Verified Buyer May 5, 2019


“I am falling for you Classic as well as a natural type of Ardell 105 falsies. Such a variant that lets me believe that I can look so pretty no matter if it is day or night. With the classic style, my lashes look longer and fuller and I can transform to a more dramatic studio girl. Its multi-dimensional feature makes it appropriate for wear during both the day and the evening.”

April 30, 2019
Abby Verified Buyer April 30, 2019

Glamorous look

Ardell style 102 has to be acknowledged for its spiky design that enhances the corners of my eyes. Such a glamorous look I have never expected before. Although slightly expensive they are worth investing in

April 21, 2019
Kiara Verified Buyer April 21, 2019

Lots of compliments

“Hey, I just got engaged. I went to the parlor for my makeup and the moment they were about to put on the lashes, I enquired are these Ardell falsies? And they were like, mam we only use Ardell. I was a bit relieved. I could enjoy my ceremony well and ended it up with lots of beauty comments.”

April 16, 2019
Juliana Verified Buyer April 16, 2019

Like a princess

I am surprised when I look into the mirror. My eyes glitter like a princess. And the credit goes to self-adhesive Ardell lashes 101. The length and thickness are so perfect for my round eyes that no one can find out the difference between my natural or false lashes. Applauds to the Ardell.

April 8, 2019
Kristen Verified Buyer April 8, 2019

No more worries

“Hey, I am a doctor and not very use to the makeover look but I like wearing falsies solely for special events. Earlier I had a fear of balancing fake lash over my eyelid. Yet I kept trying different brands and since I have been using Ardell False lashes, I am no more worried about putting them on. They stay in place all day – night till I want them to take them off.”

April 1, 2019
Bella Verified Buyer April 1, 2019

Amazing start

What an amazing start. This is for the first time that I have applied Ardell false lashes and trust my words, the quality is phenomenal. I am so confident to flaunt my lashes because they feel real. I do not have to whip out lashes only on parties but in fact, I could wear as routine as they ensure my comfort.

February 21, 2019
Phoebe Carter Verified Buyer February 21, 2019

gorgeous falsies

hey alleyelashes, thanks for this interesting post! was nice to see some of the styles explained in an overview and know more about the brand. i’ve worn Ardell lashes for a while and i must say that these look especially gorgeous, and there are lots of styles to choose from which is a bonus.

February 14, 2019
Summer Verified Buyer February 14, 2019

Awesome faux mink lashes

I’ve become a big fan of the faux mink lashes. They’re really lightweight and still look real.

February 9, 2019
Clara Verified Buyer February 9, 2019

OK lashes

Not as nice as some higher end lash brands, but alright for everyday wear and such

February 4, 2019
Katie Verified Buyer February 4, 2019

Good deals

Great deals with Ardell, especially their 5 packs. Definitely worth it, especially if buying in bulk.

January 31, 2019
Vasi Verified Buyer January 31, 2019

Great Accent Lashes

I like a more natural lash look so I usually buy the Ardell accent lashes. The ones I always go for are 315 and 318.

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