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My name is Josie Marks and I am a mother to two beautiful children. I have held an intense passion for makeup, false eyelashes specifically, for around 10 years now. I started Alleyelashes with the intention of creating a resource where other makeup enthusiasts can check out the latest lash brands and products. In addition, those who don’t have much experience with makeup can find valuable information to help them get started and learn a lot of what there is to know about false eyelashes. I truly do believe that the eyes are the window into the soul, and falsies have a way of framing the eyes and completely altering or enhancing a look. False eyelashes are not only a makeup accessory, they’re a means of self expression and all individuals should have access to this fabulous beauty tool. Our wonderful team here at Alleyelashes is here to provide you with reviews on the most prominent companies today offering multi-use lashes, as well as informative articles that are meant to help you feel at ease throughout your eyelash journey.

How to Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Let’s say you want stunning, lengthy, sexy lashes just like all the celebs are wearing, and after a lot of thinking and contemplating, you’ve settled on a decision. If you have weighed all your options and ended up deciding to go with semi-permanent eyelash extensions, then you will want to understand some of the more detailed information about how to ensure your lashes stay looking fresh and newly applied for the entire duration before your next appointment. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions absolutely carry their pros and cons, with many women opting for this eyelash enhancing solution nevertheless. In this article, we will walk you through the particulars of how to care for eyelash extensions, by explaining eyelash care tips and all the dos and don’ts. Taking care of eyelash extensions does not need to be challenging, and once you are familiar with what to do and what not to do, the process becomes intuitive and habitual.

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How to Put on Fake Eyelashes Step by Step

Whether you are getting ready for a wedding, a hot date, or just a random night out with friends, you are definitely going to want your eyes to pop. If an eyelash-fluttering look is what you’re going for, you’ll want to go out and purchase a new set of falsies as soon as possible. For those who have never applied falsies before, this process can feel extremely intimidating and overwhelming.

You might feel concerned about getting that sticky glue near your eye, or maybe you might feel as if your fingers won’t be able to place the lash strip at the right area of the eyelid. The first step of applying false eyelashes, after of course determining the right set of falsies for your eye shape and buying them, is trimming your lashes down to the right size. Once you’ve trimmed your lashes, the real fears tend to come up, because the actual procedure of applying your falsies is about to begin. With our step by step guide, we’ll explain how to place faux ones like a seasoned pro. There are really two directions you can go in when it comes to placing a pair of falsies on your eyelids.

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How to Trim False Eyelashes

You just bought a perfect pair of fake eyelashes and as you go to place them upon your natural lash line, you notice that they are way too long. This becomes bothersome for you, and you know that wearing them in this state will only create discomfort and cause the final appearance to look a bit strange.

Once you’ve found the perfect set of false eyelashes to match your own unique eye shape, cutting them down to size becomes the next step. Trimming false eyelashes is sometimes a necessary part of the process when you receive a new pair of falsies, especially if you are an individual with a smaller eye size. The majority of the time, eyelash producers will create longer sized falsies, specifically so that they can be more suited for most individuals.

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