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My name is Josie Marks and I am a mother to two beautiful children. I have held an intense passion for makeup, false eyelashes specifically, for around 10 years now. I started Alleyelashes with the intention of creating a resource where other makeup enthusiasts can check out the latest lash brands and products. In addition, those who don’t have much experience with makeup can find valuable information to help them get started and learn a lot of what there is to know about false eyelashes. I truly do believe that the eyes are the window into the soul, and falsies have a way of framing the eyes and completely altering or enhancing a look. False eyelashes are not only a makeup accessory, they’re a means of self expression and all individuals should have access to this fabulous beauty tool. Our wonderful team here at Alleyelashes is here to provide you with reviews on the most prominent companies today offering multi-use lashes, as well as informative articles that are meant to help you feel at ease throughout your eyelash journey.

How to Tell if a Woman Has Real or Fake Eyelashes

If you’ve ever envied that lovely, lush fringe around a woman’s eyes, you’re not alone. Eyelashes are big business. They’re even projected to gross up to 1.5 billion dollars in the next few years! Falsies can range in price from $9 a box to nearly $30.

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