Magnetic Eyelashes Review and Product Walkthrough [2019 Update]

With a new year comes some hot new trends. If you think 2018 was the ultimate year for fake eyelashes, with its popularity increasing massively not just in 2018, but in prior years as well, it is no surprise that a new eyelash trend is just beginning to take the world by storm.

Magnetic false eyelashes started to generate quite the hype in 2018, but we suspect that these intriguing falsies will create even more buzz in the coming year. In this magnetic eyelashes review, we’ll walk you through a few of the best magnetic eyelashes on the market, as well as explain in depth what magnetic eyelashes are in the first place, as well as a brief overview of how to apply them.

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How Long Do Lash Extensions Actually Last?

If you are looking to enhance the look of your natural lash line, there are a few methods you can choose to do so. The market is full of numerous eyelash extension types, from strip lashes, individual lashes, and accent lashes that you yourself can apply with an easy to remove adhesive, to longer lasting semi permanent lashes that must be applied by a qualified technician. Many people opt for eyelash extensions, even on a daily basis, because they feel gorgeous, stunning, confident, and beautiful wearing these fabulous eyelash enhancers. When your eyes truly stand out, it helps for others to see deeper into who you are as a human being, for the eyes are the window to the soul after all. For these reasons, millions of women, and many men too around the world choose to wear eyelash extensions of some form. Just look at the red carpet as an example, almost every female celebrity is rocking a pair of falsies or long lasting eyelash extensions.

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How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are typically very delicate. Those who have them professionally applied are told to stay away from mascara, oil, oily cleansers, and false eyelash adhesive, for any of these substances can do damage to the fine hairs. In this article, we will explain clearly how to remove false eyelashes, so that the next time you go to the salon and get this procedure done, you will know what to do if you no longer want these false eyelash extensions. One thing to note, this article is not about how to remove false eyelash strips, as in the ones that you can apply at home with a strip adhesive. The easiest way to remove these strip false eyelashes is by using a makeup remover to soften the adhesive and gently tugging the strip off, starting at the corners. It should not be difficult to pull off once the makeup remover has been applied. We must say, that although the methods we are about to offer do work,  the longwear individual eyelash extensions are best removed by a professional at a salon, but not everyone has the money to pay for this process, for it can become costly.

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What Exactly Are Double Eyelashes?

The title of this article might seem a bit confusing. You see, sometimes, within the makeup world, the term “double lashes” is utilized to describe false eyelashes that give your natural lashes a thick, full-volume effect, usually due to a specialized doubled-up design. Sure, there are plenty of falsies capable of creating such a look, but at the root of it, the term double eyelashes actually derives from a somewhat rare genetic mutation.

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