Best False Eyelashes for Asian Eyes

Josie Marks
February 3, 2020

MAC Eyelashes

Mac is more than just makeup. They’ve created a line of lashes that are perfect for those with Asian or monolid shaped eyes. Their 36 Lashes line is not only glam, but they’re also some of the best Asian false eyelashes. 36 Lashes are our ultimate go-to pick for a look that has some wow, without being too over the top.

They are angled for a gorgeous cat-eye or winged look and add some serious volume. Soft, wispy lashes spread from the inner eye outwards, creating a vivacious look that those with monolid eye shapes will love.

Ardell False Lashes

Ardell offers some great falsie looks. We’ve been fans of their styles for some time, as they produce stunning lashes that work for different makeup looks. Their multi-layered lashes serve a variety of eye shapes, and the Asian eyelash is no exception. Their Demi Black 120 is wispy, flirty, and fun. It has tufts of fullness at the ends, which is essential for beautifully framing an Asian eye shape.

asian false eyelashes

Velour Lashes

There are tons of reasons we love Velour. Their lashes have a high-end look and feel and have a touch of glam that has become synonymous with the brand. Another reason we love their brand is the options they have for many eye shapes.

Their monolid false lashes are voluminous and lush. One product line, in particular, the “I Got It From My Momma,” is one that works well with Asian eye shapes. It is lengthy, full and sultry, perfect for an evening out or a quick change.

House of Lashes

House of Lashes is a premier company that specializes in great lashes. Their mission is to cater to a variety of individuals and their beauty needs. Their lashes are cruelty-free and crafted using high-grade human hair and synthetic fibers.

The CEO, Jenn Chiba, began the company to offer many individuals with the look that falsies can provide. She states the ongoing mission is to compliment diverse eye shapes. When it comes to monolid eyes, they achieve this with their product line “Siren.” Siren is seductively abundant with graduated lengths for a natural look. The fluttery design gives any makeup look some verve.

AZLO Lashes

If lash lovers are searching for a look that is comfortable and stylish, Azlo has you covered. Their line of lashes is made with a cotton and invisible band technology that makes your lashes feel weightless. They are also vegan and cruelty-free, allowing wearers to reduce their eco-footprint.

They also have options for Asian eye shapes. The “Elegant,” lashes are among our fave picks. These lashes are comfortable and fan out brilliantly at the ends allowing for a sophisticated look that is natural and voluminous without being too thick and heavy. An added bonus is that these lashes are made to last – reportedly for years with proper care and maintenance.

Red Cherry

With a name like Red Cherry, this brand is everything you’d expect it to be – lush, fresh, and exciting. If eyelash lovers are looking for over the top glam, you can find it here. Their wispy, fluttery lashes have some extreme length at the ends, making for a great smoky or cat-eye. These are excellent options for Asian eyelash extensions as they frame the eye and have some tremendous curl.

Peaches & Cream

Some brands may promise va-voom with their Asian false lashes and won’t deliver. Not so with the Peaches & Cream No. 1 lash kit. It’s an excellent option for monolid shapes. It boasts some impressive graduated length with a full flare at the ends. Monolid eye shapes will look sweet and stunning in this look. While it may not be a dramatic lash, it is subtle and gives a boost of volume.

Final Thoughts on the Best Lashes for Asian Eyes

The beauty industry is rapidly changing and evolving. Many years ago, Asian eye shapes may have struggled to find a perfect fit; this may be a thing of the past. In recent years, there has been an expansion in the variety of lashes available. A diverse selection can fit the lash needs of a range of types, including those with a monolid eye.

A monolid eye describes those with the lack of a crease when the eye is opened. Many individuals of Asian descent share this trait, though it isn’t strictly exclusive to these populations. The lack of a crease can make it difficult to wear some types of falsies. However, with the selection of lashes in the market, those with a monolid eye may easily find something that will take their lash level up a few notches.

A snazzy look can come together with just the right false lash. Just any kind of lash won’t always do justice to monolid eye shapes. However, their eye shape can be framed quite beautifully with select lashes that are voluminous and soft or bold and dramatic. There’s no limit to the kinds of looks that monolid eye shapes can wear with just the right lash and fit.