Are False Eyelashes Noticeably Fake? [And How to Make Them Look Real]

Eliza Barlow
August 27, 2019

Looking gorgeously glamorous can be as simple as adding a pair of lashes to your makeup routine. Long, fluttery lashes have often been a universal signal of beauty. However, many of us aren’t blessed with naturally long and lush lashes.

Now and then, we all may need a bit of help. If you’re thinking of diving into the wondrous world of falsies, you may not be so keen on false eyelashes that are noticeably fake. We don’t blame you. It’s not only a fashion faux pas but with a few simple strategies, it is also avoidable. Wearing lashes that are saggy, droopy, too heavy or just badly applied can take a great look down a few notches.

If you’re planning on a special event, an evening out or just want to change up your usual look, there are a few things you can do to make your false lashes look real. Not all falsies are the same. There’s a plethora of brands, styles, and adhesives that can fit your unique needs. Once you’ve decided on the look you’re going for, there are tons of options available to get the smoldering stare that will be the envy of everyone you meet. False eyelashes can look noticeably fake, but they don’t have to.

Are False Eyelashes Noticeably Fake?

How to Make Your False Eyelashes Look Natural

Think About Your Eye Shape

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to false eyelashes. The first step in making false eyelashes look more natural is to find a look that fits your unique eye shape. You may envy the look of a celeb on the red carpet, but if they have hooded eyes and you have almond ones, what may look best for them may not be the best fit for you. If you aren’t sure what kind of eye shape you have, read on and see what may work.

Round Eyes:

Round-eyed people have irises that are surrounded by the whites of their eyes. Basically, the iris won’t touch the top and bottom of the eyelid. They may also have a crease in their eyelids that is very visible. Those with round eyes can really wow with a set of wispy lashes with winged eyeliner to create instant drama and a glam feel. People with round-eyed peepers can also rock long, dramatic falsies with a curl that goes upward and fans out. Celebrities that have round eyes include Nicole Richie, Katy Perry, and Mila Kunis.

Downturned Eyes:

If you have downturned eyes, you have a downward tilt at the outer corner of your eyes. If you’re still not sure if you have downturned eyes, take a glimpse in the mirror. If you have a crease and can draw a straight line across your lid and still have outer corners that dip below that line, you have downturned eyes. False eyelashes that are spiky and have an upward tilt at the outer corners can provide the lift needed for a downturned eye and an eye-catching look.

Almond Eyes

Almond Eyes:

If you have almond eyes, you won’t be able to see any white above or below your iris. Included in this category, however, are those with a monolid.  If you have almond eyes and no monolid, you will be able to see a crease in your eyelid when looking straight into a mirror. If you have a monolid and almond eyes, you won’t be able to see your lid. Almond-eyed individuals of all kinds have a variety of choices. Those with no monolid can choose super sexy voluminous lashes that go across the band. Those with a monolid can create their crease using their false eyelashes. This can be achieved by a spiky, crisscrossed style that has the most length in the middle of the strip. This will give you a cat-eye shape that will make your eyes look stunning and your eyelashes look more natural. Celebrities with almond eyes and no monolid include Jessica Alba, Beyonce, and Kerry Washington. Celebrities with almond eyes and a monolid include actress Lucy Liu, rapper and singer CL (Lee Chae-Rin) and Arden Cho.

Hooded Eyes:

Those with hooded eyes have no or very little visible eyelid when looking into a mirror. They may also have a prominent brow bone and the skin from the brow bone hangs over the lid. If you have this kind of eye shape, a fluttery, wispy mix with length directly above the pupil will open the eye and give you a sultry gaze. Celebs with hooded eyes include Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicole Kidman.

Tips for Realistic Looking Lashes

Brush It Out

If you’ve found your eye shape and have the falsies you want, now is the time to create a look that’s flawless and real. There are few things you can do to up the ante and get lashes that make people think “Maybe they’re real!” If you have a set of cheap falsies that have a thick, unnatural look, grab a clean mascara spoolie and get ready with the elbow grease. While the falsies are still sitting neatly in their packaging, sweep the spoolie across the lashes in a quick, strong, left to right motion (Don’t be too rough though – you may rip the lash). Do this for about a minute. Next, brush the lash from the band outwards. You’ll end up with a lash that looks more real.

Cut Your Falsies

Wearing false eyelashes right out of the box isn’t always a good idea. Depending on the length of the falsies, you may have to trim the lashes to fit your eyes. Before applying them, hold them up to your lid and measure how much you will need. Next, trim the excess using scissors. The result should be the same length as your lashes for a realistic look.  If your lashes are too long, they will look very unnatural.

Wrap It Up

False eyelashes right out of the box won’t always have the look of a natural lash. It can get flattened and look fake once it is applied. To get your falsies into shape, wrap them around your finger. This will get the curl back and you won’t have a lash that looks too straight and it will conform to your natural eye.

Take Heed of Your Lash Line

When applying your false eyelashes, apply the lashes once the adhesive has become tacky. This may take a few minutes. Once the glue is tacky, apply the false lash strip as close to your natural lash line as possible. There’s been a rumored technique to apply the lashes under your lash line. But don’t do that (‘cause, ouch!).

Add a Little Mascara

After applying your lashes add the finishing touch: Mascara! Mascara is a good way to tie it all together. Although some people prefer to add mascara before the lashes are applied, we recommend doing it after. Combing through the lashes will not only give them some va-va-voom from the color, but it will help the lashes to blend. And that’s it! If you follow a few simple steps, you can have awesome, natural-looking false eyelashes. If you’ve ever been curious about getting a new look but were worried that false eyelashes are noticeably fake, then you can relax. You can wear falsies and look like you have a natural set of lush, stunning lashes. No one has to know – expect, well, you of course! So go ahead and try it. Then go forth and slay!