The Huda Beauty Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

October 9, 2018

What Are Huda Beauty Lashes?

When it comes to Huda lashes, there is a huge range to choose from. There is something for everyone with this company, including Huda individual lashes to create more of your own style, as well as regular Huda Beauty lashes that are available in a variety of styles to suit every occasion. The range of Huda Beauty eyelashes includes only top quality products, like the Huda Beauty Sasha Lashes, the Huda Lashes Giselle collection and plenty more options of Huda Beauty false eyelashes. We will detail many of the selections below, so get ready to find a pair of falsies that suits you to a tee.

Huda Beauty Lashes review 2018

Where to Buy Huda Lashes

If you want to get your hands on a pair of Huda Kattan lashes, you won’t be hard-pressed to find them. Many stores stock the Huda Beauty lash collections, including drug stores and makeup stores. In terms of pricing, Huda Beauty lashes are quite high end, with the Huda Lashes ‘Sasha’, for example, costing around $20 per pair on their official website. If you want to find Huda Beauty lashes cheap, then you might be better off looking in a drug store, but be careful that you don’t buy fake Huda Beauty lashes. A company this huge is sure to attract the attention of con-men set on producing knockoffs – it might be better to buy directly from Huda Beauty. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the review.

“I'm still a novice when it comes to false lashes but these are so easy to apply and look absolutely stunning! Worn them at least 10 times and still going strong..”

What Are Some of the Huda Beauty Lashes Products?

Here is a list of some of the lash products Huda Beauty stocks, with a description of each option’s features and appearance:

Classic Lash Giselle #1:

The Huda beauty lashes Classic Lash Giselle #1 Costing $18, the Classic Giselle lashes are one of Huda Beauty’s best sellers. They were named after Nour Giselle, Huda Kattan’s daughter, and her fluttery, dark natural lashes. These lashes are part of the Classic range, which is ideal for everyday use. The Giselle #1 lashes are dark and quite thick, which means they can be used as part of a day-to-night makeup transition – straight from work to the cocktail bar!

  • Hair length: 5 – 1.2 cm in length
  • Band length: 3 cm
  • Band thickness: 3 mm

Classic Lash Alyssa #2:

Classic Lash Alyssa #2 The Huda beauty lashes The Classic Alyssa lashes are actually individual lash inserts. If you normally have sparse lashes, these falsies would be absolutely perfect for you, because with the Alyssa #2 lash inserts it is simple to fill in the gaps; they come in four different lengths, ideal for matching your natural eyelashes and mimicking the organic length gradient of real eyelashes. A pack of these lash inserts, (which contains 19 lash inserts of each length, or 76 inserts in total) will cost you $18. When you consider that each insert can be used up to 12 times, that’s quite a steal!

  • Hair length: 5 – 1.5 cm

Classic Lash Monique #3:

Huda beauty eyelashes Classic Lash Monique #3 Another member of the Classic range, the Monique #3 eyelashes are slightly thicker and spikier, interspersed with thinner hair pieces too. They aren’t the most natural looking falsies around, but they will add plenty of volume to your own eyelashes, and blend in well because they increase in length towards the outer corner. The gradient in length is ideal for opening up the eye and creating a more feline shape – these lashes pair wonderfully with a winged cat-eye makeup look. For one pair of lashes, it will cost you $16.

  • Hair length: 3 – 1.5 cm
  • Band length: 7 cm
  • Band thickness: 3 mm

Classic Lash Coco Jo #4:

Classic Lash Coco Jo #4 The Huda beauty lashes Those opting for a flirty, glamorous look will love the Classic Coco Jo lashes. This style includes hairs of differing lengths that are densely packed together and quite dark, tapering toward the tips to make for a very fluttery, sexy lash. Despite the density of these lashes, they remain lightweight and will not weigh your eyes down. These lashes are best paired with a more dramatic makeup look. The Coco Jo #4 lashes cost $16 per pair.

  • Hair length: 4 – 1.2 cm
  • Band length: 2 cm
  • Band thickness: 3 mm

Classic Lash Candy #5:

The Huda beauty lashes Classic Lash Candy #5 Setting you back $16, the Classic Candy lashes are vintage-style, spiky lashes with separated hairs that will make you feel like you’re on the cover of a 1960s edition of Vogue. These lashes have a medium volume and are best for a nighttime or evening function, perfect for pairing with a smoky eye and neutral lips – draw all the attention to your eyes with the Candy #5 lashes.

  • Hair length: 4 – 1.5 cm
  • Band length: 2 cm
  • Band thickness: 0.3 mm

Classic Lash Claudia #6:

The Huda beauty eyelashes Classic Lash Claudia #6 If you want to thicken up your lash line and maintain a dramatic yet natural appearance, the Claudia #6 Classic lashes are ideal. The fibers used in this style are lightweight, thin, and feathery, with all the lashes criss-crossing over one another for a natural, full appearance. The density of lashes packed around the lash line is ideal for blending into dark eyeshadows or eyeliners, making these falsies great for a night out makeup look. The Claudia lashes cost $18 for one pair.

  • Hair length: 8 – 1.3 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 0.3 mm

Classic Lash Scarlett #8:

The Huda beauty eyelashes Classic Lash Scarlett #8 Of all the Classic lashes, Scarlett #8 is probably the most dramatic. Costing $20, this style features two layers of both straight and crisscrossed lashes, creating a pair of falsies with absolutely enormous volume that still looks and feels lightweight. These lashes are not for the faint of heart, as newcomers to false eyelashes and those who prefer an understated look might not like just how intense these eyelashes are. However, if you’re a lash connoisseur, these Scarlett #8 lashes could be ideal. This design is handcrafted to fit all types of eyes.

  • Hair length: 6 – 1.8 cm
  • Band length: 2 cm
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

Classic Lash Carmen #9:

Classic Lash Carmen #9 The Huda beauty eyelashes At the mid-range price of $18, the Classic Carmen #9 lashes are very thick, dramatic and high-power lashes that are bound to attract attention in the club. With only a thin band, the lightweight lash fibers have been densely packed onto the lash band to create enormous volume at the very root. Don’t worry about the lashes looking overly spidery, though, because the ends are tapered for a feathery, fluttery effect that appears super lightweight and effortless. This style is extremely feminine, as well as being glamorous and intense.

  • Hair length: 1 – 1.5 cm
  • Band length: 9 cm
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

Classic Lash Lana #10:

Classic Lash Lana #10 Huda beauty eyelashes Those who are greater accustomed to false eyelashes might enjoy the Classic Lana #10 lash, the longest of the entire Classic collection. The sheer length of these will accentuate rounded doe eyes, making for a cute, flirty, soft look. Once again, the lashes are densely packed onto the lash band to create a lot of base volume, but the thinness of the lash fibers and the beautiful cross-over effect ensures that they look as natural and feminine as ever. A pair of the Lana #10 lashes will cost you $20.

Classic Lash Sasha #11:

Huda beauty eyelashes Classic Lash Sasha #11 For regular wearers of false eyelashes who enjoy the more polished look, the Classic Sasha #11 lashes are ideal for everyday wear. They are packed in at the base but flare outward in the same way as natural lashes, with some lashes crossing over to accentuate this appearance. The base density is achieved through double stacking the lash fibers, which is why they appear to have so much volume. As always, though, they remain lightweight and fluttery. The Classic Sasha #11 lashes cost $20 per pair.

  • Hair length: 7 – 1.5 cm
  • Band length: 2 cm
  • Band thickness: 0.5 mm

Faux Mink Lash Farah #12:

Faux Mink Lash Farah #12 Huda beauty eyelashes All the lashes in the Faux Mink collection mimic the appearance of mink fur – ever so soft, luxurious and elegant. The tapered fibers of this collection are arranged in three different layers on the band, making them the most voluminous lashes around. When it comes to Faux Mink lashes, there is absolutely no need for mascara – they are thick and dark enough as they are. The Faux Mink Farah #12 lashes are long enough to graze your eyebrows, making them ideal for people with larger eyelids, prominent brow bones, or simply those who enjoy dramatic makeup. This style costs $23 per pair.

  • Hair length: 9 – 1.4 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

Faux Mink Lash Jade #13:

Huda beauty eyelashes Faux Mink Lash Jade #13 While the Faux Mink collection is all about drama and impact, the Jade #13 lashes are slightly more understated and will pair well with light makeup. They feature longer spikes of lashes interspersed with slightly shorter, more fluttery strands that blend seamlessly with your natural lashes, especially because of the thinness of the lash band. This style will suit almost any eye shape. As all Faux Mink lashes, the Jade #13 style costs $23.

  • Hair length: 9 – 14 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 0.5 mm

“Loved these lashes!! Really gave a dramatic look for my event! They were also very comfortable for over 8 hours wear and easy to clean.”

Faux Mink Lash Noelle #14:

Huda beauty eyelashes Faux Mink Lash Noelle #14 The light, crisscrossed appearance of the Faux Mink Noelle #14 lashes creates a feminine, sexy look that gives off a doll-eyed feel. They are both flirty and sophisticated and could be used for both day and night wear. Costing $23 per pair, the Noelle #14 lashes are ideal for beginners who want to step up their false eyelash game, as this style will suit the majority of eye shapes.

  • Hair length: 6 – 1.4 cm
  • Band length: 2 cm
  • Band thickness: 0.9 mm

Eazy Lash Camille #16:

Eazy Lash Camille #16 Huda beauty eyelashes The Eazy Lash range consists of double-stacked eyelashes that do not run the full length of the eye. Instead, you place them from the centers to the outer corners, which opens your eyes up to create a mesmerizing, alluring look. By adding a little liner to your eyelid as well, you can achieve the volume you’ve always dreamed of. Costing $18, Eazy Lashes are perfect for beginners who want to experiment with falsies. The Camille #16 style consists of crisscrossed, tapered lashes for a flirty effect.

  • Composition: Synthetic fibers and a cotton band

Eazy Lash Harmony #17:

Huda beauty eyelashes Eazy Lash Harmony #17 The Harmony #17 style of Eazy Lashes actually cover the entire length of your eyelid. However, this style is cut up into four chunks for easy application and added creativity. To rock a cat eye, adhere two of the sections onto the outer sides of the eyes. Use all four sections across the whole eyelid for a natural false eyelash effect or stack the pieces to add more volume. The Harmony #17 lashes are fluffy and tightly criss-crossed, meaning you can apply them anywhere on your lash line to achieve any effect you so choose. Just add a coat of mascara and you’re good to go.

  • Composition: Synthetic fibers and a cotton band

Huda beauty eyelashes 3

Mink Lash Bridget:

Mink Lash Bridget Huda beauty eyelashes Made of mink fur, the Mink collection is designed to mimic human hair and blend in with your own eyelashes. They are extra long lashes and incredibly full of volume, ideal for beauty queens who are used to everyday falsies. The Bridget lashes are named after Brigitte Bardot, and this style of lash is meant to help you channel your inner ‘60s pin-up. These lashes flare out toward the outer corners of the eyes, growing in length, meaning you can achieve a sexy, smoky, winged effect without using any eyeshadow. These lashes will set you back $39.

  • Hair length: 7 – 2.1 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

Mink Lash Naomi:

Mink Lash Naomi Huda beauty eyelashes Intended to represent the modern woman, the Naomi mink lashes are super long but have a smaller volume; they extend your natural lashes without looking overly dramatic. Costing $39, the Naomi lashes are named after none other than Naomi Campbell. This style is perfect for everyday wear, as the subtle volume means that it won’t appear too intense.

  • Hair length: 7 – 1.6 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 0.5 mm

Mink Lash Raquel:

Huda beauty eyelashes Mink Lash Raquel A much thicker, more voluminous look, the Raquel Mink lashes cost $39 per pair and are suited best for those that regularly wear lashes. They are dramatic and super long – long enough to flutter against your eyebrow when you open your eyes. Named after model Raquel Welch, these lashes are intended to create a sexy bombshell look, perfect for pairing with dramatic makeup and a powerful red lip. Apparently, they are one of Huda’s favorites.

  • Hair length: 6 – 1.7 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

Mink Lash Sophia:

Mink Lash Sophia Huda beauty eyelashes Named with actress Sophia Loren in mind, the Sophia mink lashes are intended to be paired with a winged cat eye look. These long lashes fan out towards the outer corners, making for an ideal feline appearance when curled. The hairs are spread out a little more than some of the other Mink Lash options, but this style retains volume at the base. This effect creates an especially feminine, fluttery appearance that will allow you to bat your eyelashes in style.

  • Hair length: 6 – 1.8 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

Mink Lash Audrey:

The Huda Beauty Lashes Full Review [2020 Update] Audrey Hepburn is a timeless fashion and cinema icon, and the Mink Audrey lashes were named in her honor. Just like Miss Hepburn herself, these lashes are supposed to be sophisticated, elegant, and classic. This style of lash fans out toward the end, opening the eye in an incredibly feminine and cutesy way, suited for a doe-eyed look. The lashes are long and mostly straight, appearing very natural when applied. As with all the other mink lashes, the Audrey lashes cost $39.

  • Hair length: 8 – 1.5 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

Mink Lash Marilyn:

Huda beauty eyelashes Mink Lash Marilyn Of course, the mink Marilyn lashes are named after Marilyn Monroe. For this reason, they are meant to be the most glamorous in the collection, representing the actress exquisitely. These lashes have a slight cat eye effect, but the main focus is their criss-crossed lash look. This creates a lot of volume, all while maintaining a fluttery lightness, ideal for opening up the eye and adding a sense of allure. A couple of coats of mascara and a vibrant red lip are great additions to the Marilyn lashes, which cost $39.

  • Hair length: 5 – 1.8 cm
  • Band length: 5 cm
  • Band thickness: 1 mm

Lash Glue Dark Tone 7g:

None of the eyelashes sold by Huda Beauty come with their own lash glue – this is sold separately. The Huda Beauty lash glue costs $18 and is sold in a 7g tube. It is a powerful lash adhesive that dries within seconds for a stronghold. It won’t budge during rain, floods of tears, hot summers or any situation for that matter. One of the best parts about Huda Beauty’s lash glue is that it has a dark tone to it, meaning it blends in seamlessly with the lash band, enhancing the lashline and creating the illusion of thicker lashes – who needs eyeliner?!

The Huda beauty lashes 214

“Huda Beauty lashes are my all time favorite!! Giselle was the first pair I got since she started with the lashes business, but I would also recommend Samantha. Great for beginners and so easy to wear them. The best thing, however, is that you can wear them over and over again and it will stay looking brand new.”

Our Final Thoughts on the Huda Beauty Lashes

Something to note about Huda Beauty lashes is that most styles are made from synthetic and natural fibers and are completely cruelty-free. If you are interested in wearing cruelty-free makeup, Huda lashes are absolutely perfect. Of course, the mink collection is made from mink fur and therefore not suitable for vegans, therefore, those looking to avoid companies who use any animal products at all might not be fans of Huda Beauty. They claim that their mink lashes are made from “cruelty-free” premium mink fur, but this is quite a contradictory statement. Each style is hand designed by Huda Kattan herself, which speaks volumes about the effort put into making these products. The slight variation in lash length is a result of production – all lashes are handcrafted.