The Huda Beauty Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

April 28, 2019
Becca Verified Buyer April 28, 2019


Due to short, sparse lashes and hooded eyes, I prefer wearing falsies almost regularly. Classic Lash Sasha #11 helps me having a polished day look. They are so light that could hardly sense any miniature over my eyelids. I am really grateful that I switched to Huda for a pleasantly warm look.

April 23, 2019
Diana Verified Buyer April 23, 2019


I am a professional make-up artist. I believe that eyes without lashes are like bread without butter. The grace that comes with Classic Lash Carmen #9 lashes is praiseworthy. Mostly I groom club squads and apply high-power lashes on them. My clients reported me that they were bound to lure attention in the pubs or evening nights.

April 19, 2019
Amaya Verified Buyer April 19, 2019


Classic Lash Scarlett #8 are truly fantastic. I am a frequent lash user and prefer an understated look that comes only after applying Huda falsies. It’s enormous volume and ideal design makes it compatible to all kinds of eyes. I and my friend use it regularly and are happy to have intense dark eyes.

April 11, 2019
Abby Verified Buyer April 11, 2019

So sexy

I don’t believe that lashes made me look so sexy. Someone told me that I look as enthralling as a cover picture of a 1960s edition of Vogue. All credits to Classic Lash Candy #5 that gave me vintage-style, smoky lashes. I doubt if I was so fond of lashes before I met Huda.

April 5, 2019
Julie Verified Buyer April 5, 2019

Lovely lashes!

Lovely lashes! I have tried Classic Lash Coco Jo #4 just once and I was stunned to see my flirty, glamorous face. Apart from enriching my eyes, Huda made sure that they do not compromise my comfort zone. Despite adding the density, they did not weigh my eyes down.

March 29, 2019
Sandra Verified Buyer March 29, 2019


Classic Lash Alyssa #2 has startled me with its quality. Normally I have sparse lashes, and because Alyssa #2 as individual lash inserts, these falsies would be absolutely perfect. Now I feel secure for the fact that these accessories mimic the entire length of my actual lashes with minimal irritation.

March 21, 2019
Riley Verified Buyer March 21, 2019

Very natural

Wake up girls. If you are a huge freak of wearing lashes just like me, then hurry! Classic Lash Monique #3 brings to you the wishful fashion statement for eyes. I have used these several times and nothing can be more natural than these lashes. My winged cat-eye makeup look turns people around.

March 12, 2019
Rihana Verified Buyer March 12, 2019

Transformed me from a simple town girl to a gorgeous lady

Is this me or some royal princess? Classic Lash Giselle #1, you have literally transformed me from a simple town girl to a gorgeous lady. I can clearly do day-to-night makeup transition – direct from my work to the cocktail bar. No additions or deletions required midway. It stays as long as you wish to.

March 6, 2019
Kate Verified Buyer March 6, 2019


Whoa! After using Huda Beauty lashes, my face glistens and trust my words when I look into the mirror, it’s just amazing balls. Easy application and hassle-free evenings are all possible with these eye curlies. The ultimate collection takes away my heart. I love wearing feathery lashes.

February 28, 2019
Kaisha Verified Buyer February 28, 2019


What a variety of Huda presents. Stupendous! Freedom to create my own style at any time for anywhere. No matter whatever the occasion is? My glittering eyes are always wandering to enjoy the eve. And of course, Thanks Huda Beauty lashes for enhancing my eye makeover to a state where I feel the prettiest.

February 21, 2019
Selena Harrison Verified Buyer February 21, 2019

Decent lashes

I liked these lashes overall, the only thing i found was that they were a bit overwhelming for my smaller sized eyes. Would probably best fit someone going for a more dramatic looking. They were still designed very well and of good quality.

February 14, 2019
Monica Verified Buyer February 14, 2019

wonderful mink falsies

Super lightweight, top of the line mink falsies. Will definitely go back for more. Thanks alleyelashes for the thorough review.

February 8, 2019
Dagny Johannsdottir Verified Buyer February 8, 2019

Use these for my clients often

I am a makeup artist in Scandinavia and I often uses Huda lashes on my clients. Big fan over here

February 3, 2019
Lucille Verified Buyer February 3, 2019

top class lashes for artists in the industry

I often use these on my makeup clients. The look these falsies give is excellent!

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