The Tatti Lashes Full Review [2020 Update]

December 28, 2018

“I completely understand why celebs like the Kardashians and Cardi B are wearing Tatti Lashes. I've become a big fan myself, and I especially love the mink collection.”

The History of Tatti Eyelashes

Created by two best friends from Liverpool, England who have been a part of the beauty industry for more than a decade, Tatti Lashes was created as a way to bring luxury quality to the everyday individual, at an extremely affordable price. Beginning in the basement of a beauty salon, Tatti Lashes has now grown to become a massive eyelash company, worn by the biggest American celebrities, including the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Jeffree Star, Christina Aguilera, Chrissy Teigen, Cardi B, Paris Hilton, and many others. The creators of Tatti Lashes, Charlotte Tiplady and Elliot Barton, may only still be in their 20s, but they have managed to create a global eyelash empire, all sparked by the fact that they were appalled with the price of many luxury falsies on the market. So, instead of simply accepting the way the industry was being run, they did something to change it. From their start entering the Liverpool market, Tatti Lashes now sells products to 82 countries and counting, and we know for a fact that this is only just the beginning for these 2 hardworking and dedicated young business entrepreneurs.


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Where to Buy Tatti Lashes

Tatti Lashes are an online false eyelash brand, meaning that it will be challenging to find these falsies anywhere in person. Luckily, it is extremely easy to order Tatti Lashes online. The best place to start would be on their official website, and they also offer a special Makeup Artist (MUA) discount, which is 60% off. To be able to get this deal, it is best to purchase directly from Tatti Lashes, and for those who need lashes urgently, they can make arrangements for next day delivery. Currently, they service around 80 countries, but this amount will continue to grow as the brand gains greater popularity. If you don’t want to purchase lashes directly from the Tatti Lashes website, you can also find them at popular lash retailer, along with, and

Tatti Lashes Products

At the moment, Tatti Lashes has 5 primary eyelash categories, in which their styles are grouped mostly by material and design. These categories include; Human Hair Lashes, 3D Luxury Mink Lashes, 3D Brazilian Lashes, Mink Strip Lashes, and Russian Volume & Classic Lashes. We are not really sure which category is our favorite, but their 3D Luxury Mink falsies are quite new and innovative, so it definitely caught our attention. In this section, we’ll walk you through each of the groups and discuss some of the styles, as well as their attributes.

Human Hair Lashes

Constructed from lightweight sterilized human hair that feels both lightweight and glamorous, this section is named after the material used for the eyelash styles. Each hair is organized on a clear band for ultimate comfort and invisibility, and Tatti claims that these styles are ideal both day and night, whether you want to appear more natural, or glam it up to dramatic dimensions. The lashes in this section all cost around $7.00 USD.

Tatti Lashes TL15:

tatti lashes tl15 Medium in length with a uniform lash length along the entire band, the TL15 style is balanced and multi-layered, designed to plump up your natural lashes and give them a little extra volume, length, and curl, resulting in gorgeously open eyes. Adhesive is included with this lash style.

Tatti Lashes TL20:

tatti lashes tl20 The TL20 is quite different from many of the designs within the human hair collection, for it is essentially a series of thicker hair clusters that are arranged on an invisible lash band, which offers a wispy and organic appearance. The hair clusters are longest towards the center of the lash and become shorter at the inner and outer corners. This is useful for overly elongated eyes that desire a rounder appearance, but really the TL20 design is suitable for just about any eye shape. These falsies are incredibly lightweight and adhesive is included.

“My only wish is that I could purchase Tatti Lashes in store. It is frustrating to always have to shop online. I hope that they start stocking these falsies at some point in store.”

3D Luxury Mink Lashes

Made from real mink fur, the 3D Luxury Mink Lashes by Tatti Lashes are a favorite of numerous celebrities, like the Kardashians, NikkieTutorials, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and others. These falsies are lightweight, super soft, and dramatic, ideal for those who want to look and feel glamorous. They are fluffy, bold, and a deep black tone which all makes them an essential part of any dolled-up look. The 3D Luxury Mink Lashes are definitely some of the most expensive eyelashes that Tatti Lashes has to offer, costing around $12.00 USD per pair, which is nevertheless a bargain. They are advertised as wearable up to 20 times.

Tatti Lashes TL1:

tatti lashes tl1 Medium length with an even lash length all the way around the band, these super soft and luxurious eyelashes are similar to the Tatti Lashes TL23 style, except they are curlier and filled with way more sass, giving them some additional factors that help to amplify your eyes that much more. Featuring a multi-layered design, these falsies are a combination of lash hair clusters, some of which criss-cross one another for a smoother finish. Adhesive is included when you purchase a pair of these false eyelashes.

Tatti Lashes TL6:

tatti lashes tl6 Curly, wispy, and fluffy, these interesting lashes are a lighter version of the TL2 lashes, featuring curlier hairs and a lash band that is even thinner for easier application and a comfortable fit. TL6 can help you produce the sexy, smoldering, and sultry eye look that you have always dreamed of, with an even wing that accentuates rounder eyes and elongates them, bringing about extra definition and desired shape. Even though this set may be the most suited for rounder eyes, these falsies are honestly ideal for all eye shapes and eye sizes, because they are somewhat light and extremely fluffy, giving off an airy, whimsical vibe. Adhesive is included in the package when you buy these lashes.

3D Brazilian Lashes

Made from a cruelty-free and vegan-friendly silk material, which is not actually silk but a specialized synthetic fiber blend, the 3D Brazilian Lashes by Tatti Lashes are an ideal day to night transitional collection, ideal for moving you between the natural glamor of the daytime, to the high-intensity drama of the nighttime. These falsies are fluffy, soft, and oh so light, they can hardly be felt when they are laying against the natural lashes. All of these lashes have a unique fanned design, which not only keeps them looking smooth and luxurious but also realistic and believable. Advertised as multi-use up to 15-20 times, the 3D Brazilian Lashes collection sits at a medium price range, with most pairs costing around $10.00 USD.

Tatti Lashes TL21:

tatti lashes tl21 Ideal for bridal makeup, wedding makeup, and everyday use, these silky soft Brazilian style lashes are designed with a slight angle, giving off a winged appearance which elongates rounder eyes and helps to open up and brighten all eye shapes. These lashes feature a thinner lash band, with lash hairs that are shorter at the inner corners, becoming the longest by the outer corners. The TL21 has an especially natural and seamless look, which will look just like a flawless coat of the world’s best mascara, which might very well convince people around you that these are your natural lashes. Adhesive is included along with these lashes.

Tatti Lashes TL25:

where to buy tatti lashes tl25 With a unique, gappy lash design, the Tatti Lashes TL25 is an interesting style, because it features lash clusters that alternate between long and short. This creates a 3 dimensional, voluminous appearance, that is simultaneously lightweight, fluffy, and super long. These falsies are soft and airy, which makes them perfect for a more bohemian getup, where you still want your makeup to look its best. When you buy these falsies, your package will arrive complete with adhesive.

Mink Strip Lashes

The Mink Strip Lashes by Tatti Lashes are designed with a special double layered design and all real mink fur, which creates a whole world of opportunities for its wearer, who can achieve some pretty unreal appearances with these falsies. Multi-dimensional, lengthy, and voluminous, these Mink Strip Lashes are a celebrity favorite, having been worn by famous individuals, such as Kris Jenner, Christina Aguilera, and Paris Hilton. They are said to be worn up to 15-20 times, which is average when compared with other, similar brands, but it is the collection’s flexible, comfortable lash band which adds to why it is so desirable amongst Tatti Lashes customers. These mink options are a bit cheaper than the 3D Luxury Mink Lashes, costing only about $10.00 USD per pair.

Tatti Lashes TL19:

tatti eyelashes tl19 A natural lash that is thinner towards the inner corners, doubling up in volume by the outer corners, the Tatti Lashes TL19 is rather flawless and generates a romantic, yet polished appearance, which is suitable for bridal events, along with just everyday wear. On top of these occasions, the TL19 is wonderful for parties and daytime festivities, because it is subtle enough to go unnoticed, in the sense that passersby won’t assume you have any falsies on. Creating a subtle wing with angled hairs, these falsies are soft and elegant, all while maintaining a calm class. Adhesive is included with every package of these fake lashes.

Tatti Lashes TL36:

tatti lashes tl36 These lashes might not be ideal for everyone – they are definitely a style that is up to date with the current trends, TL36 is an intriguing design that is similar to the TL35 lash, except curlier and fuller volume. The edges are winged out, but the lash band itself is filled with hair clusters, which are heavily alternating between very short and much longer. This produces a somewhat dramatic and captivating effect, which may not be ideal for individuals desiring falsies that are more natural or believable. The TL36 is certainly a high-fashion appropriate eyelash style, so for those who enjoy standing out and being bold, this is quintessential. Adhesive is included when you purchase these falsies.

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Russian Volume & Classic Lashes

These are extensive sets of individual lash hairs that are designed with an innovative form, ideal for professionals intending to apply semi-permanent eyelash extensions for clients. These eyelash sets are not for all customers, but rather for the trained eyelash extension professionals desiring a reliable and flawless appearing selection, which can create some incredible 3D and 4D style eyelash looks. Eyelash extensions are a clever alternative to wearing falsies, but they are quite a bit more pricey, and require a touch-up every 2-4 weeks, depending on the individual. For this reason, many people choose to stick with applying their eyelash strips now and then with regular old adhesive, but for women desiring a little extra wow that does not need to be self-maintained, opting for eyelash extensions performed by a professional is the way to go.

“I'm an eyelash extension professional and have been recently opting for the Russian lashes by Tatti to use on my clients. They have all been extremely happy with the results and the prices are affordable.”

The Downsides of Tatti Lashes

It is only realistic that everything in life will have some downsides, which includes even the best, most reputable brands. In order to provide the most impartial review possible, we will mention the aspects of Tatti Lashes that we didn’t like or thought might not appeal to all individuals:

  • Because Tatti Lashes is an online-only brand, it may not be suitable for those who want to see each lash in person. Thankfully, these falsies won’t break the bank, so even if for some reason a style you select doesn’t please you, you will not have lost very much.
  • Currently only being sold in 82 countries, if you happen to live in one of the areas that Tatti Lashes does not service, you won’t be able to purchase their products. This will change as the company continues to grow and expand.
  • Tatti Lashes is not a completely vegan or cruelty-free brand, so for those who stay away from all companies that sell animal products, this would not be the brand for you.

How We Rate Tatti Lashes

Company Reputability: 98% Worn by a long list of ultra-famous celebrities and holding a strong social media following, we’ve awarded Tatti Lashes a rather high score when it comes to company reputability. The owners have been in the makeup business for over a decade, and definitely know what they’re doing. Not to mention, if the company wasn’t reputable, they would not have grown to the level of success that they already have, so we absolutely feel like this is a brand that can be trusted. Price: 99% Honestly, it would be difficult to find a better price anywhere for the type of quality that you’re getting with Tatti Lashes. Most of this brand’s falsies cost around $7-13, which is a drugstore price with luxury quality. When compared with more expensive, high-end brands like Velour, Esqido, Huda Beauty, and Lilly Lashes, Tatti Lashes rank in at about half the price.

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Quality: 98% Plenty of makeup artists, celebrities and everyday individuals have been extremely satisfied with the quality of Tatti Lashes, which shows that they definitely hold up to their statements of luxury standards. Whether it’s their human hair lashes, cruelty-free silk lashes, or the real mink falsies, all of the various styles are well made, and the designs are thought through and well-executed. We would say that the quality of Tatti products is at the same level as adored lash brand Velour, which is saying a lot. Variety: 95% Some mega lash brands like Kiss, Eylure, and Ardell offer endless options, which can certainly be wonderful for those who want plenty to choose from, but we believe that Tatti Lashes sells the right amount of selections. There is still a ton of variety, while not being overwhelming or overly repetitive. They typically offer around 10-15 choices for each category, which seems to be a sweet spot – not too many, not too few. Durability: 92% Depending on the style, Tatti Lashes claims that their falsies can be worn between 15-20 times, which is excellent, but possibly not as multi-use brands that advertise 20-25 wears, such as Azlo Lashes. Regardless, Tatti Lashes are still extremely durable, which is why we have still awarded them a high rating.

The Final Verdict on Tatti Lashes

All in all, we are quite happy with the Tatti Lashes brand, along with their luxury feel products that also just so happen to be extremely affordable. This combination can go wrong when advertised, but we found that their falsies truly actually were lightweight, comfortable and high-quality, and the low price, of course, proved to also be true. For professional makeup artists and those who buy many pairs at once, Tatti eyelashes are offered at unbeatable prices. We also really appreciate how hard the owners of this brand worked to make their vision come true. It is clear to us that Tatti Lashes was developed through determination and the execution of a passion and dream. For this reason, we have awarded Tatti Lashes an overall 5-star rating, because we not only support their attitude of handling business but their lovely products as well.