The 10 Best Fake Eyelashes that Look Natural

Eliza Barlow
May 28, 2019

Eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelashes. The beauty world can’t stop talking about false eyelashes. Some people wear them dramatic. Some people wear them fluffy. Some people wear them ultra subtle. There are so many ways to wear fake lashes. If natural false lashes is what you’re aiming for, you’re in luck. Aside from learning certain tips on how to get natural eyelashes, it’s also all about picking the right falsies to complement your eyes and the results you’re hoping to achieve. Natural looking false lashes do exist, and they aren’t a dime a dozen either. Rather, it isn’t challenging to find the best natural fake eyelashes — you just need to know where to begin your search. In this article, we’ll run you through 10 of the best natural looking false eyelashes on the market, so that you can get that earthy, fresh-faced, and organic look you desire from the get-go. We’ll show you how to find the best fake eyelashes to buy, along with mentioning some of the best selling false eyelashes that topped our list. Keep reading to discover the 10 best natural looking false lashes…

The Best False Eyelashes for a Natural Look

№1 – Azlo Lashes: Classy

A relatively new eyelash company that is based out of both San Francisco and Los Angeles, Azlo Lashes carries an inspiring message of promoting animal rights and encouraging people to feel beautiful within themselves, regardless of the makeup they wear. Each pair of Azlo lashes is named after a personality that helps to cultivate self-empowerment and self-love. On top of having a line of heart warming, only vegan-friendly eyelashes that meet the cruelty-free standards of animal rights activists like PETA, we also believe that the Azlo false eyelashes in the style Classy are some of the best natural eyelashes available. For this reason, Classy tops our list of natural looking lashes.

Features of Classy by Azlo Lashes:

  • Made from 100% cruelty-free “silk” synthetic material
  • Ultra lightweight and durable lashes constructed on a flexible, comfortable cotton band
  • Wearable for up to 20 times – great value for your money
  • Azlo’s most natural lash, designed with multi-length hair clusters that slightly overlap one another
  • Easy to trim and adjust to meet your exact eye shape and eye size
  • Affordable: around $25.00 (USD)

№2 – Ardell Lashes: 150 Soft Touch Natural

Ardell has to be one of the biggest names in beauty to this day. They’ve been at the forefront of this industry for many decades, starting out way back in 1971. Fast forward to 2020, Ardell offers more than 125 different unique false lash styles, meaning there’s bound to be an option for just about everyone. Although the brand offers plenty of natural fake lashes, there are a few selections that stood out to us above the rest. The style 150 Soft Touch Natural, in particular, is an incredible option if what you want is the best natural lashes possible for an immensely affordable price.

Ardell Lashes

Features of 150 Soft Touch Natural by Ardell Lashes:

  • Made from vegan-friendly synthetic fibers
  • Light volume, short length lashes to give your eyes just a little something extra
  • Short length hairs that taper slightly towards the outer corners with a gentle crisscrossed style
  • Pre-curved lash band creates a comfy fit for the eyes
  • Suitable for even the smallest sized eyes due to its compact size
  • Extremely affordable: around $5.00 (USD)

№3 – Tatti Lashes: Human Hair Lashes TL14

The story of Tatti Lashes involves hardworking and dedication to a craft, along with creating opportunities within a beauty industry that had a demand to fulfill. Created by two best friends from Liverpool, England who had been a part of the beauty industry for more than a decade, Tatti Lashes generated a way for any individual to purchase affordable, luxury-quality falsies. Although the majority of Tatti Lashes styles are a bit more on the dramatic side, the brand does offer some natural looking fake lashes. It was a bit challenging to decide which one would make our best natural looking false eyelashes list, but we ultimately decided to include the outstanding TL14 selection.

Features of Human Hair Lashes TL14 by Tatti Lashes:

  • Made from 100% sterilized human hair
  • Delicate, web-like clusters combine and slightly overlap for a soft appearance
  • Medium length lashes with low volume that simply amplify the natural beauty of the eyes
  • Design creates a natural fullness that is especially suitable for natural lash lovers
  • A clear, comfortable band helps blend the falsies in with the natural lash line
  • Affordable: around $10 (USD)


№4 – Urban Decay: Urban Lash Xriss Xross

Holding its superb status as a top makeup brand for more than two decades, Urban Decay was created by two savvy women as a way to bring brighter, less traditional colors to a mostly neutral makeup industry. With plenty of wild shades and intriguing designs to choose from, Urban Decay is never afraid to think outside of the box but they also don’t want to limit their market. For this reason, they also offer natural looking false lashes. The Urban Lash Xriss Xross is an interesting set of crisscrossed individual lashes, presented in small clusters of varying lengths and thicknesses. Part of why these babies made our best natural looking lashes list, is due to the versatility of their design but also for how innovative they are.

Features of Urban Lash Xriss Xross by Urban Decay:

  • Made from 100% cruelty-free lash fibers
  • Set of 30 lash clusters for ultimate customization with a few lengths to choose from
  • Wispy, crisscrossed design gives the lightest, feather-like lashes
  • Can be built up for a more dramatic effect
  • For everyday wear and all occasions
  • Affordable: around $15.00 (USD)

№5 – Velour Lashes: Are Those Real?

A brand dedicated to producing only false eyelashes and related products, Velour Lashes has developed into an incredible falsies provider over the years, and their excellent eyelashes explain why. Velour does use a lot of mink, vegans be warned, so their options aren’t for everyone unless opting for their cruelty-free silk lash line. Velour also doesn’t have the most natural looking fake lashes typically speaking, but a select few styles are top quality, which is why one selection in specific, Are Those Real?, has made our best natural looking false lashes list.

Features of Are Those Real? by Velour Lashes:

  • Made from real mink fur; not suitable for vegans
  • Designed with a lighter density for a seamless blend with the natural lash line
  • One of the more dramatic natural styles on this list, for someone that wants to look organic but still a tad polished
  • Pattern mimics the way natural eyelashes grow to appear more genuine
  • Made with an ultra comfy cotton lash band
  • Higher-end pricing: around $29.00 (USD)

№6 – Lena Lashes: Elle

A lash brand truly killing it, Lena Lashes is based out of Louisiana in the United States and has already racked up more than 250,000 Instagram followers, albeit starting out only in 2016. Crafting both a range of cruelty-free synthetic lashes and mink falsies for added diversity, there are plenty of selections to choose from no matter the individual. Even if the more organic lash styles aren’t many, the two primary types that Lena Lashes offers are solid, Elle being one of them. The rounded and super fluffy look of Elle is what got this set a spot on our best natural false lashes roundup.

Features of Elle by Lena Lashes:

  • Crafted with real mink fur; not suitable for vegans
  • Feather-like design with a rounded shape that remains similar in length from the inner corners to the outer corners
  • Gentle overlap in fine lash hairs to add slight volume and definition to the lash line
  • Handmade super comfortable, easy to apply lash band made with delicate cotton thread
  • Subtle and sweet for everyday wear
  • Higher-end pricing: around $30.00 (USD)

№7 – House of Lashes: Au Naturale

With a purpose of designing cruelty-free eyelashes that can be worn by any eye shape or eye size, it is quite incredible all the low-priced, high-quality styles that House of Lashes has managed to design. They have plenty of variety on their online shop, with lighter weight variations of many of their most popular false eyelash types. House of Lashes surprisingly offers quite a few on-the-down-low lash looks so it would make sense why their style Au Naturale could secure a spot on our best natural looking fake lashes list. Look out for this brand both online and at some Sephora stores with their House of Lashes x Sephora collaborations.

Features of Au Naturale by House of Lashes:

  • Made from 100% sterilized human hair; cruelty-free
  • Fun and flirty lightweight lash design for a wispy girl-next-door effect
  • Shorter length lashes for less drama: 5mm (inner), 10mm (center), 8mm (outer); 33mm band
  • Interwoven web-like pattern adds delicate texture to natural lashes
  • Ideal for everyday wear for a gentle enhancement of the eyes
  • Affordable: around $9.00 (USD)

House of Lashes: Au Naturale

№8 – Eylure: Naturals No. 020

With its beginnings back in 1940s Britain, Eylure was founded by two talented brothers working as makeup artists in the film industry who felt there was a serious lack of high-quality materials to work with. The siblings decided to create their own products, and Eylure came into fruition. Flash forward to the 21st century and Eylure is available in numerous drug stores and beauty shops all across the globe. The company has certainly made its impact, and we must say that the Naturals No. 020 style is one of the best natural fake lashes out there; essentially being the little black dress of the eyelash world.

Features of Naturals No. 020 by Eylure:

  • Crafted from cruelty-free synthetic fibers
  • Featuring an extremely lightweight design for all day wear and comfort
  • Gossamer style lashes that add a sweet and subtle enhancement of eyelash length and depth
  • Delicate thin strip lashes with sparse hairs add a gentle emphasis
  • Ideal for everyday wear, even at the office because these falsies won’t irritate your eyes
  • Very affordable: around $7.00 (USD)

№9 – KISS: Poise

KISS, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of professional quality beauty products, not only produces its notorious nail products but they have made their mark in the false eyelash industry as well. Releasing their Looks So Natural collection not long ago, this set of falsies boasts some of the most natural looking false lashes out there. We chose the Poise as our list contender because it is a bit on the more dramatic side when compared with their other options such as the lash Shy, for those who really want to be a bit bolder and amp up their down-to-earth appearance just a tad extra.

Features of Poise by KISS:

  • Made from cruelty-free, synthetic yet soft lash fibers
  • Intensely wispy design that adds a bit of drama and definition to the eyes, while still remaining airy and organic
  • Part of the KISS Looks So Natural collection
  • Innovative tapered end technology and an angeled, overlapping design to smooth in better with natural lashes
  • Ideal for rounder eye shapes especially that would like to lengthen the outer corners ever so slightly
  • Very affordable: 2-pack costs around $6.00 (USD)

KISS: Poise

№10 – MAC Cosmetics: 30 Lash

MAC Cosmetics definitely doesn’t just specialize in eyelashes; this mega-brand is notorious worldwide for its impact in the makeup community, being one of the go-to brands for many makeup artists and makeup professionals. MAC isn’t typically known for its natural looks; the work typically presented by this company is dramatic, colorful, and bright to say the least, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to find more organic, down-to-earth options. One of the best natural looking fake eyelashes around actually comes from MAC. The 30 Lash is a set of durable individual lash hairs, which are some of the best fake individual eyelashes and fully customizable and buildable depending on your prefered intensity and effect.

Features of the 30 Lash by MAC Cosmetics:

  • Individual lash clusters come in 3 different lengths for ultimate customizability
  • Versatile with lashes of varying densities and designs
  • Lightweight and durable if applied properly
  • Lashes are handmade and designed to unique specifications
  • Add a few for natural radiance, and build for a day to night transition
  • Moderately affordable: around $17.00 (USD) per pack

Our Final Verdict on the 10 Best Fake Eyelashes that Look Natural

We understand that it can be quite a difficult journey at times navigating through the selections of false eyelashes available. For this reason, we hope this best fake eyelashes list can serve as a helpful resource. It’s hard to say what our number pick is because determining the best falsies is very much dependent on the eye size and eye shape of the wearer. For this reason, we’d say our top three picks are Classy by Azlo Lashes (great for monolid eyes and smaller eye sizes), TL14 by Tatti Lashes (great for very small eye sizes), and the MAC 30 Lashes (great for a fully customizable, buildable look). At the end of the day, finding that perfect pair of natural looking false lashes might take a little bit of trial and error but at least now you’ll have a direction to begin your search.