Velour Lashes Full Review [2019 Update]

October 9, 2018

Velour Lashes Full Review [2019 Update] 25

Velour Mink Lashes

Velour Mink Lashes are a range of Velour false lashes made from mink fur. They are soft to the touch and replicate the smooth quality of animal fur. Although perhaps not the best for those completely against the use of animal products, Velour mink eyelashes are so high quality, it isn’t possible to find any Velour lashes dupes that are worth your money.

This range of mink lashes can cost you a pretty penny, but you’re paying for ultra high-quality lashes made from real fur; that’s why a Velour lashes dupe won’t give you the same longevity, quality or stunning beauty.

If you are wondering where to buy Velour Mink Lashes it’s best to visit the Velour lashes official website or shop straight from Ulta Beauty or Sephora – two official retailers for Velour products.

The available range of mink lashes includes styles like the Velour Lashes ‘Complete Me’. The options are all quite stunning, so let’s take a look at each unique choice:

Velour Mink Lashes Products

Here to SLAY:

best false eyelashes velour Here To Slay

With tons of glamorous volume, the Here to SLAY lashes feature a whispy, boho-style crisscrossed band of hairs made of mink fur. These three-dimensional lashes are super long and will brush your brow bone, but are still light enough to look fluttery and natural. The Here to SLAY lashes will set you back $29.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 15mm

Dream Girl:

fake eyelashes review velour Dream Girl 66

A great feature of the Dream Girl mink lashes is the invisible band: these falsies blend seamlessly with your eyes and make it appear as if you have naturally long lashes. These lashes are multi-layered, making your lash-line look beautifully thick. Get ready for dreamy, whimsical length with these lashes. They will cost $29.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 8 – 14mm


fake lashes reviews velour Serendipity 51

A wonderful first-date look, the Serendipity lashes are wispy, lightweight and very natural looking, despite their considerable length. The dark mink fur ensures that your eyelashes look black and beautiful, with the length fanning out near the outer corners of your eyes to create a winged, feminine appearance.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 6 – 11mm

Are Those Real?:

buy fake eyelashes velour Are Those Real 73

Designed for everyday wear, the Velour lashes in the Are Those Real? style is intended to mimic the way your natural eyelashes grow. They are not very densely packed at the base, allowing them to blend nicely with your natural lashes, and the length increases gradually from the inner corner to the outer corner. This option costs $29.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 5 – 12mm

Rich and Fluffy:

buy fake eyelashes velour Rich And Fluffy 14

These lashes are not for the faint of heart – Rich and Fluffy are thick, dark and long. Stacked for extra volume, these mink lashes are very feathery and the longest at the center. The darkness of these lashes means they blend very well with a smokey eyeshadow look. They will cost you $29.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 5 – 15mm


buy fake eyelashes velour Sinful 35

Made with a unique V-pattern across the band, the Sinful lashes wing out subtly at the outer corners, with flicked-up lashes to give you the perfect, flirty cat-eye. The density of the mink lashes at the base means they will give your natural lashes a volume boost, and the crisscrossed pattern ensures that they remain natural-looking.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 8 – 13mm


buy fake eyelashes velour Darkside 63

Just like Sinful, Darkside is designed in a V-pattern, creating a doll-like effect on any eye shape. That being said, these long, voluminous lashes are ideal for doe-eyes, as they will just pop your eyes right open, showing off your natural allure.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 8 – 12mm

Whisp It Real Good:

individual lashes review velour Whisp It Real Good 51

The Velour Whisp It Real Good lashes are designed to give your eyes a full volume, with dark mink fur and lashes made into a V-pattern. The length increases towards the outer corners, creating a beautiful winged effect that will have you winking away. The mink hairs are so thin and delicate that these lashes appear fluttery and whispy – perfectly natural.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 6 – 12mm

Whispie Me Away:

false eyelshes velour Whispie Me Away 82

The Velour Lashes Whispie Me Away mink eyelashes can help you achieve a stunningly natural look. Gradient clusters of mink hair allow them to blend seamlessly in with your natural lashes. The hairs on the inner corners are very short, fanning out gradually to the outer corners where they are at their longest.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 12mm

See Through:

fake eyelashes review Velour See Through 2

Aptly named, the See Through lashes are so long that you will have to bat your eyelashes to “see through” them. Made of a dark black mink fur, the crisscrossed flared pattern of these lashes mimics the look of natural eyelashes but provides you with the full volume of gorgeous falsies. The length reaches its maximum at the outer corners, creating a beautiful and sexy look that pairs well with any makeup style.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 4 – 14mm

Oops! Naughty Me:

eyelash reviews velour Oops Naughty Me 23

Costing $29, the Oops Naughty Me lashes were inspired by pin-up girls. They are the ultimate lashes for giving you a natural yet doll-like appearance, with the longest lashes clustered in the center. They will open up your eyes and make your natural lashes seem dark and thick, but the ends remain feminine and wispy.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 8 – 12mm

Carli Lash:

buy fake eyelashes Velour Review Carli Lash 51

Still costing only $29, the Velour lashes Carli Lash has a very unique design featuring clusters of wispy lashes with crisscrossed, thin lashes in between. The Velour Carli lashes were produced as a collaboration between renowned beauty blogger Carli Bybel and Velour, with Carli playing a part in the design process herself. To create the Carli Lash, Velour uses mink fur, which is dark enough to add volume and thin enough to retain a natural appearance. In order to make your eyes look more feminine and flirty, the Velour Lashes Carli Lash fans out towards the outer corners.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 5 – 15mm

“I ordered a pair of these the other week and these are my now go to lashes. Another 5 pairs on order as we speak! Love these.”


fake lashes reviews velour Winging 60

The ultimate in winged lashes, the Velour Lashes #WINGing style features very short, clustered lashes on the inner corners and long, fluttery lashes at the outer corners. These are absolutely perfect for a winged eyeliner look, for the dark lash band blends in well with a dark liner and adds to the impact of your makeup.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 5 – 15mm

Got It From My Momma!:

false eyelshes velour Got It From My Momma 18

The Got It From My Momma! lashes are similar to the You Complete Me lashes, only shorter and possessing a more natural length gradient. These lashes are perfect for everyday wear and are suited to people who want a less bold and intense makeup appearance– the Got It From My Momma! style will blend so well with your natural eyelashes that people will think you grew them yourself.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 8 – 10mm

Whispie Sweet Nothings:

luxe lashes review velour Whispie Sweet Nothings 55

One of the top sellers, the Velour Whispie Sweet Nothings are natural-looking, wispy lashes that are well suited to a doe-eyed look. The mink hair in these lashes is super long but not too thick, and not too densely packed together. Nevertheless, they are much darker than most people’s natural lashes, and will certainly enhance your natural look.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 14mm

Doll Me Up:

best false eyelashes velour Doll Me Up 14

If you’re going for that porcelain doll kind of look, the Velour Doll Me Up lashes are ideal. The Velour Doll Me Up style features a long-short pattern that runs the length of the whole lash band, with the longest sections in the center of the eye to open it up and make those peepers pop. It’s unlikely that you’ll feel let down by these lashes, as the Velour Lashes Doll Me Up design is one of the company’s all-time best sellers. If you’re looking for a Velour Doll Me Up Lashes sister style, then the #WINGing option is quite similar.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 5 – 15mm

You Complete Me:

best false eyelashes velour You Complete Me 77

The Velour Lashes You Complete Me style has a natural volume, with a super natural gradient pattern. As well as the length from the inner to the outer corners, the thickness of the hairs also increases. These lashes will blend in perfectly with your own, with a beautiful length that is perfect for the no-makeup makeup look.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 4 – 14mm

Flash It!:

velour lashes flash it

With a whispy, crisscrossed cluster design, the Flash It! understated are long, voluminous and lightweight. They are longest in the center, designed to open up the eye and give you a flirtatious, doll-like look.

  • Band: Invisible

What the Fluff?!:

buy fake eyelashes velour What The Fluff 85

Velour Lashes What the Fluff?! are super thick, full-volume lashes with layered, fluffy curls. The key is in the name here, as these lashes are designed specifically to be fluffy. They aren’t the most natural lashes around, but the What The Fluff?! Velour lashes are perfect for a glammed up, impactful makeup look and will go great with dark eyeshadows.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 5 – 15mm

It’s Sho Fluffy!:

buy fake eyelashes Velour It’s Sho Fluffy 53

These lashes are fluffy and whispy, thick and delicate – they’re great for almost any occasion. Costing $29, these lashes are longest in the center, with a cluster design that appears natural yet voluminous.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 14mm

Girl, You !:

best false lashes velour Girl You Craazy 22

The Velour Lashes Girls You CRAAZY! selection is a unique, whacky design. There’s a method to this madness, though. At first glance, you will notice that these lashes feature a thin-thick criss-cross pattern that appears completely random; they’re a little wild but also natural.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 14mm

Lash In The City:

false eyelshes velour Lash In The City 64

Inspired by Sex in the City, the Velour Lash In the City style features a super thickness and darkness for huge, glamorous volume to deliver full impact. There is a gradual wing toward the outer corners, but even the inner corners are pretty long! The Velour Lashes Lash In The City style was designed for a night-out, glamorous look, these probably aren’t the best lashes for an understated gal! With Lash In The City, Velour has created a dramatic eye look for girls looking to stand out.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 10 – 15mm

Take It, And Go:

best false lashes Velour Take It And Go 9

These lashes were designed to strike a balance between natural and voluminous. The Take It And Go lashes are thick at the base and whispy at the ends, flaring out toward the outer corners for a feminine, flirty look. The feathery mink hair will ensure that you look natural and glam all at the same time – these are ideal for a day-to-night look.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 4 – 14mm

Strike A Pose:

buy fake eyelashes velour Strike A Pose 71

As you can probably tell by the name, the Velour Strike A Pose lashes are made for the runway. They feature evenly distributed lashes across a lash band, all of which are thick. These are not for a natural makeup loving individual, as the thick, dark volume of these lashes will certainly create drama.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 5 – 14mm

T Dot Oooh!:

eyelashes review velour T Dot Oooh 5

Now, these are a unique pair of lashes! The Velour Lashes T Dot Oooh! feature two tones of lash hair, with the darker lashes at the outer corners and paler ones toward the inner corners. The length and density also build up toward the outer corners, with a gorgeous winged, girly, flowy look that will have your eyelids fluttering.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 4 – 16mm

Extra Oomph:

fake lashes review velour Extra Oomph

Sometimes, you’re not in the mood to go the whole nine yards and wear full false eyelashes. If you already have decently thick, long eyelashes, then you can add a little va-va-voom by wearing half lashes, such as the Velour Lashes Extra Oomph half lashes. All you need to do is place each lash on the outer corner of each eye, just adding that little bit of extra length and flutter.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 5 – 15mm

Lash At First Sight:

review velour lashes at first sight 1

For the good price of $25, the Lash At First Sight design is intended to go on your lower lash line. That’s right – falsies for your bottom lashes! The hairs are straight and subtle, slightly longer at the outer corners. They resemble natural lower lashes but will give you a thicker, darker look without needing to add mascara.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 4 – 6mm

Keep It On the Low:

false eyelshes velour Keep It On The Low 4

Designed for the lower lashes, Keep It On the Low is a unique style of flared, crisscrossed lower lashes that will give you the ultimate dramatic look. By combining top and bottom lashes, you can achieve maximum impact.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 4 – 6mm


best false eyelashes Velour Review Adore 52

These rounded, crisscrossed lashes are incredibly wispy and soft, ideal for almost any look. The Adore Luminous lashes come with a range of different colored bands; on top of an invisible lash band, you can get the glittery colors of Champagne, Midnight, Aubergine, Platinum, Emerald, and Sapphire.

  • Band: Cotton/Invisible
  • Length: 6 – 14mm


best false lashes velour Reminisce 62

The Reminisce Luminous lashes are available in all the luminous lash band colors, as well as with an invisiband. Costing $29, this style features crisscrossed, featherlight lashes that are just as natural as they are full.

  • Band: Cotton/Invisible
  • Length: 6 – 14mm


buy fake eyelashes velour Cherish 74

These elegant lashes are crisscrossed and ever so wispy. The Cherish Luminous lashes have a range of different lash band colors, and the lashes flare out delicately to create a natural, feminine, cat eye look.

  • Band: Cotton/Invisible
  • Length: 4 – 14mm


eyelash reviews Velour Embrace 80

The Embrace Luminous lashes feature a range of different lash band colors to add a glittery uniqueness to your look. The wispy lashes are arranged in delicate clusters that span out from the lash band.

  • Band: Cotton/Invisible
  • Length: 4 – 14mm


buy fake eyelashes velour Strive

The luminous Strive lashes are a thick, full-volume look with a slight curve and flare towards the outer corners. Once again, they have a range of different lash band colors available to make you stand out from the crowd.

  • Band: Cotton/Invisible
  • Length: 5 – 15mm


eyelash reviews velour Imagine 98

The Imagine luminous lashes are wispy and naturally curled, flaring out for a slightly winged look. As with other luminous lashes, they are available in a range of lash band colors that will suit different makeup looks.

  • Band: Cotton/Invisible
  • Length: 5 – 15mm

“Beautiful lashes! They always last for so many uses and compliment the eyes really well. They stay on the eye all day due to the perfect shape of the lashes. I’ve only recently started using these but already would highly recommend.”

Velour Silk Lashes

The range of Velour Silk Lashes understated from silk rather than mink fur. As a result, they tend to be a little cheaper, but just as stunning.

Velour Silk Lashes Products

Here is a list of the Velour Silk Lash products:

Would I Lie?:

individual lashes review velour Would I Lie 78

Costing $26, these natural-looking lashes won Reviewers’ Choice on Influenster in 2018. The lash hairs are flared and crisscrossed and will suit most eye shapes. They are very easy to apply and are perfect for first-time lash wearers.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 4 – 9mm

Short & Sweet:

buy fake eyelashes velour Short Sweet 41

These short, sweet eyelashes appear very natural, with short, dark hairs to enhance your natural look. All you need to do is curl them, making them very friendly for new users.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 4 – 9mm

For Real Though?:

eyelash reviews velour For Real Though 15

Longer in the center, the For Real Though? lashes are great for opening up your eyes and achieving a doll-like look. Round and wispy, they pair well with an understated makeup look and some rosy pink blush.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 4 – 9mm

Barely There:

false eyelshes velour Barely There 17

A part of the Effortless Collection, these wispy lashes are apparently as easy to apply as mascara. They flare out toward the outer corners, with varying lengths to appear just as natural as your real eyelashes.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 4 – 9mm

Just A Hint:

false eyelshes velour Just A Hint 76

While some lashes require trimming, the shortness of these lashes means they’re good to go! The Just A Hint lashes flare out at the outer corners for a flirty, cheeky look.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 4 – 9mm

Another Shot of Whispie:

lashes review velour Another Shot Of Whispie 54

These natural silk lashes are pretty long but still wispy and delicate enough to appear natural. With a gradual increase in length, Another Shot of Whispie will open up your eyes for a sparkling effect.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 12mm

Crystal Clear:

best false lashes velour Crystal Clear 67

For dramatic length and natural volume, the Crystal Clear lashes are a must-have. The fine silk hairs are very delicate, and the straightness allows you to curl them for a glamorous, red-carpet look. These lashes increase in length toward the outer corners.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 8 – 14mm

Trust Me, Try It!:

buy fake eyelashes velour Trust Me Try It 21

These lashes are dark, voluminous and powerful. The crisscrossed hairs are dense by the lash band, creating a dark and thick effect. They are perfect for achieving a sexy, sultry look.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 8 – 14mm

Fluff’n Whispie:

eyelash reviews velour Fluff’n Whispie 45

The Fluff’n Whispie lashes are thick, dark, and fluffy as ever. The silk hairs are radically long but have feathery tips that will help you bat your lashes with style. The criss-cross pattern with a densely packed base ensures maximum volume.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 8 – 16mm

Magic Touch:

false eyelshes velour Magic Touch 77

These lashes are the ultimate for a day-to-night transition makeup. They are not so densely packed at the base, allowing for a perfectly natural blend with your own lashes, but they are still even and long enough to accentuate your eyes.

  • Band: Invisible
  • Length: 6 – 13mm

Lie Detector:

best false eyelashes velour Lie Detector 78

The Lie Detector lashes are rounded and longest in the center to truly open up your eyes. The silk hairs lie on an invisible band for the best natural makeup look around.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 8 – 14mm

Fluff’n Edgy:

buy fake eyelashes velour Fluff’n Edgy 68

For a dark, grungy look, the Fluff’n Edgy lashes are perfect. They aren’t the most natural due to the blackness of the lashes and the thickness of the band, but ideal for a dark makeup look. The hairs fan out toward the outer edges for dramatic impact.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 12mm

Momma Knows Best:

buy fake eyelashes velour Momma Knows Best 56

The Velour Lashes Momma Knows Best style bridges the gap between natural and false. They are straight and fanned out, increasing in length to mimic a natural lash. Once curled, they blend in stunningly but will give your eyelashes a much darker, alluring look.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 12mm

Fluff’n Thick:

buy fake eyelashes velour Fluff’n Thick 19

These lashes have a sharp edge to them, with straight, fanned out lashes and tapered tips. There is added length at the outer corner for extra flare.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 12mm

Fluff’n Cool:

lashes review velour Fluff’n Cool 57

If you’re someone who dares to stand out, the Fluff’n Cool lashes are for you. These lashes sweep to the side, are flared and feature a mixture of short and long silk hairs. The thinness of each hair almost makes them appear natural, though.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 8 – 13mm

Strut It!:

individual lashes review velour Strut It 67

For complete drama, the Strut It! lashes are thick, black, and long. They are rounded and longer in the center, opening up round eyes for a cute yet sexy vibe.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 8 – 14mm

“Velour are my all time favorite lashes! They're great for literally any occasion! You can create your own custom lashes at Velour's website, otherwise I like to purchase mine at Nordstrom's Rack! They're definitely worth the price!”

My Life’s Complete:

fake lashes reviews velour My Life 58

Soon to be discontinued, the My Life’s Complete lashes are semi-natural in appearance, with a natural gradient but spikier-looking lash hairs. Once curled, they will blend nicely with your natural lashes.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 12mm

Fluff’n Dolled Up:

fake lashes reviews velour Fluff’n Dolled Up 13

Another product on final sale and therefore sold at a reduced price of $18 is the Fluff’n Dolled Up style, with dark lash hairs and long-short pattern. The longest hairs are in the center for an eye-opening, doll-like innocent look.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 7 – 13 mm

Flare-y Godmom:

luxe lashes review velour Flare Y Godmom 64

At the reduced price of $18, Flare-y Godmom will soon be discontinued. These dark lashes have a criss-cross pattern that flares out at the outer corner, with considerable length and volume to make you the belle of the ball.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 8 – 14mm

Full Of It:

fake lashes reviews velour Full Of It 84

The Velour lashes Full Of It are currently on sale at $16. They are full and long and very delicate, creating a girly, feminine look that’s still super sexy.

  • Band: Cotton
  • Length: 6 – 14mm

fake lashes reviews velour 2 69

Velour Accessories

There is also a variety of Velour Accessories for sale, which is discussed here:

Velour Too Easy Lash Applicator:

This lash application tool is dual-ended, with a lash tweezer on one end and a comb on the other. Gold in color, use the curved lash tweezer to place and adjust your falsies, and then use the comb to neaten everything up. This tool costs $22.

Velour Lash Adhesive White Latex Free:

Lash glue is not sold with the eyelashes and must be bought separately. The $12 latex-free lash glue has a brush-on applicator with a precision tip so you don’t spill it everywhere. The adhesive is white, which is not always ideal, but it dries clear and can be used multiple times! Plus, it’s microbial safe and won’t harm your eyes.

Velour Lash Adhesive Black Latex:

With a brush-on applicator and a precision tip, the Velour Lash Adhesive is gentle on your eyes. It contains latex, but is still approved for safe use on and around your eyes. Once again, this product is microbial safe.

Velour Kits

Whether you are a lash beginner or a lash lover, there are plenty of Velour kits to invest your money in.

Anniversary Kit – Year 7:

This anniversary lash set is limited edition and currently on sale for $50. As it is Velour’s seventh birthday, they released this set including the new lash styles Sassy But Classy and Secret Weapon, both of which are wispy, natural lashes on a cotton band.

Essentials Kit:

The Essentials Kit, costing $39, is great for any lash lover or pro; it can also be used by beginners. The kit contains a pair of You Complete Me lashes, alongside a mini Too Easy Lash Applicator and a mini White Latex-Free Lash Adhesive.

fake lashes reviews velour 3 79

Velour Lash Book:

For $350, you can get your hands on a huge range of lashes. This set includes:

  • Rich and Fluffy
  • Strike A Pose
  • Whispie Sweet Nothings
  • Skin To Skin
  • Girl You CRAAZY!
  • Lash In The City
  • #WINGing
  • Strip Down
  • Doll Me Up
  • Oops, Naughty Me!
  • What The Fluff?!
  • Bare Naked
  • Flash It
  • T Dot Oooh!
  • You Complete Me
  • It’s Sho Fluffy
  • Take It And Go
  • See Through
  • Whispie Me Away
  • Got It From My Momma
  • Are Those Real?
  • Extra Oomph

false eyelshes velour 4 81

Best Sellers Collection:

For $75, this tri-pack of lashes includes Whispie Sweet Nothings, Strike a Pose, and You Complete Me.

Cat Eye Collection:

Perfect for any cat-eye lover, this $75 pack includes #WINGing, Lash In The City, and Take It And Go.

Whispie Collection:

For $75, this tri-pack of lashes includes Whispie Sweet Nothings, Girl You CRAAZY, and Whispie Me Away.

Thick & Fluffy Collection:

This thick, fluffy tri-pack of lashes contains Rich & Fluffy, What The Fluff, and It’s Sho Fluffy, for just $75.

Deepset Eye Shape Kit:

Made for people with deep-set eyes, this $50 includes the Whispie Me Away and Strike A Pose.

lashes review velour 5 75

Almond Eye Shape Kit:

If you have almond-shaped eyes, you should invest $50 in this kit containing Oops! Naughty Me, and Rich & Fluffy to accentuate your natural shape.

Hooded Eye Shape Kit:

Those with hooded eyes can benefit from this kit, containing Got It From My Momma and It’s Sho Fluffy for just $50.

Monolid Eye Shape Kit: Round Eye Kit:

Individuals with monolid eyes can buy this kit for $50 and wear Got It From My Momma and Whispie Sweet Nothings to their heart’s content.

Round Eye Kit:

To open up those doe eyes, invest in this kit, which includes You Complete Me and Lash In The City.


Final Thoughts About Velour Lashes

The Velour lash company is a very reputable brand. Most buyer reviews rave about good customer service, and their dedication to customers is evident in multiple parts of their site. For starters, you can arrange to have your fave pairs of falsies delivered monthly by clicking on the “Delivery Every…” button. Then there’s the fact that they have ready-made kits for different eye types – they’ve covered just about everything for your added convenience.

The brand also offers cruelty-free options, providing silk eyelashes for those against the purchasing of mink fur. Furthermore, all lashes are water-resistant and can be used around 25 times – as long as you take care of them!


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Customer reviews
May 17, 2019
Kyle Verified Buyer May 17, 2019
They are super stunning and very comfortable

Last time when I bought a cheap eyelash, I felt pain while putting them on, using them and also taking them off. Next time I decided to buy something a bit expensive and I got the Velour eyelashes. They are super stunning and very comfortable than the ones that I got in the first place.

May 10, 2019
Sara Verified Buyer May 10, 2019
Wearing them is quite easy and even taking them out is convenient.

The best thing about Velour eyelashes is that there is no specific reason to buy them. I even wear them on regular days at times and they are super comfortable. Wearing them is quite easy and even taking them out is convenient. I don’t even feel at times that I am wearing them at all.

May 4, 2019
Angela Verified Buyer May 4, 2019
I can look stunning and attractive now.

I have so many of these eyelashes in my wardrobe that I do not need them anymore. But each time I see these stunning lashes from Velour, I am not able to control myself. I still keep on buying them each time when I need something to look stunning and attractive.

April 29, 2019
Jacky Verified Buyer April 29, 2019
They are not just stunning but are great in convenience

If you have been using some cheap eyelashes in last few days, you should use these amazing eyelashes from Velour once. They are not just stunning but are great in convenience such as putting them on your eyelashes and taking them out. I am super happy with these eye accessories.

April 22, 2019
Kirsty Verified Buyer April 22, 2019
I am so thankful that I bought them because I came to know how gorgeous they are.

Normally, I do not wear false eyelashes. But it was an event for which I had to buy them. After going through a number of reviews, I came across these Velour eyelashes and bought them. I am so thankful that I bought them because I came to know how gorgeous they are.

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