10 Best Fake (False) Eyelashes of 2020

Eliza Barlow
May 28, 2019

#1 is drop dead gorgeous!

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so it makes sense why makeup wearers place serious emphasis upon brightening and opening up the eyes with the best false eyelashes out there. Various products, including false eyelashes, which tend to tie together an entire look and solidify elegance, are able to effortlessly take a look to the next level. But when it comes to false eyelashes, the market is overloaded with quality picks to choose from. It can feel frustrating and sometimes overwhelming to meet your needs when shopping for the right false eyelashes. But through some extensive research and testing of various eyelash products, we have managed to compile a comprehensive list of the 10 best false eyelashes of 2020, so that you can start your year off right by not wasting money on lashes that are poor quality or that you simply don’t feel confident wearing. In this article, we go into depth about each of our lash picks, including why it stood out to us and why we picked it as one of the best false eyelashes on the market, so that you can make the most informed decision possible next time you are browsing a false eyelash store.

1. Azlo Lashes – Sassy (Voted #1 for 2020)

Azlo Lashes is a cruelty-free company specializing in producing only top quality, animal-friendly false eyelashes. Based out of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the innovators behind Azlo Lashes have managed to produce some incredible falsies. For this reason, their lash in the style ‘Sassy’ has topped this list, because we feel like it is capable of meeting any individual’s lash needs. All of Azlo’s false lashes are made from the cruelty-free lash fiber known as silk, but the material actually has nothing to do with the silkworm. This fiber feels lightweight yet still durable, which is an excellent combination for any truly comfortable set of false eyelashes. We chose Sassy because of its versatile design, one which could be suitable for many occasions and wearers, and the fact that it is a brilliant day-to-night transition lash – you can wear Sassy casually or dress this pair up for a more put-together, formal appearance. They make for one of the best false eyelashes for everyday, but look totally great on a night out too!

Feel free to check them out on their official site:

Features of the Azlo Lashes Style ‘Sassy’:

Features of the Azlo Lashes Style ‘Sassy’:  

  • Well balanced, medium volume lashes for all times of day
  • 3D, crisscrossed design, with a slight lengthening at the outer corners
  • A fun, flirty, and dazzling design
  • Complements monolid eyes, hooded eyes, and even smaller eye sizes


2. Artemes Lashes – Love Shady

With an A-list clientele, many celebrities, makeup artists, and individuals have fallen in love with Artemes Lashes. Artemes designs top-notch false eyelashes made of real mink fur, synthetic fiber, and even horsehair, and their falsies are useable up to 25 times, which is superb. Although this brand has a whole plethora of stunning styles, one of our all-time favorites is ‘Love Shady’, which Gal Godot wore at a recent Comic Con, and we can totally see why – this style is one of the best false lashes we’ve seen in a long time! Features of the Artemes Lashes Style ‘Love Shady’:

  • Made from real mink fur
  • Medium to high volume lashes to add a bit of drama and intensity to your look
  • Evenly distributed hairs with slightly shorter hairs on the outer corners
  • Subtly crisscrossed design for the perfect flutter
  • 7-14 mm in length and black in color

3. Esqido Lashes – Naughty & Nice

  Esqido Lashes has a rather impressive way of making luxury style false eyelashes that seem to be in all the right designs. A lot of customers feel quite satisfied shopping with Esqido, and one of their most popular styles is a design we quite happen to like as well.   Aptly named Naughty & Nice, the perfect name for this sultry pair of falsies that can be worn for a posh and clean-cut look but then also amped up with the right makeup can appear super sexy. These lashes are super easy to work with, making us confident to add them to our list as one of the best false eyelashes for beginners.   For these reasons and many others, Naughty & Nice has made our list of best fake eyelashes. Features of the Esqido Lashes Style ‘Naughty & Nice’:

  • Made from super soft synthetic fibers for a cruelty-free choice
  • Full volume lashes that are long in length (7-15 mm)
  • Very sultry and dramatic lashes for those who enjoy stepping their lash game up a notch
  • Outer lashes packed with plenty of volume to elongate the eyes, and more subtle, refined inner corners for elegance
  • Can look cute or sexy, youthful or mature (versatile lash)

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4. Velour Lashes – Serendipity

One of the most popular high-end fake eyelash brands, Velour Lashes also makes our list not only because of its well-known name, but also because we love this company’s lashes. Sold at beauty stores like Sephora as well as online, Velour focuses on designing and selling solely lashes, and this specialization is part of what makes their styles beyond excellent – because they aren’t spreading themselves too thin. One of our all-time favorite designs is the ultra natural and wispy ‘Serendipity’, a classic first date lash that you can also wear to the office. This lash is a bit more dramatic than an everyday wear, natural lash, but if you’re in the mood to spice things up just a tad extra, Serendipity is an ideal pick.

Features of the Velour Lashes Style ‘Serendipity’:  

  • Medium to low volume lashes that are natural and lightweight
  • Made from real mink fur, so not suitable for vegans
  • Ideal office lashes, or as a slightly more dramatic everyday lash
  • Lash length of 6-11 mm
  • Invisible lash band for a seamless look and extra added comfort


5. Tarte Lashes – Goddess

Back in 2016, one of the world’s biggest makeup brands decided to embark on their own eyelash journey, releasing a line of cruelty-free falsies for their glamorous clientele. Since then, a lot of people have fallen in love with Tarte eyelashes, and they regularly sell out and need to be restocked. We are big fans of Tarte in general, but their range of eyelashes have really taken them to a new level – and we do have our favorites. ‘Goddess’ is a radiant style that amps up your look, bringing tons of volume and dimension to your lash line. Features of the Tarte Lashes Style ‘Goddess’:

  • Multi-layered medium to full volume design that leaves your eyes looking bright and flawless
  • A perfect design for weddings, special events, important parties, and important meetings
  • Helps create that all-over glow
  • Synthetic fiber, cruelty-free lashes that are lightweight and comfortable
  • Complements a smokey eyeshadow, dewy foundation, all over glow makeup look

6. Tatti Lashes – TL19

When two young, British entrepreneurs from the beauty industry started Tatti Lashes, their intention was to bring quality products to a not-all-there market. They did just that, and today Tatti has become a massive company, with celebrities such as the Kardashians, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Jeffree Star, Christina Aguilera, Chrissy Teigen, Cardi B, Paris Hilton, and many others wearing their designs. Offering mostly mink fur lashes, one of our all-time favorite styles (and personally what we would consider one of the best fake lashes around) from this brand is the TL19. Features of the Tatti Lashes Style ‘TL19’:

  • Part of the mink strip lashes collection and made from real mink fur
  • Elegant natural looking lashes with a slightly angled design
  • Longer hairs at the outer corners to elongate the eyes, and the outer halves of the strips have a doubled up design for even more definition
  • Lashes sold with adhesive included
  • Romantic and polished looking lashes ideal for parties, festivities, and events

10 Best Fake (False) Eyelashes of 2019

Features of the Lilly Lashes Style ‘Mykonos’: Lilly  

  • Made from 100% real mink fur
  • Choppy lash look made from defined sections of lash clusters
  • Dark black lashes with a lightweight, ultra comfortable lash band
  • Offer a sultry, airy, and fluttery appearance, ideal for looking your best, but in a somewhat minimalistic way
  • Great for weekend brunches, going out with friends, or for Summer parties


7. Lilly Lashes – Mykonos

Created by reality star and beauty guru Lilly Ghalichi, Lilly Lashes has grown to become a widely sought after company, especially by elite individuals in Hollywood, as well as makeup artists in the business. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Jenner, and Christina Aguilera have all been spotted wearing Lilly Lashes, with the 3D Mink collection often being the most popular. The style ‘Mykonos’ was released as a collaboration between Lilly Lashes and Sephora, and it ranks in as one of the top 3 mink false eyelashes sold by Lilly. Celebrities like Shantel Jackson and Pia Mia regularly wear Mykonos, but aside from its A-list support, this pair of falsies is quite stunning for a number of reasons. This pair is a bit dramatic, with a somewhat messy, laid-back, and choppy shape, which acts as the perfect pairing for a minimalistic, glowy makeup look featuring plenty of highlighting, contouring, and sculpting.

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8. KoKo Lashes – Soho

Specializing in predominantly 60s style false eyelashes, KoKo Lashes has a way of bringing its customers back to the early days of falsies – the times of Twiggy and her famous black-fringe look – earning its place in our list of some of the best fake eyelashes on the market. KoKo Lashes eyelashes are made from 100% sterilized human hair and top quality, cruelty-free synthetic fibers, making these products completely suitable for vegans and animal lovers. KoKo Lashes offers a rather diverse collection of false eyelashes, including some accent and lower lash options, but there are 3-4 definitive pairs that seem to sell like hotcakes. ‘Soho’ is not one of these extra popular styles, but it is even so one of our personal favorites. This style gives off a barely there yet still super vintage and glamorous feeling.

Features of the KoKo Lashes Style ‘Soho’: KoKo 10 Best Fake (False) Eyelashes of 2019  

  • Clear band design makes lashes seamlessly blend in with your natural lash line
  • Made from cruelty-free lash fibers
  • Design that features thick lash clusters sectioned evenly along the lash line with a slight curl at the ends
  • Super wispy and bohemian style design that also feels glamorous and vintage
  • Great for enhancing your already beautiful eyes and suitable for all eye shapes and eye sizes


9. Eylure Lashes – Texture No. 157

Eylure has been around for an extremely long time, with this mega lash brand being one of the top 3 best fake eyelashes brands in the world. First arriving during the 1940s, Eylure was one of the first companies to produce fake eyelashes, and it has only grown in size and popularity since then. One of the best parts about Eylure is not only the affordable prices but also the accessibility of their products. In most places around the world, you can easily discover Eylure Lashes at your local drug store, beauty shop, or pharmacy, which means you don’t have to worry about ordering online and waiting for a shipment to arrive. One of our favorite Eylure false eyelash styles is ‘Texture No. 157’, so if you’re in need of a quick pair of falsies on-the-go, check out this option.

Features of the Eylure Lashes Style ‘Texture No. 157’:

  • Earthy and organic design produces a rugged elegance that is natural yet still captivating
  • Made from cruelty-free synthetic fibers
  • Crisscrossed design with feathery hairs for a volumizing and lengthening look
  • Ideal to wear as a lightweight option for outdoor parties, festivals, and beach outings
  • Complements plush makeup effortlessly, including earthy and pink tones

House of Lashes

10. House of Lashes – Starlet

With big-time collaborations such as the House of Lashes x Sephora collection, it seems completely obvious that House of Lashes is one of the best false eyelash brands out there. Falsies by House of Lashes are known for being super high quality while still being affordable, an ideal combination for all individuals that love to enhance their eyelashes. Because this company only produces eyelashes and related accessories, their focus is clear and concise, amplifying the quality of their products as well as their diverse catalog. There are plenty of styles to choose from with House of Lashes, but one of our top picks is ‘Starlet’. This elegant and flirty style is part of the Premium Lashes collection, offering a dramatic and voluminous look.

Features of the House of Lashes Style ‘Starlet’:

  • Rounded lash design creates drama in a balanced way across the entire lash line
  • Cruelty-free lashes made from lightweight and silky soft synthetic fibers
  • Multi-dimensional lashes that gently overlap one another in various directions, create an enhancement in volume, depth, and length
  • Great for creating a totally glammed-up, red carpet appearance
  • Complements a winged eyeliner or sparkly eyeshadow makeup look elegantly

Our Final Verdict on the 10 Best Fake (False) Eyelashes of 2020

It seems there is an endless number of eyelash brands and styles out there to choose from and it can be difficult to navigate these complex waters. If you’re wondering what that main lash style to settle upon is, or if even after reading this list you don’t know where to start when looking for the best false lashes, then we’d say go with the Azlo Lashes style ‘Sassy’, the number one choice on this list. Feel free to click on the click on the link to check them out on their official site. If you’ve been searching for 10 go-to false eyelashes that you know will be of excellent quality and will also look fabulous, then you’ve come to the right place. We hope that you’ve been able to settle upon the lash style you’d like to try next and that this article was of use during that decision-making process. There you have it – these are the 10 best fake eyelashes of 2020. Keep in mind, we love plenty of other designs too, there just wasn’t enough space for them on this list!